Libido Boost Plus Review

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If you were in the market looking for some new supplements to boost your libido, you might have come across this pill. Libido Boost Plus purports to be the affordable, powerful, and 100% natural product that will boost the sex life of its users, promising to:LibidoBoostPlus

  • Boost sexual stamina
  • Increase erections size
  • Stimulate sexual desire
  • Help maintain longer-lasting erections
  • Eliminate incidents of premature ejaculation

These are all pretty standard claims, though the elimination of premature ejaculation is not always seen in these types of products. To see these types of results, users are instructed to take two to three capsules 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


Libido Boost Plus’s website ( includes not just an ingredient list, but the amounts and a description of each.

Most of these ingredients are ones that almost every male enhancement supplement contains, though the inclusion of oat straw is a little rarer. Included within the mix are substances that act as aphrodisiacs, increase testosterone, lower cholesterol, relax blood vessels, improve the volume and mobility of sperm, improve the immune system and mental focus, elevate moods, and increase nitric oxide levels. The only cause for concern is Libido Boost Plus’s use of yohimbine. Yohimbine, which is the only ingredient besides zinc to not have a description on the website, is a potentially dangerous ingredient. While it does help men with erectile problems, it can also cause irregular or rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, and heart attack. It can also cause drooling, which, for a man trying to improve sexual performance, is one of the un-sexiest side effects a male enhancement supplement can have. People who have a history of heart problems, anxiety disorders, or liver and/or kidney issues should probably NOT take any product that contains yohimbine without consulting a doctor. (Source)

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  • With the exception of yohimbine, all ingredients used in Libido Boost Plus’s formula are both safe and shown to be effective in combating erectile dysfunction by improving the size, endurance, and hardness of erections and boosting the user’s sex drive.
  • The price is extremely reasonable and much cheaper than the majority of supplement products currently available. One bottle will only cost $19.95 and each bottle contains 60 pills, which should last most men about one month. Considering that other companies will often charge double that amount for the same number of pills and a comparable formula, Libido Boost Plus’s product is a steal.
  • Additionally, the product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that applies to one opened bottle and any unopened bottles. Because it is supposed to be fast-acting, 90 days is plenty of time to find out if Libido Boost Plus is effective for you or not.
  • Also, if one orders two bottles at one time, Libido Boost Plus provides a free bottle of their Libido Boost Plus Serum; those who buy three bottles receive three free bottles of the serum.
  • Lastly, it is easy to access, as it is available not only from its own website, but Amazon as well.


  • While it is an all-around decent product, there are some drawbacks. First, of course, is the use of yohimbine. It is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but there are plenty of other products that do not use yohimbine which are effective as well. In fact, the majority of supplement products do not use yohimbine simply because the risk isn’t worth it, especially if they want to promote their product as  one that is “all-natural and 100% safe.”
  • Second, there are no clinical studies to support Libido Boost Plus. There has been research done on individual ingredients, but Libido Boost Plus has not been studied by itself.
  • Thirdly, there are very few independent customer reviews available. This does not necessarily mean that Libido Boost Plus is bad, it is simply a reason to doubt. Customer testimonials are available on the website, but since there is no way of knowing if those testimonials are legitimate, it is best to not depend upon them for information.
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Final Word

libido-boost-plus-websiteBecause of the amount of information available about Libido Boost Plus, the low price, and the 90-day money-back guarantee, Libido Boost Plus is one that can be recommended to those individuals that have spoken to their doctor about using yohimbine and been given the “all clear” signal regarding its usage.

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