NitroMaXX MD Review

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NitroMaXX MD purports to be the pill to take if you want to drive your partner crazy and leave her begging for more. Does it have that effect? Let’s investigate.

NitroMaxxMDNitroMaxx’s website says that it is unlike any other male enhancement product, but its claims seem fairly standard for this type of supplement, including:

  • Bigger, longer, and harder erections
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Increased sex drive
  • Takes effect between 30 to 40 minutes
  • Totally safe with no side effects

None of these are exactly groundbreaking, although listing delayed ejaculation as an effect is fairly uncommon.


NitroMaXX’s ingredient list is fairly standard for a male enhancement product, although, notably, it does not include Yohimbe, a potentially dangerous herb that can cause heart attacks and strokes, but, because of its effectiveness in enhancing male sexual performance, is often included in such products. Instead, NitroMaXX includes the following:

While NitroMaXX does include the amounts of each herb per serving (this is important information that many male enhancement products often do not post on their websites), it does not give any kind of description as to the function of each herb. Most enhancement products’ sites will give at least some information regarding the benefits of each substance and the reason for its inclusion, but if people want to know that information about the herbs in NitroMaxx, they will have to do their own research. While there is certainly nothing wrong with conducting one’s own research, for the curious consumer, brief substance descriptions are not only helpful but make it look like the site’s creators were knowledgeable about their product. Consumers are instructed to take two capsules daily and up to four capsules 30 minutes prior to physical activity. This seems like the website is saying that up to 6 pills can be safely taken per day, although that sounds like quite a lot and the wording is ambiguous.

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Red Flags

NitroMaXX’s website is, in general, not very informative. Its FAQ section is short, it provides no in-depth information on the herbs contained within it, and the dosing instructions are vague. Additionally, NitroMaXX MD’s website is less-than-forthcoming about its parent company. To discover this information, this reviewer Googled the address found on the website’s Customer Service page (1084 Industrial Park Drive, Orem, UT 84057) and eventually found that several businesses are listed under that address, including Blackstone Nutrition, Birchtree Industrial LLC, Garrett Devore Labs, Health Science Nutrition, all of which have had numerous complaints made against them and whose BBB ratings range from D+ to F.


  • NitroMaXX uses many ingredients that have been shown to have some effect on enhancing sexual performance, although there have been no clinical trials on NitroMaXX itself.
  • Although effectiveness will vary from user to user, there is a good chance that most men will see some kind of enhancement after using NitroMaXX.
  • Specifically, gains have been noted most frequently in the areas of girth and hardness.
  • NitroMaXX comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, though the website states that only one bottle may be tried and any other bottles purchased must be returned unopened for a refund to be given. Because of its claim to be “fast-acting,” if effects are not noticed within 15 days, it is likely NitroMaXX MD will not work if given more time, so using only one bottle is feasible.
  • The website includes customer testimonials. Granted, these could easily be false testimonials, but at least NitroMaXX’s site takes the time to include them—many supplement sites do not.
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  • NitroMaXX is only available over the internet, which may be a deterrent to people who distrust online ordering.
  • The website’s content leaves much to be desired, offering very little information to the consumer.
  • Multiple pills are needed for NitroMaXX MD to be effective, which can be a hassle and somewhat obvious, especially if the user is trying to keep his partner from knowing that he is taking a male enhancement supplement.
  • The price: a 15 day supply is $34.95, which means that consumers could potentially be spending $70 a month.

Final Word

nitromax-md-websiteWhile NitroMaXX has shown results in many consumers, the fact is that there are better companies that provide better and more comprehensive information about NitroMaXX MD while offering it at a lower price. As for NitroMaXX’s claims of being a unique male enhancement supplement, this reviewer could detect nothing that really sets it apart from its competitors.

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