The Penis Ring – How to Use It and Potential Side Effects

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penis-ringThe penis ring is an excellent sex toy as well as a therapeutic medical device. This little gadget is capable of bringing immense pleasure to men and women alike. For men suffering from various medical conditions, this instrument can assist in maintaining an erection or preventing premature ejaculation issues. However, a penis ring has also side effects that you must know.

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What is a penis ring?

For those of you who are new to this arena, let’s begin with what a cock ring is. This is a piece of material that is placed in such a manner as to encircle the penis or around the penis and scrotum or both. If it is used strictly on the scrotum, it is then considered a scrotum cuff and not a penis ring. It is designed to restrict the flow of blood in the penis essentially trapping it within the organ thus engorging it and keeping it erect longer. This is how you can make your penis bigger.

Does a penis ring have any other uses?

This device can be used as a sex toy, for medical correction, and as genital jewelry. It should not be confused with the piercing known as Prince Albert. This piercing is performed just above the ridge of the head of the penis, typically with a ring. The penis ring is a circular instrument that is made from silicone, leather, metal, and other materials. It is also size-specific, so it may be necessary to be measured, or try on a few sizes like a ring for a finger. As an alternate, women have been known to use their hair tie or underwear in a similar manner during sex play to offer a better pleasure to their partners.

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Medical Usage

When used for medical reasons, this is usually referred to as an erection ring or tension ring. For those dealing with erectile dysfunction, this is usually a part of a pump system. The penis is placed into a cylindrical pump with an airtight ring on the bottom. The pump is then used to create an erection, and the cuff at the bottom is left on when the erection is achieved. This method aids men in forming and maintaining an erection during intercourse.

Premature Ejaculationpremature-ejaculation-remedies

A circular device can help a man who has issues with premature ejaculation as well. Much like the pinch method that prevents climax, the ring gives the same pressure limiting the ability to ejaculate. This is an excellent resource for this type of situation. When using it strictly on the penis, it can be placed when a partial erection is achieved. To get the toy over the penis and scrotum, it should be done while still flaccid to prevent injury.

How does a penis ring help during intercourse?

By making this type of constriction on the organ, it also creates a thicker penis. With the added blood, the organ becomes more sensitive to sensations as well. The effect is similar to a person putting a tight band around their finger. All of these factors combined lead to a longer-lasting erection, a heightened sensory perception, a stronger orgasm, and the production of more seminal fluid.

Women greatly enjoy the effects of this toy as well.

The added girth of the penis means more pleasure for her. The majority of a woman’s sensory nerves are located in the first 1/3 of the vaginal vault, which means women, in general, appreciate the girth not the length a man provides. Since the ring increases the width of a man’s organ, a woman is given more pleasure even if you did not succeed to make your penis larger using male enhancement pills.

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What can you expect from a penis ring?cock-ring

Men typically can reach a climax within 1 to 5 minutes – a large difference when considering a woman requires 10 to 20 minutes to do the same. The proper application of this technique causes a man to maintain an erection for much longer than he normally would, it then results in both having a better sexual encounter. Since the man is able to maintain his erection for a longer time, the orgasm is stronger and the ejaculation is greater in fluid amount, leading to an incredible experience for him.


For those that are beginners to this form of pleasure and play, it is recommended to use a ring with a release. Solid bands can cause unwanted friction and be difficult to remove for the novice. It is also highly advisable to use plenty of lubrication on the genitals, as well as the stomach and thighs to prevent any unwanted abrasive sensations. To enjoy this to its fullest, it is also very important to trim the surrounding hair to prevent any painful pulling by the ring.

What are the different styles?

There are a number of different styles to choose from. The materials these are made from and physical design can vary. There are also more interactive designs that can offer stimulation to both partners. A very popular design offers a ring with two vibrating bullets that can be detached. One bullet can be used for her pleasure, one to stimulate him further, or any other combination you can think of. As you become more familiar with the use of this device, you can alter techniques, and positions. When a man experiences an orgasm, the scrotum naturally retracts toward the abdomen. With the correct placement of one of these pieces, this action can be prevented offering an alternate to his climax experience.

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Potential side effects

There is a strong word of caution to those that intend to use one of these rings. They were not made to remain on the male organ for more than 30 minutes. The use of recreational drugs or falling asleep with one on is strongly discouraged. The improper application of this device can cause tissue damage. When the damage is severe it can lead to gangrene and even amputation. If the penis becomes white, numb, or the erection remains for an extended period, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. If you take medications such as blood thinners, you need to discuss the use of this device with your provider as well. Anyway, ask your doctor before making any decision regarding how to make your penis bigger. This is a great way to spice up a relationship. It has proven medical applications, proving its merits in use. Once you use one, you will wonder how you ever enjoyed yourself before. If it failed, then you may opt for a penis extender or male enhancement pill.

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