Virility Pills VP-Rx Review

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Virility Pills VP-Rx is not a newcomer to the male sexual health field, but they have much less of a track record than more popular products like VigRX or Vaso 9.

Virility Pills VP-RxAll-natural products like Virility Pills VP-Rx always use familiar ingredients for their formulations, but they vary the amount of the ingredients and include some that others leave out. The ingredients in male sexual enhancement products like Virility Pills VP-Rx rely on the interactions of the ingredients as well as their effects on the body when taken alone. That makes it important to compare each formulation on its own merits. The website for Virility Pills VP-Rx looks very dated. Their design reminds me of the 1990s (although, it isn’t related to the effectiveness of the product). You can clearly see that they’ve sold Virility Pills VP-Rx for many years. So, what can we find in terms of user reviews or complaints from other sites? Well, you can take a look at these complaints from the Australian Department of Health – They have actually done my job. According to them, Virility Pills VP-Rx is totally ineffective. The makers must retract all their claims. This means that Virility Pills VP-Rx does not work at all. It has no benefits what so ever related to sexual health or function. It’s just an expensive placebo.

Features and Benefits

vprx-supplementVirility Pills VP-Rx contains epimedium, also known as horny goat weed. This naturally occurring substance has been used for centuries to increase sexual performance, but no one knew exactly how it worked. Epimedium contains icariin, a substance that works the same way as the active ingredient in Viagra. Icariin relaxes the so-called smooth muscle. Your penis is mostly made up of smooth muscle. When the active ingredient of epimedium begins to work, the muscles in your penis become more supple, and that allows more blood to flow into it in order for it to become longer, wider, and harder.

The epimedium in Virility Pills VP-Rx works along with other ingredients like niacin and Ginkgo Biloba to get as much blood as possible into the penis when you begin to become sexually aroused. Virility Pills VP-Rx also has ingredients that support increased testosterone production in the body, another important ingredient for male performance and satisfaction.


  • Safe, all-natural ingredients
  • Claims to both increase the quality and the size of your erection
  • Claims to support increased testosterone growth to improve all aspect of male sexual health
  • No known side effects
  • Less expensive than competing brands
  • Comes with a 100-day full money-back guarantee
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  • Hard to find online, and can’t be purchased in stores
  • New to the market, so there are fewer user reviews than other products
  • Does not work

Final Word

virility-pill-VP-RX-websiteVirility Pills VP-Rx ( incorporates niacin and a few other substances like hawthorn root that are known to increase healthy blood flow in the body. Virility Pills VP-Rx also supports increase testosterone production in the body, so if you’re suffering from age-related sexual dysfunction, you’re likely to see an increase in both the desire and the ability to have sex after taking Virility Pills VP-Rx.

Virility Pills VP-Rx has a shorter track record with fewer reviews than their competitors like Triverex and Vimax. Virility Pills VP-Rx is much less expensive than better-known competitors. It has many of the same ingredients as Viconan and Vigorexin, but Virility Pills VP-Rx costs as little as $30 for a one-month supply. You have to look around online to find a supplier, but you can often get substantial discounts off the price if you buy in bulk. The compound needs about two to three weeks to begin to show results, and must be taken continuously or all the accrued benefits will quickly become lost. Does this mean that you should buy Virility Pills VP-Rx? No, the Australian Department of Health has done a through job investigating ingredients and claims and they were quite harsh about it too. Virility Pills VP-Rx does nothing.

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