ProExtender Review

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ProExtender is a penis traction device that is recommended by doctors in over 29 countries and used in over 60 hospitals for the treatment of Peyronies (curvature of the penis).


It was developed in 1994 by Jorn E. Siana M.D in Denmark. It was extensively tested, and was the subject of a thorough study presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery, in 1998, at Barcelona, Spain (read more from a literature review about the science of traction devices). You can now purchase it for home use and you do not need a prescription. We reviewed the ProExtender penis enlargement device to see just what it could deliver on.

How the ProExtender was Developed

ProExtender was developed to help treat Peyronies, a curvature of the penis, that can diminish sexual pleasure and create difficulty in urination. Basing the design on reconstruction and recovery methods used to treat other muscular and tissue malformations, the team that developed ProExtender penis traction effectively created a method to treat Peyronies that was non-invasive and did not require medications.

Several side effects were noticed in the clinical trials to prove its effectiveness as a Peyronies treatment that included:

  • Increase in the girth of the penis
  • Increase in length
  • Reported increased pleasure and arousal
  • Increased stamina and duration of erection

These findings have led to a continuing round of studies that are looking at just how the ProExtender works on the cells and tissues of the penis to create these effects. Studies are ongoing as there is a suggestion that penis traction may help to reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction, and can even be a preventative measure for it.

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What You Really Want to Know About the ProExtender

The two main questions that men have about using a penis extender are:

  • How long does it take to see results?
  • How long will the results last?

The underlying fear is that the results created by the ProExtender are only temporary. The fact is that the changes you achieve in the thickness, hardness and duration of your erection are long lasting. The way that a penis extender works is by creating a change in the actual cellular structure and tissues of the penis.

ProExtender System

It can take a while to achieve this and the only way to see results is to use your extender as recommended and consistently. Once you have the results that you want, you aren’t going to lose them easily. This is one reason why it is recommended that you add in a male enhancement supplement product to make sure that your new cell and tissue growth is supported by proper nutrition. Poor nutrition and poor circulation, on top of inconsistent use of the extender, is the main reason why someone won’t see results with their use.

What You Get When Buying the ProExtender

The basic version comes in a cardboard box with:

  • Original extender unit.
  • Foam padding
  • 1 silicone noose
  • 1 set of short add-on bars
  • 1 set of long add-on bars
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instruction manual
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If you buy the complete system that comes in a metal case, you will also get extras such as 1 bottle of VigRx Plus and 1 bottle of Semenax. Traction spring force is adjustable between 300-1500g, which is lower compared to newer extenders.

Where Do You Get the ProExtender and What Does it Cost?

You can order the ProExtender direct from ProExtender System website. It is a much higher priced penis enlargement system than all the rest because this penis traction device has been medically tested and is recommended by hospitals. It comes with everything that you need to get started, including instructional DVDs.


There is also a wealth of information on the website and you can talk to a representative to help get your questions answered to. The price for the ProExtender was recently reduced in a promotion to $429.95, which is 50% off the normal price of the device. The promotional code to gain that discount is posted on their website, but there is no indication of how long this discount will last.

Should I Buy the ProExtender?

Extenders aren’t a great choice for everyone. Depending on how you are put together, how you groom yourself and other factors – wearing an extender can be hard. You may also find that you don’t have a lifestyle that really allows you to wear it enough to get the most from it. Don’t worry if that turns out to be the case – you can send it back for a full refund. There are many other male enhancement products offered by the company so that every man can find the right solution for their problems.

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Conclusion of our ProExtender Review

ProExtender is recommended by urologists and cosmetic surgeons who understand what really works to enlarge your penis. It provides you with painless and easy to acquire results that can change your life. Whether you suffer from Peyronies, or just want more where it counts, this is an investment you will never regret. However, the device itself is a bit dated now and there are better extenders with tension springs applying higher amounts of traction force which means that you will be able to see results faster. Read our review on SizeGenetics for another good alternative.

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