Kronomax Review

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kmax-bottleKronomax is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that purports to be able to help men regain their old sexual prowess or enhance what they already have. On a professional-looking and informative website, Kronomax certainly seems to be trustworthy, but only a review will say for certain.

Kronomax Overview

Kronomax’s slogan “Rise to the occasion” sums up what the product aims to do:

  • Relax muscle tissue
  • Increase blood flow
  • Boost sex drive and libido
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

kronomax-websiteOut of all of these, only the fourth one is really worth mentioning because the other three are pretty standard amongst the male supplement product crowd. It is easy to forget that erectile dysfunction can cause psychological problems, like stress and anxiety that can affect the individual outside of the bedroom. Stress and anxiety can also fuel erectile dysfunction and make a man unable to perform, so the two really go hand-in-hand. By treating this oft-neglected aspect of erectile dysfunction, Kronomax seeks to get to the heart (or mind) of the problem.

Kronomax Ingredients

Kronomax uses four different blends to make its formula; each blend has its own set of ingredients, as shown below

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Several of these ingredients contained in Kronomax are fairly uncommon, such as deer antler velvet, which contains amino acids minerals, proteins, anti-inflammatory peptides, gangliosides, hormones, and glycosaminoglycans. Kronomax also contains Bioperine, a fact that they make sure to advertise. Bioperine is used to maximize the absorption and effectiveness of all of the other ingredients. While Kronomax’s ingredient list is rather impressive and extensive, the fact that they do not include the amounts for each ingredient per serving, instead only giving the amount of each blend, is rather disappointing.


  • The formula is all-natural, contains Bioperine, and includes many different ingredients that address all sorts of issues often related to erectile dysfunction.
  • With a one-month supply costing only $47.00, Kronomax is comparably priced with other similar products.
  • They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and different ordering options.
  • Kronomax’s website makes a point to state that their formula does not include Yohimbe, which means that they recognize the risks associated with it and have intentionally avoided it in order to make a safe product without side effects.


  • Ingredient amounts aren’t listed.
  • It has not been widely reviewed by either supplement critiques or actual customers and the only glowing reviews that could be found were on Kronomax’s own website.
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Conclusion of our Kronomax Review

It is hard to tell if Kronomax works or not. Consumers would be better off with a product more forthcoming about their formula.

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