Viconan Review

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The Viconan website is much like Axe Body Spray—it comes on way too strong and makes dubious claims about the effects it will have on both the user’s performance as a male and its own ability to make the user more sexually attractive to others.

ViconanTheir homepage is one of those irritating endless scrollers, full of ALL CAPS, exclamation marks, and is so wordy that it looks like a dictionary vomited onto a webpage. However, since a product shouldn’t be judged solely on its website, let’s dive in to the content. Refreshingly, unlike many male enhancement supplement product websites, the company responsible for Viconan male enhancement pills is listed as Vitegrity, which is a supplement company based out of Florida. While they are not accredited or rated by the BBB, there have been no complaints lodged with the BBB within the last 3 years, which is fairly impressive for a company that sells these types of products. Viconan claims that it will help “TAKE BACK WHAT NATURE ROBBED FROM YOU,” by remedying both the causes and the symptoms of subpar or lackluster male performance.

Specifically, Viconan will:

  • Increase sexual desire and the “ability to rise to any occasion.”
  • Give rock hard erections that will “rock her world.”
  • Give the user the “stamina and endurance of a 20-year-old”
  • Give “satisfying and rock your world orgasms”
  • Give the user powerful ejaculations and stop premature ejaculations
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Viconan says it achieves these goals by increasing testosterone levels, increasing endurance, stamina, and staying power, increases blood flow, and boosts libido. Despite the flowery language, these are claims that the majority of male enhancement products make, but are they accurate in the case of Viconan?


Viconan’s ingredient list is rather interesting, as it includes ingredients that are not commonly seen in male enhancement supplements, such as:

  • Oat straw: Also known as northern prickly ash, it is a common herbal remedy for blood circulation problems, which explains its inclusion in a male enhancement product. (WebMD)
  • Astragalus: On Viconan’s website, it is stated that Astragalus is included because it “helps increase recovery time so you can give your partner what she wan [sic]” However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support that astragalus effects any of the conditions for which it is commonly used. (WebMD)
  • Pumpkin seed: as a source of zinc, pumpkin seeds aid in testosterone production.

Other than those three, the rest of the ingredient list is fairly standard and includes the following substances:

While Viconan does give descriptions of what each included ingredient does in terms of male enhancement, which is a great addition for consumers who may be new to male enhancement products, there is no list of the amounts of each ingredient present in one serving. This is an unfortunate omission because some of these herbs must be taken in very large quantities to be effective and the fact that such information is not listed means that customers could be unknowingly buying a product that contains the right ingredients, but not the right amount of each.

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Viconan presents its users with several benefits, including:

  • A formula that was developed to treat a variety of problems that can cause a man’s performance to suffer.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee on both opened and unopened bottles.
  • Includes information on how their product works within the body
  • Offers several different packaging orders
  • Reasonably priced, with a month’s supply costing only $43.97.
  • Can be ordered off of Amazon


However, there are also some disadvantages as well:

  • Customers do not know how much of each ingredient is in a serving.
  • Does not offer fast-acting results. The user is expected to take a daily dose with the effect of building over a period of weeks. Full potency should be experienced after one to two weeks.
  • It is only available online
  • The website includes no customer testimonials or clinical study information

Final Word

viconan-websiteViconan is worth a try. Their formula is comprehensive and, as long as all ingredients work as the website claims, covers most of the causes associated with underwhelming male performance, from testosterone production to blood flow issues. They offer a great deal of information and a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that Viconan is safe to try—you have nothing to lose.

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