Best Fleshlight Sleeves

20+ Best Fleshlight Sleeves & Textures 2020 - Ultimate Guide

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What exactly is a Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight is a canister shaped sex toy that comes with a lid. It is engineered to look like a standard flashlight that could be found in any home, and not a soul would suspect it to be otherwise (unless you open the lid). Inside the Fleshlight lies a world of pleasure exactly where the beam of light waits to cut through the darkness. The ultra-soft and toxin-free silicon super skin is so realistically molded that it resembles the vagina of a woman, an anal orifice, or even the shape of a mouth. The Fleshlight is ready to deliver sexual satisfaction that is several hundred notches above the usual masturbation with hands.

The only question is: what Fleshlight should you buy? I have categorized and selected some of my own personal favorites, and I think you will like these selections.

If I only had to choose from 3 Fleshlights then I would pick:

  1. Stoya Destroya
  2. Stamina Training Unit (STU)
  3. Quickshot Vantage (for travel)

There are many other great Fleshlights in my list below. If you’ve had an experience with any of these, then please drop a comment below.

Best High-Intensity Fleshlights

1. Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

The name says it all! If you have heard about the world-famous porn star Stoya and how she can destroy you with only her ‘come hither’ looks, you will know what to expect from a fleshlight that has not just been named after her but also modeled on her vagina and butthole! It has already been rated as the second-best fleshlight on the market overall. It has always been thought to be an excessively intense fleshlight, and not every penis is made for it. The narrow canal has 360 degrees of stimulation involving bumps and dangerous ridges. This is one intense masturbation session! I think this is one of the best Fleshlights that every man should have in their collection.


  • Tight and intense canal with all-round stimulation on the shaft


  • Thought to be very intensive, not for everyone.

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2. STU (Stamina Training Unit) Fleshlight

STU (Stamina Training Unit) Fleshlight

Who doesn’t want to laster longer in bed and impress their partner? The STU is made to help you last longer in bed. The STU is perhaps the tightest of all Fleshlights, and the bumps and the texture inside its sleeve is a lot more intense than a real vagina. This is what makes it effective since you will be able to handle longer love-making sessions with your girlfriend. I think the STU is one of the great Fleshlights that every man should have in their collection.


  • It is intense, but not the most intense Fleshlight.
  • Increases stamina and delays orgasm


  • Quite unwieldy and big

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3. Ice Lady Fleshlight

Ice Lady Fleshlight

If you are someone who is excited about seeing your penis during masturbation, then we think that this unique see-through semi-transparent case and sleeve fleshlight is the one for you. It will let you see each stroke as you move your hands up and down, or thrusting back and forth. Have you fantasized seeing it in action while you jack it up? Go for this ice Fleshlight. You can even try it when your partner is with you and look at it with amazement. The suction is excellent and worth every dollar. The sleeve itself reminds of the classic supper-ribbed sleeve which was very intense. You will have a great experience if you buy this one.


  • You can watch yourself getting jerked


  • It is full-size fleshlight and therefore not the ideal one for traveling

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4. Riley Reid Fleshlight

riley reid fleshlight

If you are a fan of porn, you may have already heard about Reid’s sexy and steamy moves. The fleshlight is, in reality, a replica of her vagina and butt.  Close friends who have used her replica for penetration swear by it. The texture is particularly intense because there is a combination of both spirals and some ribbed parts in the sleeve. The fleshlight is one of the most sought-after collectibles. It has the notoriety to leave you breathless and asking for more all at the same time.


  • Feels very intense


  • You will need a lot of lube for that kind of texture.

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5. Vibro Lady Fleshlight

Vibro Lady Fleshlight

If you are tired of your non-vibrating Fleshlight then you can try the Vibro Lady. It has an intense texture, but also bullet vibrators that you put in it to make it vibrate. I think that this is a cool device, but there are far cheaper and easier ways to make your fleshlight vibrate. A big disadvantage is also that it will become expensive to use this in the long run since you need to buy batteries. I would only buy this one if I have tried most of the other fleshlights on the market. Don’t forget that you can use this fleshlight without the bullet vibrators if you only want to try the sleeve!


  • The bullet vibrator makes this a unique experience


  • Batteries drain too quickly

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6. Turbo Thrust Fleshlight

Turbo Thrust Fleshlight

Is this magic or what! Anyone that has used this fleshlight even once has become a guaranteed fan. Touted to be one of the best oral fleshlights, the canal is designed to feel like a mouth with lips, tongue, and throat. I have tried other mouth-based Fleshlights but they are yet to come anywhere close to the experience that this one is capable of. There is a chance that you will think that you are actually receiving a real blow job. Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.


  • Comes in a unique transparent see-through case and sleeve


  • Can not say that it will suit everyone’s taste

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Best Low-Intensity Fleshlights

Say you have a lot of cases, but your sleeves have worn out. What do you do? Simple! You go for a spare sleeve. The advantage of buying a sleeve is that it’s cheaper than buying a complete new Fleshlight. Most of the low-intensity Fleshlights are only sold as sleeves. Below are some of them.

1. Super Tight Fleshlight Sleeve

super tight fleshlight

The Fleshlight is specially designed for men who find that too much texture inside the sleeve is overstimulating. The texture itself is completely smooth which makes it one of the least intensive Fleshlights out there. This is the tightest of the smooth Fleshlights sleeves. I don’t recommend that you buy this as your first Fleshlight. Only buy this one if you find the other Fleshlights too intense.


  • Tightest on the market (1/2″ diameter)


  • No case included
  • Less stimulating since the texture is smooth

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2. Classic Pink Butt Fleshlight

Classic Pink Butt Fleshlight

The classic pink butt has a small orifice opening that closely resembles an actual butt hole. The texture inside is smooth, but the suction control is freaking awesome. This one begs to be tried. Before you know, you will be hooked on it. Also, this is only recommended for people who like anal sex and less stimulating sleeves.


  • Fun orifice


  • No texture inside the sleeve
  • Large diameter – very low stimulation

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3. Heavenly Pink Sleeve

Heavenly Pink fleshlight sleeve

The heavenly pink fleshlight sleeve is a combination of a lot of textures, but the opening is quite smooth. The inside is wide as well as narrow as well as coiled, ribbed, and it has many chambers. This fleshlight is the most intense of the least intense Fleshlights.


  • Very realistic feeling.


  • Not compatible with the smaller fleshlight cases.

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Best Fleshlights for Travel (Discreet)

1. Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight

Quickshot Vantage Fleshlight

If you are looking for something small and portable that you can carry with you discreetly in the smallest of bags, look no further beyond the Quickshot Vantage. This Fleshlight is absolutely delightful to use and so much easier to clean that you will want to use it as many times as possible! It is precisely half the size of a standard Fleshlight. It is sleek and looks elegant. The Quickshot opens at both ends, which will let your penis all the way through to the other side. The stimulation is good. I think this is an excellent addition to your Fleshlight collection.

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  • Very portable and discreet. Great for travel.
  • Cute and comes in a unique see-through case


  • May not be the best for large penises.

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2. Fleshskins

Fleshskins Fleshlight

This is one of the best options when you want to masturbate discreetly, and you do not want to catch people’s attention with the big and bulky fleshlight case. The flesh skin comes only as a sleeve without the outer case. It may look cheap and economical, but it does have its own set of advantages. For instance, if you are someone who loves to handle your manhood with your hands, then this through and through fleshlight is the right thing for you. It will not just give you the perfect jerk off but also comes with an exclusive drying rack. It is a must-try one if you are budget conscious. Why don’t you let your partner use it on you?


  • Good for any kind of penis
  • Easy to bring when traveling.


  • The suction at the tip is missing because of the lack of the outer cover

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Most Realistic Fleshlights

1. Eva Lovia Fleshlight

eva lovia fleshlight

We are an absolute fan of this porn star, and even though it may look like we are biased because we like her, let us assure you that the products inspired after her are magical. The Eva fleshlight comes in two variants. One is the vagina, and the other is her butt orifice if you are someone like us who occasionally loves to enter from behind and loves to have it bold and steamy, welcome to the party. It is touted to be the best anal fleshlight on the market this year. The suction control with the help of screwing the back lid is fantastic.


  • The sleeve is tight and realistic


  • It is not as intense as other Fleshlights.

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2. Asa Akira Fleshlight

Asa Akira Fleshlight

Have you fantasized penetrating the hot porn star Asa Akira? Here are all your prayers answered. The hot and sexy Akira’s vag and clit replication are one of the best that we have come across in the realistic fleshlight category. The sleeve features a dragon-shaped canal, which has spirals as it approaches the inner chambers. This helps in overall stimulation on the shaft. You will begin to love the sensation as you will keep thrusting your penis inside and then rock it back and forth against the spiral walls. Cleaning can be a little difficult, though, with all those spirals inside.


  • The spirals help in all-round stimulation from top to tip.


  • Some of the people complain that the sleeve is not as tight as it should be.

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 3. Nicole Aniston Fleshlight

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight

This porn star inspired fleshlight is not just tight with a ribbed textured for better orgasms; it is a very realistic one. The ribbed nodules inside this medium tight canal sleeve ensure that you can practice training and stamina building so that you can last longer in bed. This made-for-training fleshlight is a boon for over-sensitive penises that orgasm as soon as they are stroked. Statistics point out that it only takes men about five minutes to reach an orgasm, whereas a woman takes 18 minutes.


  • Ribbed texture takes you to the next level


  • Somewhat difficult to clean

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4. Dominika Butterfly Fleshlight

Dominika Butterfly Fleshlight

 Dominika’s Fleshlight is one of the best for large penises. The vagina has wide lips and a super comfortable SuperSkin that allows thick penises with girth to easily enter. The suction can be controlled with the tightening and the loosening of the back screw. The ridges and the nubs on the sleeve and the secret chambers inside can give a heavenly experience. The texture is wild, and the canal is not too tight. The sheer variety of stimulation that this fleshlight is capable of will blow your mind.


  • The best one for large penises


  • The last chamber looks unreachable even for the most massive penis.

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5. Dillion Harper Fleshlight

Dillion Harper Fleshlight

Are you someone that needs a tighter canal to cum? Does your penis feel lost in the large canals of the other fleshlights? The idea struck pornstar Harper, who set about creating her own Fleshlight that boasts of 5 hidden chambers inside a tight canal that leads to orgasm even at the thought of penetrating. If you are someone that collects porn star fleshlights, then I suggest that you do not overlook hers. This beauty and her vagina replica are quite a hit with people who love her and love to masturbate thinking of her.


  • The sensations are varied


  • Some penises may not be able to experience all the 5 hidden chambers.

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Best Fleshlight Girls

1. Kendra Sundarland – Angel Fleshlight

Kendra Sundarland - Angel Fleshlight

What can be said about Kendra Sundarland? You probably already know everything about her. The sleeve texture may look too adventurous and complicated, but I can guarantee you that very move feels satisfying. The undulating texture is noticeable but definitely not too overwhelming to send you in a tizzy in a moment. It is highly recommended for guys who have a sensitive penis and who want to train to last really long in bed. The twisted ribs are a great attraction because they pull on the penis gently. Also in this sleeve are smaller ridges, bumps, and other interesting textures.


  • Lots of interesting textures to explore


  • Nothing

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2. Janice Griffith Fleshlight

Janice Griffith Fleshlight

Perhaps you are a stickler for details. If the average light pink color does not excite you, or you are too bored of it anyway. Enter a more realistic looking fleshlight that is modeled after the sultry and dusky beauty of a porn star – Janice Griffith. Janice’s fleshlight is a great way to jack you up because the narrow and tight canal has several chambers – each is an experience in itself. At the end of the session, you are going to be asking for more even after you are completely spent. There is a volley of textures to stimulate your manhood from all its sides. Enjoy. I think you will enjoy the bumps at the beginning of this sleeve.


  • Intense but comfortably tight.


  • Multiple chambers always make cleaning difficult. Use isopropyl alcohol instead of vigorous cleaning.

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3. Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight

Romi Rain Storm Fleshlight

Do you love intensity? This can be the one for you. It is one of those that we generally recommend to seasoned players. The sleeve has so many textures that there is no chance that you will not reach where your climax. Do you want to last longer? You go slow and exercise caution on this one, okay? The canal has smaller and bigger bumps, dense and not so dense ridges, and tight and loose constrictions to give you enough variety while you are beginning to build the momentum. Fly away.


  • Fantasy sleeve with lots of textures


  • May be too intense for beginners

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4. Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight

I must admit to loving this porn star so much that I was all out to get this one and try it out. I dare to say it didn’t disappoint me! This fleshlight may look like a plain Jane on the outside and inside, but there is more fun in simplicity. Agree? This fleshlight features a narrow entry and then a very comfortable wide canal. There is only one chamber. The single-chamber ensures that there is steady stimulation without too many complicated textures. The best part, however, is that it is easy to clean.

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  • Steady, continuous stimulation.


  • One chamber only in the sleeve.

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5. Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight

Alexis Texas Outlaw Fleshlight

Visual appeal is a great turn on for most people. This fleshlight has such a fantastic opening and skin tone that I can bet you cannot refuse to enter her. The canal sleeve is tight and extremely satisfying. You may feel like your penis is being gently gripped, and yet the feel is so real that it will be hard not to cum in the first few minutes. The Alexis Texas Fleshlight can be used by anyone – beginners, seasoned users, stamina trainers and everyone else (with a penis).


  • What can go wrong with Alexis Texas?


  • Nothing to complain about.

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Best Unique Fleshlights and Accessories

1. Launch Fleshlight

Launch Fleshlight

What would you say if you were told that there exists a fully automatic fleshlight device that you only need to insert your fleshlight in and the rest will be taken care of? The Launch is the first fully automated fleshlight that is capable of syncing with VR porn sites and it also lets you watch movies via Bluetooth. The base fits any standard fleshlight on the market today. You can enjoy a completely hands-free experience and go gaga about it! The price needs to be brought down, though. I don’t think this one is suitable for beginners, but it can be fun to try it if you are tired of using your fleshlight with your own hands.


  • Can be synced with other electronic devices


  • It is a bulky model and charges very slowly
  • Expensive

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2. Freak Fleshlights

Freak Fleshlights

Have you been looking for a fleshlight gift for the man of your dreams or a male friend at work who is very sweet with you? Gag gifts in the form of intimate gifts may not be that popular, but in case you are looking to buy it for someone just for laughs, then go with the alien or zombie fleshlight that features blue skin and a double orifice opening and two clitorises. Or you could settle down for a zombie blowjob fleshlight that has scary-looking teeth and an inside texture that will make you shout in ecstasy. You will have so much fun!


  • They are fun to give away as gifts


  • You cannot say too many things about the performance, but the looks will freak you out for sure.

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Build Your Own Fleshlight

Build your own fleshlight

You have the ability to create your own fleshlight on the official Fleshlight website and have it shipped to you. This is the best option if there is a sleeve that you haven’t yet tried. These are usually cheaper compared to Fleshlight girls. Fleshlight has a lot of templates to choose from. You can choose the outer cover as well as the textures in the sleeve and voila! Your fleshlight, customized as per your needs, and it will be delivered to you in no time at all (both EU and US).


  • You get exactly what you want


  • Sometimes, the experimenting can backfire. But it’s a learning curve.

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Fleshlight FAQ

Here are some of the helpful tips for you when you use a Fleshlight for the first time.

  • Pull out the plastic tube insert from the factory-new fleshlight before using it for the first time. All the new fleshlight have a plastic tube inserted in the inner canal to prevent the walls of the sleeve canal from gluing together while it sits on a storage shelf or during transportation. Remember to pull it out and discard lest you hurt yourself while inserting your wand inside.
  • Only use a WATER-BASED lube. Silicon lube and oil lube can potentially destroy the material of the fleshlight and melt it and make it gooey. Only water-based lube does not react with the material.
  • Warm up the inner sleeve along with the lube to an optimum temperature of 98 F, which is also the body temperature.

Here is how you warm up the Fleshlight insert and the lube

Fill a basinet with hot water and insert the lube bottle/tube into the sleeve and submerge it in hot water for ten minutes. Empty the bassinet and once again fill with fresh warm water at about that temperature. Let it sit for another ten minutes. Remove the sleeve and lube after a total of twenty minutes, put the lube directly into the sleeve and insert your penis in a warm and inviting vagina. You don’t want to spend twenty minutes warming it up? No worries! There is something called the fleshlight warmer that makes it convenient and easy.

How much lube should I fill into the sleeve?

The amount of lube that you need to fill into the sleeve is directly proportional to the ridges inside. If the texture is complex, then pour more lube, if the texture is less complex, then pour less lube. In any case, you can begin by pouring it in initially and then topping with more if you think it is not good enough.

Is using lube important while using a Fleshlight?

Without using a lubricant, penetration is going to be near impossible. Besides, without it, the stimulation will not be as enjoyable, and you’ll have a great chance of bruising your penis from the friction. Lube will make the inner canal of the fleshlight wet and slippery – exactly how a vagina in real life is.

How to create a mind-blowing suction effect with your Fleshlight?

Simply screw on the back cap tightly and then move it backward and forward to create and release the vacuum inside the Fleshlight. This way, you can simulate a sucking effect on your penis, which can lead to more powerful orgasms. Pro tip! You can also wrap a plastic bag around the end cap to make it airtight for maximum suction.

How to use the Fleshlight without your hands?

If you are getting tired of holding the fleshlight in your hand, you could try various ways to make it a hands-free experience.

  • Wedge the fleshlight with cushions, pillows, or some kind of mounting arrangement and go hands-free.
  • Another idea is to jack the device at 45 degrees by propping it in your shoe.
  • There are also readymade fleshlight mounts on the market too. You could give them a shot if you are prepared to spend some money.

What if I don’t like my new Fleshlight?

There are many different Fleshlights and some of them are too stimulating and others aren’t stimulating enough. Men are also very different from each other. Remember that before you dismiss it, try to use it in different temperatures, angles, speeds, and even without the sleeve cover. There is a big chance that you will begin to like it after a couple of tries. Most beginners are very sensitive, so remember to go really slow and use a lot of lube. If your new Fleshlight isn’t stimulating enough, then try to increase the suction and use other toys together with it such as penis rings.

What are the parts of a Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight consists of the following parts:

  • The sleeve that is made of realistic looking and feeling “SuperSkin” has a combination of textures, ridges, and different sized bumps to give a stimulating experience when the penis is inserted inside.
  • A hard case that gives it a solid structure.
  • A back screw that turns in and out to control the suction.
  • A lid that discreetly covers the sexual orifice openings.
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parts of a fleshlight

The sexual orifice can be that of a woman (vulva openings) or if you prefer a man (Fleshjack) an anal orifice or a mouth. There are also so-called “mystery” orifices that doesn’t resemble anything.

What is the material that Fleshlight sleeves are made of?

Manufacturers use skin-friendly medical grade silicone to construct the sleeves. They look incredibly real and even feel real. The more prominent brands on the market are said to use their proprietary blend of silicone, which is customized by them. They call it Super Skin or Cyber Skin. It is healthier and much more expensive than the standard range on the market.

Why should every man own a Fleshlight?

  1. A fleshlight is much more pleasurable than bare hands.
  2. A fleshlight greatly helps in training a newbie to last longer in bed. This is something you can do to impress your lady love.
  3. It promotes safe sex practices. You can be sure that you are not at risk of any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or unwanted/unplanned pregnancies.
  4. Men who use fleshlights are potentially less likely to cheat on their partners.

How do you clean and maintain your Fleshlight?

Keeping the fleshlight clean is no rocket science. It is an easy chore that you must do to keep it ready for your next session.

  • Remove the sleeve from the case and run it under warm water.
  • Unscrew the end cap and clean it with water.
  • Clean and rinse the outer canister in the same fashion
  • Use isopropyl alcohol if there are stubborn residues or stains to battle
  • Air dry both the canister and the sleeve separately
  • Once dried, dust them thoroughly with corn starch and store in a cool, dry place to keep it soft and non-sticky.

What should you remember while cleaning your Fleshlight?

  1. Stay away from soap, shampoos, and detergents when cleaning the sleeve and the canister
  2. Avoid baby powder and talcum powders like the plague because they will annihilate it, leaving it only trash worthy.

Is the Fleshlight a popular sex toy?

Fleshlights are excessively popular. A 2013 interview with Miguel Capillo, the CCO of Fleshlight International SL, quoted him saying that the sales of male sex toys have risen by 1000% in the ten years preceding that date. The explosive growth that the sex toy industry has seen in the last one and half decades can be attributed to various reasons:

  • There is now a reasonable amount of acceptance for male masturbation and the tools and the aids required to do it.
  • The market is flooded with toys that are made with the highest quality of materials.
  • Almost all of the toys on the market provide such a realistic sensation so that you will be tempted to build your own toy collection.

Can we attribute the huge sales of male sex toys to a change in people’s mindset?

Gone are the days when people spoke about male masturbation as a taboo. Today more and more men and women are forthcoming with their ideas and expressing their opinion on the subject of allowing men to masturbate and to include sex toys such as the fleshlight as part and parcel of the male paraphernalia.

The benefits of allowing men to masturbate with adult toys are many.

Here is a legit list of all the benefits that can accrue when men are allowed to use a sex toy like the Fleshlight.

  • You can train yourself to last longer in bed
  • You can have some of the most powerful orgasms.
  • It can help to regulate your emotions
  • There is categorical proof that there is a direct relationship between male masturbation leading to orgasms and leading a healthy relationship with your partner.
  • You can relieve fantasies or fetishes
  • You can ease your sexual tensions
  • It can do away with the urge to cheat

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The underlying thought most often is that if a man likes to masturbate and it is healthy for him and his partner, why should anyone restrict it to only his hands?

When was the first masturbation sleeve invented?

It was 1995, and a diminutive Austin resident and inventor applied for a patent. In the forms that needed to be filled as a procedure for application of the patent, he mentioned that the device was “for discreet sperm collection.” It is 2020 today, and much of the conservative thinking has fallen off. People, men, women, and binaries are now aware of their bodies and the needs that need to be met. Sexual orientation and sexual needs are now not so much hush-hush a topic that it was considered even a decade ago.

This is a positive development. A society that talks about sex as a taboo is not going in the right direction. If you see sexual development from the lenses of health and its perspective, you will also begin to realize that masturbation using tools and adult toys is a sine qua non for men and a panacea for a lot of ills that are ailing the society today.

How did The Fleshlight come to be?

Fleshlight is a company that was established by Steve Shubin. With time, a tubular sex toy that encompasses a tunnel with specially engineered soft skin that resembles a woman’s vagina or butt orifice has generically come to be known as a fleshlight. There are a lot of other words to refer to this male sex toy; for instance, masturbation aid, a jerk-off toy, male sex toy, artificial vagina/clitoris/anus, and “the sleeve”.

For the purpose of this blog, we will use fleshlight in its most generic term to mean what men generally mean when they talk about their favorite male sex toys. But to give due credit to the maker and his beautiful creation, we will first talk about Fleshlight in the specific light of being the trendsetter in the society for male sex aids.

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