Orexis Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

orexisMany of the ingredients of the sexual enhancement pill Orexis are shown to be marginally effective in cases of causing arousal.

However, most of the evidence for these ingredients is anecdotal, and scholarly or scientific information on these ingredients can be difficult to find. Many consumers are also concerned that the official website and buying pages are both unreliable and uninformative. Orexis as a business practice, providing clear information about the actual contents of Orexis would be a major step forward. The company displays pages claiming that “information on Orexis is not available.”

Luckily for consumers, information about the effects of Orexis is easy to find from other sources. Many sites that offer information about Orexis are obviously affiliates and receive commissions on the sale of Orexis tracked through their site. Although a few of these sites provide useful information about erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement, most of them are thinly veiled attempts to gain the trust of the reader. If we are to assume that Orexis is effective, then it may be worth the risk of an unreliable provider in order to achieve the claimed effects of the product.

On the other hand, this pill contains a standard battery of herbal aphrodisiacs, including Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris, which are found in virtually every sexual enhancement supplement on the market.

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orexis-lab-reportFor this reason, it’s a good idea to buy from a seller that is endorsed by the BBB or is affiliated with other online best practices organizations. The primary complaints of previous customers center on the inability of Orexis to fulfill their part of the 100% guarantee claimed on the selling page.

Their official site lacks most of the indicators of a quality product. The ingredients are not immediately listed, and the claims are not organized into an easy-to-understand, testable list. Although it is expected that Orexis would make claims which compete with other vendors of similar products, the company itself makes claims which are impossible to prove. For example, one is supposed to achieve “greater control over orgasm.” Furthermore, the lack of information available on the site itself makes Orexis difficult to buy. The homepage itself contains the mechanism of payment processing, which suggests that customer service is handled over the phone.

Consumer reviews complain that their phone service “frequently does not answer,” only allowing a message to be left by an unhappy consumer. For fulfilling the unexplained guarantee, you should consider that Orexis may lack the infrastructure necessary to respond to customer service issues.

Lab report

Research was conducted on Orexis, and it showed that it did not contain enough of each ingredient in order to be effective as a male enhancement supplement.

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Where to buy

You can get it from Amazon for $12.95 for a pack. You can also get it from Ebay at a price of $28.95 for 60 capsules. However, you should not buy Orexis!

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