Addyzoa Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

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addyzoaAddyzoa is quite different from most male enhancement pills in several ways. First, it is based on Ayurvedic traditions, specifically those that call for the use of herbs. The idea is that by using specific herbs, one can realign their bodily systems and function at their highest possible level. Second, instead of treating low libido or erectile dysfunction, Addyzoa treats low sperm count in order to increase fertility.

People on yahoo answers talking about results from using Addyzoa.

Addyzoa Overview

Addyzoa purports to help men in 5 specific areas:

  • Enhance sperm mobility
  • Increase sperm count
  • Improve sperm morphology (which helps prevent DNA damage to sperm)
  • Boosts sexual desire
  • Enhances the chances of pregnancy (depending on your situation, this may or may not be a good thing)

Notice the difference in the claims made by Addyzoa and those made by the majority of male enhancement supplements. If an individual is seeking to maximize the size of his penis or increase blood circulation, this is not the pill for them. However, those with issues related to low sperm count may find Addyzoa quite helpful.

The Science Behind Addyzoa

Unlike most male enhancement supplements, Addyzoa has actually been studied in a clinical trial. A 2011 study found that patients treated with Addyzoa showed a significant increase in sperm mobility, but no change in sperm concentration (Source). However, another 2011 study found that patients treated with Addyzoa showed more improvement in the areas of sperm mobility, sperm count, and sperm morphology than those treated with another product, Clomiphene citrate.

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Addyzoa Ingredients and Instructions

Addyzoa’s website will only give the composition of their formula to registered site members, which is an interesting feature. However, the ingredients are available on other sites.

The key ingredients are:

All of these are natural herbs and many, if not all, of them, have been clinically shown to aid sperm health. The instructions included on Addyzoa’s website are also a bit out of the ordinary. The dosage depends on one’s sperm count; for those with a sperm count between 5 million/ml to 10 million/ml, the instructions state that they should take two capsules twice a day for 90 days. For those with a sperm count of over 10 million/ml, taking one capsule twice daily for 90 days is sufficient. Addyzoa takes their instructions a step further with a list of activities in which one should or should not engage. Men are encouraged to consume foods rich in protein, consume in moderation egg and meat, and to have sexual intercourse when their partner is the most fertile. They are advised not to do the following: consume spicy foods and alcohol, smoke or use tranquilizers, become physically or mentally stressed, stay out late, or have an irregular dietary schedule.

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Addyzoa’s ingredients are all-natural and have been proven to enhance sperm health. Likewise, Addyzoa itself has been the subject of clinical studies and received positive results, giving Addyzoa an evidentiary base that most male supplement products lack. Addyzoa’s ingredients also offer no serious side effects. The price is also very reasonable, costing $35.00 for a 3 month supply (that equals 180 capsules). Considering that other male enhancement products may charge $35.00 or more for one bottle of their formula, Addyzoa is extremely cost-effective.


Addyzoa reviews and testimonials are fairly scarce; when one purchases Addyzoa, they are mainly relying on website information and any background research they have on the ingredients in the formula. Additionally, there is no money-back guarantee, Addyzoa does not come from a company well-known in the US (many consumers are hesitant about buying supplement products from overseas as many have contained the incorrect or even harmful substances. The fact that Addyzoa is from India may discourage some from purchasing it.), and Addyzoa is not available at US retailers. Because problems with male performance often stem from a circulatory problem and not issues with one’s sperm count, Addyzoa may not work for the majority of men who seek out supplement cures. Additionally, because Addyzoa can potentially increase the chance of pregnancy, using it is only advisable if this is the desired outcome.

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Conclusion of our Addyzoa Review

For men who suffer from a low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility, Addyzoa may be a good product to try, as it has shown to be effective in treating such conditions. However, those whose performance problems stem from a source other than poor sperm health should probably seek another product.

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