Bathmate Review

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The Bathmate Pump makes a lot of promises in its advertisement. It says it will do everything from increasing your penis size to straighten out your erection and improve your sexual stamina. Penis pumps go in and out of fashion, although there is always a hardcore following that swears by their effectiveness. We took a look at what the Bathmate penis pump could actually do, and whether or not it delivered on its promise to be the best penis pump around.

What is a penis pump?

bathmate goliath
Bathmate Goliath

The idea behind a penis pump is something that didn’t come out of someone’s late-night Saturday bright idea; it is actually a technique that is prescribed by urologists to help patients who have need to increase their erections. Pumping works by forcing blood flow into the penis. This can increase your –

  • thickness
  • length
  • hardness and duration of erection.

While it does this during the pumping process it is also training your cells and penis to expect this increased blood flow during erection. In the same way that your body learns to deliver more blood and nutrients to support specific muscles that are used during sports, a penis pump trains your body to deliver what you need during sexual activity to enhance your experience and the size of your erection.

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How does Bathmate work?

The Bathmate Hydropump works by using water to create the suction within the pump tube that then gently stretches your penis and engorges it with blood to fill a larger shape than your usual erection. It does this over a period of 20 minutes or so, which allows the skin cells to reform and generate to accommodate the larger size. Used on a regular basis, there are many users who report that they experienced a noticeable change in the size and thickness of their penis. It also comes in many different sizes, such as X30, X40, Goliath and Hercules, which was launched in 2006.

What’s not to like about Bathmate?

bathmate hydro pump x30
Bathmate Hydro Pump X30

The first thing that someone has to tell the people who make the Bathmate Pump is that the name gives the wrong impression – you can use it in the bath or the shower. Several men have avoided this product because of the idea they would have to be using it in a bathtub, but it works just as well standing up in the shower. The second thing that isn’t really bad, but can be slightly awkward is the styling of the actual hand pump. It is an accordion fold style that is easy to use, but keeping it clean is a bit of a chore. One customer reported that they just run it through a dishwashing cycle without soap to clean it. Another mentioned using a vinegar and water wash to clean it out, but that sounds potentially painful. If you don’t mind having to figure out the cleaning process that you feel satisfied with without much direction from the company, this will be a good buy for you.

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You can’t lose for trying it

bathmate-websiteOne of the best things about this pump is that is comes with a full money-back guarantee. Prices range from $110 to $399 for their most expensive model. One thing that is also very common about men who have sent their Bathmate back is that they haven’t read the instructions completely or understood the length of time it takes to see results. Most customers who complain about the Bathmate are simply unrealistic. Like a woman who wants to lose 15 pounds in a week, a man who wants to gain 2 inches on his penis in a week is nothing short of delusional. If there is any defect with the product, or if you do find it doesn’t suit you – even if you are having delusions about the speed of gain and are disappointed – your money will be refunded with no questions.

Conclusion of our Bathmate Review

bathmate-herculesIf you use the Bathmate pump as instructed you will see results. They don’t come fast, but they are worth it. The majority of customers who have commented on their actual experience with the Bathmate show that overall everyone who buys it is getting results. If you don’t use it on a regular basis, you aren’t going to get anything out of it. The Bathmate is a powerful, effective and modern way to increase your size and improve the quality of your erection.

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