Enzyte Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?


Enzyte is known to work in the realm of penile enhancers but the claims being made by the company seem to be a bit too good to be real. It is proving rather difficult to prove whether the Enzyte male enhancement pill really works. In reality, there is simply not enough information contained within their official website that proves that it is as good as many claim. The ingredients generally appear to be safe, although there is not nearly enough information regarding the quality of these ingredients or the manufacturing process.

Enzyte History

It appears that the United States Courts have come to their own conclusions about Enzyte. Recently the owner of the Berkeley Premium Neutraceuticals, the official manufacturer of Enzyte, was found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and money-laundering. The investigation was conducted by the FDA and other US government agencies. They found that Berkeley’s claims were unsubstantiated. And the owner of Berkeley was eventually ordered to pay fines and damages for numerous clients and also received a prison sentence. There has also been much speculation and concern in regards to the refund and return policy. Many vendors have made a promise to refund twice the actual amount paid if you are dissatisfied with Enzyte. However many companies have asked their customers to sign waivers which will stop them from making additional claims.

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Enzyte has not been tested by the FDA, and there does not appear to have been any research conducted by another third party, but then this is partially true in this industry in general. As the ingredients are natural herbs and not synthetic chemicals, the complete effects and safety parameters have not been fully established as of yet. The priority of any company that makes the claim that they have a product to enhance the size of a man’s penis is to provide proof. However, Berkeley failed to do this and it seems unreal in the light of modern medical science practitioners who claim that no medicine or supplement can cause a permanent increase in penis size.

Enzyte Claims

Enzyte-websiteAnother extremely suspicious practice is that Enzyte originally claimed to permanently increase the size of a man’s penis. However many customers were not satisfied and stated that there were absolutely no positive results. Straight after this Berkely rewrote the claims about penis size. Their packaging now states that Enzyte can help men get fuller and firmer erections. When Enzyte was first introduced into the marketplace during the early part of the last decade, the sales of this Enzyte proved to be tremendously successful. The majority of customers were led to believe that this pill would increase their penis size and therefore Enzyte sold in millions. However, as the claims were found to be untrue, the sales have dipped and the confidence in Enzyte is mostly gone. Many more customers also reported illegal practices when ordering Enzyte from the official website. The majority of people wished to merely make one order as this was a new and unknown product in the marketplace. However, to their dismay, it was found that recurring charges were made to their credit cards and the issue took a larger time to get resolved with every additional user.

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Enzyte Ingredients

Enzyte contains a mix of ingredients that isn’t very surprising.

Where to buy Enzyte

You can get it from Amazon for $57.00 (3-pack). It is also being sold on their official website – enzyte.com for $49.95 for a 1-month supply.

Conclusion of our Enzyte Review

There are better male enhancement pills with a better reputation than Enzyte, which is a good reason to pick one of these other pills.

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