Triverex Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

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triverexTriverex is another male enhancement pill made in the USA that has been advertised on TV for quite some time as a cheap trial offer that keeps billing your credit card with their auto-shipping program. They have received a number of complaints on and most of them are related to customers having a hard time canceling their auto-shipping. It is worth mentioning that some of them might not have read the fine print regarding enrolling in their auto-shipping program. You should always be very careful about trial offers since they mostly are a telltale sign of auto-shipping. I will continue this review by reviewing Triverex itself below.

Features and Benefits

Triverex contains several all-natural ingredients in a proprietary blend – without any amounts disclosed (just 1,250mg per serving). Its main ingredient is Korean red ginseng –  a popular antioxidant and adaptogen, being a favorite in Asian medicine for centuries which seems to work best when in combination with other ingredients. Adaptogens improve concentration and help you handle stress – both mental and physical, and they have variable effects on your blood pressure depending on the amount of the dose.

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Red ginseng has been shown in animal studies to increase sexual performance overall, and both the quality and amount of sperm. Studies in humans show an increase in libido and fewer problems with gaining and maintaining an erection. Triverex also contains epimedium which is known by many other names, like horny goat weed, barrenwort, and bishop’s hat. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, but the way it works has only recently become understood. When Viagra was first issued a patent, the government said that the maker of Viagra couldn’t enforce its patent against makers of epimedium because it was an example of prior use of the chemical. Epimedium contains icariin, which works similar to the active ingredient in Viagra. Triverex also contains maca root and L-citrulline – two more compounds that improve blood flow.


  • Made entirely from all-natural ingredients
  • Has other beneficial effects in addition to improving male sexual performance
  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Increases sperm counts and motility
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases blood flow to the penis without spiking your blood pressure
  • Some ingredients have been used for centuries


  • Isn’t effective if take along with alcohol
  • Ratio of ingredients is unknown, so dosage information can be vague
  • Very few clinical studies on men, although there is a long track record for many of the ingredients on their own
  • Red ginseng products like Triverex can’t be used if you’re taking insulin, or are being treated with prednisone
  • Benefits stop immediately when you stop taking it.
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Final Word

triverex-md-websitePrices vary for Triverex, but you can usually find a 4-month supply for less than $100. The recommended dosage is three pills a day for the first three weeks, and then two pills a day after that. Triverex works whether it’s taken with food or on an empty stomach. Like many supplements, the ingredients are safe as long as you don’t overdo it. If you take more than the recommended dosage you might suffer from spikes in your blood pressure, inability to sleep, nausea, headaches, or nosebleeds. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you shouldn’t take Triverex without consulting your doctor. Triverex offers a combination of increased alertness and energy, lowered stress, increased blood flow, and increased sperm count and motility, all factors that can improve your sexual performance. Since it’s all-natural, Triverex is worth a look if you want to avoid the pharmacy when you need help in the bedroom. You can find it on their website

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