SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics Review

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Besides pills, which is mostly used for temporary penis enlargement, you can make your penis permanently bigger by using a so called stretching device. You just attach this device to your penis and let it hang there for 6-9 hours each day. This device is called SizeGenetics, and you can get it by just clicking the link at the bottom of this page (but you should of course also take advantage of the discount codes available at the bottom of this page).

sizegenetics review

This is the best natural penis enlargement method available today.


Does Penis Enlargement Work?

The principle of stretching the penis has been used for over 2000 years and it originated from Africa, where tribes used weights to increase the size of their penis before marriage. The Size Genetics device builds upon this same principle, but it is of course much more sophisticated. You can and should take a look at the before and after pictures and testimonials from users wearing this device in order to see how effective this system really is. This product is classed as a medical device (CE) and it has been clinically tested to ensure effectiveness and safety.

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You may have seen other extenders on the market such as the Jes-Extender, which was the first extender to hit the market and it was created by a Danish doctor. The negative aspect of other penis extenders is the comfort issue. Most extenders have a very discomfortable rubber nose, which makes the head of the penis sore after a while. SizeGenetics removed this and added a comfort-strap instead. This makes it easy to wear the device for long periods of time. Some users of this product have also added a small piece of cloth between the extender and your penis. This makes it even more comfortable to wear the device.


The SizeGenetics system will offer you a complete solution. When you buy the Size Genetics system you also gain access to their forum where members post their progress from using the device. This is a great source of help for any beginner. It is also a great place to get some insider information and motivation if you start feeling unmotivated (who doesn’t sometimes?). You will be taken care of by the professional members on this forum and get all your questions answered. This makes the system complete and you can feel safe buying it.

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sizegenetics system

There are of course other penis enlargement sites on the web which can help you. However, there are people selling used penis enlargement extenders and these are usually not very safe to use and they may also be broken. You should always buy a quality device if you are serious about enlarging your penis. The extras you get in the Ultimate package is what’s making Size Genetics the best system available. The traction powder is used for getting a better grip with the device and the Revita cream is used to add moisture to your skin in order for it to not dry out while wearing Size Genetics. Getting a good grip with the extender is important since slippage can be a problem for some people. You will not get this extra when buying other extenders on the market. There are also anti-bacterial wipes included, for cleaning your Size Genetics between each session. They also include a nice travel bag if you want to take SizeGenetics with you somewhere.


SizeGenetics Side Effects?

There are no reported side-effects from using this device, except some bruising if you somehow skip making it comfortable for you. The only negative aspect of using an extender is the comfort issue. You need to make sure you are comfortable when wearing this device. This means that you can’t use a high pressure when you begin using it since your penis isn’t ready for it yet.


You need to start slow and build up the pressure over the coming weeks and months. Remember to listen to your body. If you feel any discomfort, then start loosing up the pressure and rest for a while. Put a piece of cloth or any other type of soft fabric you may have between your penis and the extender. Make sure to ask questions in the forum and search for information about proper usage before you start using the extender. This is the most important aspect of all. You will be using this device for a large portion of the day and that’s why it is important to make sure you are comfortable and feel right. You will be given instructions on how to use your new extender for the coming weeks after you buy it.

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SizeGenetics MDA Technology

SizeGenetics uses something called  Multi-Direction-Angling technology. This means that you can wear the device in any angle. The extender will follow your body movements and adjust accordingly.


This will ensure maximum comfort while wearing it either sitting down, standing up or while walking around. You will most likely not see this in other cheaper extenders on the market. This makes the SizeGenetics unique. You will also be able to buy spare parts from SizeGenetics if something happens to your device. One scenario when this would be useful is if the extension rods become too short for your penis and you need longer rods in order to enlarge your penis even further. Most other devices don’t offer this kind of support and that is one reason why SizeGenetics is the top choice for anyone serious about enlarging their penis.

When to Expect Results from SizeGenetics?

You should begin to notice results after your first three weeks. This is of course very different for different people because the time you wear it will vary from person to person depending on your lifestyle.


Every extra hour you wear Size Genetics will improve your results. It is generally said that you need to wear the device for 1000 hours for substantial gains. This means about 6 hours per day for six months. This is the time-frame you should be aiming at for the best possible gains. You will of course get better gains if you wear it for even longer periods each day. When you first get the device, you should read the instructions since you will start out slow with lower pressure and gradually increase the pressure in the coming weeks. It is also important that you are careful and don’t do things randomly without being careful, just like when you are doing penis enlargement exercises.

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SizeGenetics Shipping and Guarantees

Shipping will be done from the United Kingdom or the United States of America. You will see “Permenda LTD” on your credit card statement. Your package will come in a brown box within a few days. It is impossible for anyone to tell that there is a penis extender inside the package. They respect your privacy.


You will also be offered a 6-month money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. However, this is very unlikely if you take a look at the before and after images on their website. I don’t see a reason why anyone would like to return this product.

Conclusion of our SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics is the most well-known penis extender online and if you buy this system, you also get access to the forums and other helpful services including extras and a nice guarantee on top of that. I personally recommend this device for anyone interested in permanent penis enlargement. You can also watch videos on YouTube to see what happy users have to say about it.


Why Should You Buy SizeGenetics?


  • This device doesn’t use silicone noses anymore because it was uncomfortable.
  • Results backed by real research.
  • Safe to use.
  • Great extras in the ultimate package which makes it the best solution.
  • Partnered up with 3M for even better comfort.
  • 2800g tension force.


  • Large price-tag for the complete system (you can buy the less expensive extender such as the Ultimate Stretcher if you are short on cash).

SizeGenetics Price

  • Price for Complete System + Bonus: $389.85.
  • Only the SizeGenetics Device: $149.95.

Click here to visit the official SizeGenetics website

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