X4 Labs Extender Review

x4 labs extender

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The X4 Labs Extender is different than other penis enlargement devices. Some devices use a noose ring that slips over the head of your penis in order to stretch it out and lengthen it. Other devices use one or more flat straps in order to apply traction to the penis while it’s held in place.

x4 labs extender review

The X4 Labs Extender is a hybrid device that lets you use any combination of straps and noose in order to apply continuous, gentle pressure to your penis.

X4 Labs Extender Features and Benefits

No penis extension device will work if you’re unable to wear it for long periods of time on a daily basis. The length of time varies from device to device, but some require as many as twelve hours a day to show results. That can become a problem if your penis becomes irritated, or you get a rash from the constant contact with the silicone rubber parts in the penis enlarger.


The X4 Labs Extender uses both the strap and noose method to apply traction to your penis, and you can use all or some of the parts in order to keep using it every day. Alternating the method of applying traction can give sensitive areas of the penis a rest, and is more likely to let you continue wearing the device without interruption for long periods of time. The X4 Labs Extender is also different than many competing brands because it comes in more than one kit. The Starter set includes only the hybrid stretching device and an instructional CD. The Deluxe model also includes additional tension springs and an exercise eBook. The Premium kit has additional harnesses and straps for more different configurations of traction, plus a membership to their PenisAccess club. The Gold Luxury kit has a larger, more comfortable base, more tensioning spring choices, a strap system the uses Velcro closures, and more spare parts. There is also a kit designed especially for people suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, who require both straightening and elongating of the penis.

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What You Can GetGold $424.95Premium $179.95Deluxe $129.95Starter $99.95
X4 Labs Penis Extender UnitYes, GoldYesYesYes
Spring Loaded AssemblyYesYesYesYes
Hybrid Support SystemYesYesYesYes
Tension Springs2x2700 g2x2400 g2x2200 g2x1800 g
Silicone Harnesses8 pcs6 pcs4 pcs2 pcs
Comfort Straps8 pcs6 pcs4 pcs2 pcs
Velcro Fastening Straps4 pcs---
Memory Foam Comfort Pads8 pcs6 pcs4 pcs2 pcs
Memory Foam Silicone Harness Pads8 pcs6 pcs4 pcs2 pcs
Cleansing Pads12 pcs6 pcs4 pcs-
Sets of 1/2, 1, 2 & 3 Inch BarsYes, GoldYesYesYes
Leather Wrapped Storage CaseYes---
Instructional Excercise & Full Tutorial Video CD-ROMYesYesYesYes
Men's Health & Penis Excercise E-bookYesYesYes-
Cleansing SprayYes---
Training LubricantYes---
Free Membership to PenisAccess.comYesYesYes-
Mens's Health Excercise Program DVDYes---
$50 X4 Labs Gift CardYesYesYesNo, $25
Instruction BookletYesYesYesYes
WarrantyLifetime5 Year5 Year1 Year
One Year Satisfaction GuaranteeYesYesYes-
Free Express ShippingYesYesYes1-2 Day


  • A proven method of elongating and straightening the penis
  • Recommended by many doctors, urologists, and plastic surgeons
  • Certified medical devices by the European Union’s overseeing authority
  • Discreet shipping to safeguard your privacy
  • Components are made from surgical quality silicone rubber for easy cleaning
  • The website offers live support
  • Ability to vary tensioning decreases the chance of irritation
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  • Not recommended for use while sleeping
  • More complex than other devices

Final Word on X4 Labs Extender

The traction principle of penis enlargement is nearly foolproof. Doctors recommend devices like the X4 Labs Extender for any number of reasons, including treatment of Peyronie’s Disease, or simply for an increase in size and self-confidence. The only variable is designing a traction device that is both effective and comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time. The popularity of the X4 Labs Extender is due to the versatility of the traction devices it offers to users.

x4 labs extender package

You can use any combination to apply gentle traction pressure to your penis, and you can change it from time to time in order to avoid irritation and rashes. The X4 Labs Extender is also quite affordable, with the entry-level model selling for less than $100, all the way up to their most comprehensive set that retails for under $400. You can only purchase the device from the company’s own website, where you can also find additional information and many reviews and endorsements. Gains with the starter edition (1800 grams of force) will be slower compared to the premium or gold edition with 2400/2700 grams of force. Overall, The X4 Labs Extender is a recommended purchase if you are looking for a good traction device.

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