Vimax Pills Review

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vimax pillsVimax is an all-natural male enhancement pill that hit the market a couple of years ago.

It has no reported side effects because of its all-natural ingredients. This pill has actually quite a lot of different ingredients, and in this review, I will investigate some of the most interesting ones. The pill claims to enhance blood flow to the penis with the help of its ingredients and that is why it is important to find out how that works.

What are the ingredients inside Vimax Pills?

There are a number of ingredients in Vimax Pills:

What’s in it? Cayenne?

There are a few basic ingredients in Vimax, which are not shocking to experienced buyers of male enhancement products: Vitamin E, Gingko biloba, and Pynax ginseng stand out as typical ingredients, although the large amount of Cayenne pepper in Vimax does draw some attention. Cayenne pepper is often sold on its own in order to increase blood circulation. Although cayenne is high in several vitamins, there is little evidence that consuming large amounts will actually increase the circulation of the blood. Vimax makes some strange claims about Cayenne which have an unknown context.

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Examining Claims about Cayennecayenne-pepper-592x444

Although it is not unusual to sell cayenne according to its supposed benefits for the blood, Vimax claims that Cayenne “increases heart action” although the mechanism for manipulation of the heart muscle is not described. Vimax also claims that Cayenne rebuilds tissue. Since Cayenne does contain vitamins and nutrients like any pepper, it is likely that cayenne plays the same role in rebuilding tissue that any other food does. This claim seems to be intended to provide that cayenne will rebuild the tissue of the penis after sexual activity, although this claim is not specifically stated, as it would be incorrect. As other examples of pseudo-science, Vimax claims that cayenne will “equalize blood circulation.” This phrase is medically meaningless and establishes no relationship between blood pressure patters and the ingestion of cayenne. There are no chemical properties of cayenne or the vitamins contained in this pepper that would effect the “equalization” of blood circulation. Making such claims may convince some customers that the makers of Vimax are cayenne experts and not simply sellers of an inexpensive ingredient.

Vimax also claims that cayenne is used to “ward off disease” although the debatable success of this use is not mentioned. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the ingestion of cayenne improves the immune system outside of the normal ingestion of nutrients and vitamins. Indeed, the same may be said of a balanced diet.

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Where to buy Vimax Pills

You can order it from their official website – for $59.95 for one bottle.

Conclusion of our Vimax Pills Review


There are many ingredients in Vimax which may be healthy to ingest, but not more healthy than ingredients common to many diets. The makers of Vimax are undoubtedly aware that many kinds of people and cultures have developed traditions around healthy dietary elements which suggest that they improve libido or increase the size of the penis. Without immediate access to scientific data on the subject, the average consumer is left at the mercy of affiliate marketers. Luckily, many of these ingredients are found cheaply elsewhere, and if a buyer has any doubts as to their effectiveness, they may be sampled under the care of a doctor. There are also better pills on the market with better effects, but now you know the Vimax pills pros and cons.

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