Xanogen Review

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There has been a lot of talk about Xanogen recently, and many people search for it on Google together with HGH Factor.xanogen Alpha John would like to point out that this combination of pills isn’t something *magical* for your penis that will make it grow 4.4 inches or anything like that.

Xanogen is just like any other male enhancement supplement – it works by enhancing your sex drive and blood-flow through its ingredients. Before I placed an order for their 1-month bottle I did some research online by looking at user complaints, because that’s a good first sign in order to see what kind of product you’re dealing with.

User Reviews

I found one complaint on https://www.scambook.com/report/view/94715/Xanogen-HGH-Factor-Complaint-94715-for-$150.00 – clearly, this customer didn’t check the actual price of Xanogen which is quite high for a male enhancement supplement. I also found Xanogen being sold on https://www.amazon.com/Applied-Science-Labs-Xanogen-Capsule/dp/B00FZPU0DW and most of the reviews there are negative in regard to its overall effectiveness. It should be clear that you really can’t know what kind of expectations these individual customers had, but 5 bad reviews out of 7 is not that good. Looking at the remaining 2 positive reviews, we can see that the first bottle didn’t work, but then he started taking 2 pills in the morning and then 2 more each hour, meaning that he took a higher dosage in order to be able to notice any difference. None of the reviews mention any side effects which a good sign. I didn’t notice any big changes in the first or second week in penis size, but I found that it was slightly easier to get an erection. Most of the ingredients in Xanogen are used to promote better erections and that’s what you should expect from taking it.

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  • Has many ingredients that have clinical proof of usefulness.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Isn’t affected by alcohol use.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • While many of the ingredients in Xanogen have been clinically tested, Xanogen has not.
  • More expensive than similar products.
  • Can cause headaches.
  • Some users report nausea after taking Xanogen.
  • Results stop quickly if you stop taking the supplement.

Final Word

Fxanogen-websiteor Xanogen to work, you need to take two capsules daily for at least two months. Most users see partial results in as little as three weeks. One bottle is enough Xanogen for a month, and costs just under $90. You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing in bulk. A six-month supply of Xanogen is priced under $420, which is about 20 percent off its list price. Purchasing in bulk on Applied Science Labs own website (https://www.xanogen.com/) entitles customers to additional gifts and bonuses. You can purchase Xanogen on Amazon, but there are no bulk discounts available, and it’s not eligible for Prime shipping discounts.

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