Cyvita Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

The Cyvita male enhancement pill is advertised on TV as, “Clinically proven” for longer, stronger and more frequent erections.

cyvitaThe company, Cyvita LLC has its headquarters at 4910 Longley Ln STE 101, Reno, NV 89502-7933.

It also states it is, better than taking Viagra alone and stronger than testosterone, but is it really?

I like to begin my reviews by looking at customer complaints, and Cyvita has a lot of them.

We can start by digging trough some of them at

It has at the time of writing a total number of 38 issues reported with the BBB.

Most of them are related to billing and problems with Cyvita. Most user complaints on are related to their auto-shipping program, which they don’t seem to cancel even if you tell them to.

There are also a few customer reviews on Amazon telling us that Cyvita does not work and it’s cheaper and better to buy a bottle of multivitamins instead.

These customer reviews are a good indication that Cyvita isn’t a winner when it comes to male enhancement pills.

Benefits claimed by Cyvita

  • Produced firmer, more frequent erections. (when sexually stimulated)
  • Performance and muscle recovery assistance
  • Increased cardiovascular health
  • Heightened stamina and awareness
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  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Epimedium sagittatum (40% Icariin)
  • Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine
  • Acetyl l-carnitine

To put it as simply as possible, Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine, are used to increase blood flow.

Epimedium sagittatum is used as a PDE5 suppressant, which helps the blood flow to a man’s penis.

The two main active ingredients are, Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine. They’re actually both amino acids and are essential to the body’s wellbeing.

Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine is known to increase nitrates, that can help with penile erection.

Both Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine have been found to be an active drug for symptoms associate with male aging, like erectile function.

Each Cyvita tablet has 2000 mg of carnitine, although the exact amount of Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine are not known. They are considered a proprietary mixtures.

Carnitine can be found in a variety of other supplements and foods, and in some countries are considered, “Natural health products”.


  • There are no known adverse side effects
  • Cheap to try a trial bottle
  • The ingredients are scientifically sound[/su_tab]


  • Ingredients list is lacking higher quality components
  • Can only be ordered online, not sold in stores
  • No scientific studies to back Cyvita’s claims specifically
  • The trial signup is an automatically renewed cost of $59.40 a month if you don’t cancel within 12 days.
  • Depending on dosage, you can run out of tablets very quickly
  • Many consumer complaints, Cyvita is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • No money back guarantees[/su_tab]
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Final Word

cyvita-websiteCyvita is not the same thing as Viagra, in that, it doesn’t give instant results.

Cyvita is a slower process, that not only effects your erections, but also your entire body.

If all of the benefits Cyvita claims are true, it could take several weeks, some others several days, before noticing Cyvita’s effects.

You need to remember that everyone’s body will react differently to different kinds of medications and supplements.

While carnitine’s have been shown to have some health benefits, not all of the claimed benefits have been proven and are still under investigation.

The fact that there are no scientific peer reviewed studies on Cyvita, should be a red flag for some people.

Even though, there are no stated adverse side effects to Cyvita, you should always consult with a physician, especially, if you are taking other medication.

Cyvita states, the safe recommended number of tablets to take is, 2 – 6 a day, on an empty stomach.

Cyvita also goes on to say, 2 tablets daily will keep a man prime and 6 tablets on the day of, or prior to arousal should work fine.

You can find it on their website

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