Phallosan Forte Review 2020 – Does it Work? Any Side Effects?

Phallosan Forte Review

The Phallosan Forte is a mechanical device for lengthening the penis. It works on a simple, proven principle. If the penis is put under traction for long periods of time, the muscles and other tissues in the penis will stretch. Your body will respond to this stretching by growing new tissue in the area. It’s a similar principle to the way your muscles grow after lifting weights. Unlike many methods of male enhancement, traction devices like the Phallosan Forte have been tested clinically and have been proven to work.

phallosan forte review

Urologists, cosmetic surgeons, and other doctors recommend the Phallosan Forte to their patients to address underlying medical problems, or simply to increase the user’s self-confidence and sexual satisfaction by increasing the size of both their flaccid and erect penis.

Phallosan Forte Features and Benefits

The Phallosan Forte is unlike many other penis enlargement traction devices. It uses gentle suction to hold the device on the penis instead of a series of straps or a noose ring that fits over the head of your penis. The vacuum is created by pumping small bellows on the tip of the sleeve that fits over your penis. Since the pressure on your penis is distributed over the entire surface instead of only where a strap or ring is located, users report that the device is much less likely to cause irritation or chafing. This is an important attribute of the device because any penis enlargement device must be worn for long periods of time in order to get the most benefit out of it. While the vacuum produced in the sheath that holds your penis does impart a gentle traction force, the majority of the stretching force is supplied by a hook and strap belt that attaches to the tip of the vacuum sheath and goes around the waist.

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Phallosan Forte Pros

  • Vacuum sheath is more comfortable than straps and nooses
  • The Phallosan Forte is easier to conceal under your regular clothes than other devices
  • No metal parts
  • Popular product has a long track record with many reviews
  • Has clinical studies to back up claims
  • Easier to keep clean than other devices
  • Can be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease
  • Discreet billing and packaging protects your privacy
  • Has live customer support

Phallosan Forte Cons

  • More expensive than other methods
  • Not available in stores


The Phallosan Forte offers a different approach to applying traction to the penis. If you’ve tried other brands but had trouble with irritation or rashes due to the constant contact of the straps and rings with your skin, the Phallosan Forte could be perfect for you.

Phallosan forte website

The Phallosan Forte comes in a complete kit that includes suction bells in three sizes, a tension clip, an elastic belt that holds the device in places, and full instructions for use, including a DVD. They also include a measuring template so you can keep track of your progress. The full kit is available on the company’s website and retails for about $340, plus a flat $25 for shipping. If you are looking for our top-rated penis extender 2020, then you need to read our review on SizeGenetics.

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