Magna Rx Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

magnarxMagna Rx is an over-the-counter male enhancement pill formulated by a licensed medical professional, one of only a handful on the market that can make this claim. Dr. Aguilar is responsible for the research and the development of this male enhancement product. He spent more than three decades researching the ingredients that are now found in this proprietary blend of all-natural supplements. Not only is this male enhancement option designed by a licensed physician, it’s also passed through multiple clinical trials and independent reviews.

General Overview

Magna Rx is marketed as the number one bestselling male enhancement formula since 2001. The manufacturer behind Magna Rx claims that they have already sold more than 50 million pills since originally hitting the market and that they sell anywhere between 3 and 5 million pills each year. Magna Rx testimonials from its users are mixed at best. Promising to help them improve their sexual stamina, confidence, and libido, this particular solution also works to improve the quality and consistency of erections. These results are made possible because of the all-natural herbal ingredient formulation used in Magna Rx, which also results in the solution to be quite safe.

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  • Includes no known harmful ingredients or chemical substances
  • Will provide full results in just 90 days
  • Does not require a prescription (though speaking to a licensed medical professional ahead of time is always advised)


  • The formulation behind Magna Rx regularly changes, which may impact its consistency of results
  • Individuals that use this supplement report better results when taking advantage of multivitamins and dietary changes
  • Magna Rx requires daily supplementation for at least 30 days to see noticeable changes.

Important information about the ingredients in Magna Rx

Though there are more than 15+ ingredients in Magna Rx, L-arginine is the most prominent. A natural diuretic that works to improve circulatory system function and overall blood flow to the penis, this ingredient is responsible for improving your erections. Shuttling more blood to the genital region (without raising blood pressure to unsafe levels), this ingredient has been clinically proven to be effective at increasing circulatory function without negative health impacts.

Guarantees and/or money-back promises

All purchases of this male enhancement product are going to be protected by a full 60-day money-back guarantee without limitation. Customers can return any unused capsules back to the company behind Magna Rx via their online website ( or bring them into any local GNC, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, or 7/11 (that carry this merchandise) and return them there as well.

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What’s included with the purchase of Magna Rx?

Every bottle of Magna Rx will contain a full month’s supply of 30 capsules.

Value for the money

Magna Rx is relatively inexpensive compared to the competition at just $29.95. There is also a 50% off promotion being run right now that is good for a limited time only.

Final Verdict

magna-rx-websiteMagna Rx is one of just a handful of male enhancement products designed by licensed medical professionals. It also takes advantage of a neutral and nondangerous herbal ingredient list, though the ratios of each ingredient are as of yet unknown. Because this formula goes through so many changes and iterations consistency cannot be guaranteed, which may be an issue for customers moving forward.

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