ArginMax Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

arginmax-menArginMax is consistently one of the highest-rated over-the-counter male enhancement supplements in the numerous reviews that dot the web.

Testimonials claim that ArginMax has rekindled relationships that had been sexually dormant for years and improved the experience for both parties to the point that their sex lives as older adults surpassed that of when they were in their twenties. Does ArginMax live up to the hype? Read on to find out!

How does ArginMax work?

L-arginineArginMax is built around the idea that using certain herbal extracts can aid in the conversion of L-Arginine, an amino acid, into nitric oxide, which is crucial to the arousal process and the overall functionality of the penis in regards to sexual relations, as it causes vasodilation (expansion of the veins), allowing blood to circulate more freely to the sex organs, which produces the reaction we refer to as an “erection.”

Poor circulation in the area of the penis can cause sexual dysfunction, which manifests itself in a decrease in sexual ability, such as not achieving hard, firm, or full erection and not being able to maintain it for a prolonged period of time.

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To prevent this from happening, ArginMax uses a male enhancement method consisting of four components, each involving its own set of ingredients:

  1. Production of nitric oxide is stimulated by the L-Arginine inside ArginMax
  2. Conversion of L-Arginine to nitric oxide is aided and boosted by American and Korean ginseng.
  3. Microvascular circulation is improved through the use of ginkgo biloba
  4. An additional 13 vitamins and minerals works together to promote overall sexual and reproductive wellness.

ArginMax Ingredient Specifics

The herbal and amino acid substances are aided in their quest to give their user the a maximized sexual experience by a large group of vitamins and minerals that are essential not only to sexual health, but the wellness of the entire body.

ArginMax could almost double as a multi-vitamin!


Korean Ginseng
  1. ArginMax is somewhat of a rarity in the male enhancement herbal supplement world Why? Because it has actually been scientifically studied and shown to have a positive effect on men’s sexual health. In a recent double-blind study, 89% of men taking ArginMax saw an improvement in their ability to maintain an erection and 75% said that their overall satisfaction with their satisfaction increased. It is quite rare for an over-the-counter male enhancement product to have this type of scientific credential and it is frankly a welcome change from simply taking a product’s own website at its word.
  2. ArginMax is full of the vitamins and minerals that everyone is supposed to taken in daily (but most rarely do), meaning that its users may be able to replace their regular multivitamin with it. Less pills to take, less money to spend—it is a win-win.
  3. Available at both brick-and-mortar stores (like GNC) and online.
  4. 60 day money-back guarantee
  5. ArginMax also comes in a formula specifically made for females; the couple looking to regain that sexual spark can do so together!
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  1. ArginMax contains no herbal aphrodisiacs.
  2. ArginMax can take some time to show any effect, with some users reporting that it took a month to see results.

Conclusion of our ArginMax Review

ArginMax-websiteFor men looking for a quick jumpstart to their sex life, ArginMax may not be the correct choice, because, as stated above, it can take a month’s use before any benefit is reaped.

However, for the individual looking for a scientifically proven way to improve not just his sexual performance, but the health of his body, then ArginMax should be one of the first products to which you turn.

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