About us

Who am I?

My name is John and I’m a man in my early 40s. I started experiencing erectile dysfunction a few years ago which led me to test a lot of different male enhancement supplements and devices. I’ve had both good and bad experiences along this journey – which is common if you dwell into the jungle of different products and promises. I hope that my knowledge will benefit you while making choices about new and existing products on the market.

Our Mission

AlphaJohn.com (PECritic.com) was started in 2013 and the goal of this website is to find the best male enhancement products currently available and review them and also compare them with each other. Only the best product will get a high rating and the most important aspect is how well it works for its intended use. If the product in review isn’t backed a scientific study it will get a lower score. There are lots of products on the market and it is important for the consumer to know what each product does.

The two most basic functions of penis enlargement products are:

  • Permanent penis enlargement – These products are reviewed and scored independently from pills and most of these products fall under the category “extenders”.
  • Temporary penis enlargement or male enhancement products – These products normally fall under the category “pills” or “pumps” and are made to help maintain or produce an erection.

I will take these factors into consideration when doing a review.

John Andrews