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By now you are used to seeing ads for male enhancement supplements and enlargement devices, but you may have noticed an increase in the amount of advertisement for male enhancement patches.


Male enhancement patches aren’t really new, but the awareness of their effectiveness plus innovations in the supplemental formulas and compounds used are making them a better choice for many men than pills and supplements. Here is how male enhancement patches work, so you can decide if they are something you should try.

Why Patches Can Work Better Than Pills

If you keep up with any of the latest medical and health news you will notice a trend towards more medications and supplements being offered in a patch form. While using transdermal patches is nothing new, the recognition that it can be a more effective way to deliver compounds that can boost your health is. Transdermal patches allow for the ingredients to pass through the dermal layer and into your bloodstream.

There are three positives to this approach –

  1. By going directly into your bloodstream you can avoid any side effects of nausea or irritation to the digestive system that digesting herbs and supplements can sometimes cause.
  2. You don’t need as much of the compound so it is easier on the liver. You need less because you don’t have to worry about getting enough of a dose to survive the process of digestion to make it into the bloodstream.
  3. You don’t have to remember to take a supplement as most of the patches are designed to deliver at least 3 days’ worth of a dose level before they should be changed.

Male enhancement patches can help you to address issues with size and performance without you having to make it the focus of your life. Unlike pill regimens or using a correctional extender, they can let you make a change in your life without having to turn your life upside down to find time to do it.

Who Shouldn’t Consider the Patch?

If you have a dermatological condition, or are currently taking immunosuppression medication for a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, you will want to talk to your doctor before trying a male enhancement patch. They will most likely have you do a “patch” test with the patch to determine if you will have any type of reaction. You also should never use a patch over an open wound. It is also a good idea to check that the ingredients being delivered by the patch aren’t going to interfere or interact with any medications you are on as well.

The Art of Wearing a Male Enhancement Patch

There are a few general rules about wearing the patch that you learn from experience that can serve to make it more effective:

  • Don’t place it in the same position each time
  • Don’t put it on a part of your body that has heavy hair coverage
  • Don’t put it on right before you go to the gym or after you take a shower

It takes a good 15 minutes to get the adhesive to set on your skin. If your skin is damp, or you begin sweating immediately after you put the patch on – it is going to slide off. You should also make sure that you don’t place the patch on your area of your body where there is a lot of direct flexing – such as on the sides of the torso near the stomach. This area bends too much during your natural movement during the day to allow for the patch to remain flush enough against your skin to deliver its full dosage.

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Is Male Enhancement Patches for You?

If you haven’t had much success with male enhancement products due to a lack of consistency or patience, then male enhancement patches may be your ideal solution. They are proven effective with helping to increase sexual stamina, duration of erection and even size. Almost all of the patches that are offered on the market use ingredients that have been proven effective in clinical trials so you can be confident in the decision you make to bring about a change in your life that can create a better and more fulfilling sex life for you and your partner.

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PROenhance Patch Review

I decided to order myself a supply of PROenhance by Leading Edge Health LLC, because I was interested in trying something new for a change.


PROenhance is a small patch that looks just like a bandaid, but it is made for male enhancement by releasing its ingredients through your skin. You should be able to feel the difference within a few days. The only thing you need to be careful about is to make sure that you keep the patch on at all times. It can come loose if you shower with it or scrape it off, which is why you need to be a bit careful. A good idea is to keep it under your clothes where it is protected. You should be able to notice results at least by the end of the first week. Most notably an increase in your sexual drive.



  • Patch form ensures better absorption of the ingredients into the bloodstream
  • Helps to increase both the desire and the ability to have sex
  • Patch gives you around the clock dosing of ingredients
  • Helps to lower blood pressure for improved overall health
  • Helps produce harder and larger erections
  • Small patch size is not noticeable when worn
  • Begins to show improvements within 30 days
  • All natural ingredients
  • No known side effects
  • 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Water-resistant patch can be worn while showering


  • Patch can cause skin irritation, so it’s recommended that you place each patch in a different spot
  • More expensive than some alternatives

Final Word

The Proenhance patch is a terrific alternative to pills because of the reliability of the dosage.


You can only purchase PROenhance from A one-month supply of patches costs under $70. You can save quite a bit of money if you purchase additional supplies in one order. A two-month supply will save $22 off the regular list price. A one-year supply of patches is available for around $360, which works out to $30 per month, comparable with male enhancement products sold in capsule form like VigRX and Zenerx.

Vimax Patch Review

The Vimax Patch is one of the newest offerings from a company well known for its line of male enhancement products.

Vimax Patch

Anytime you see the Vimax name in front of a product, you are almost guaranteed results. The use of a patch to deliver male enhancement herbs and supplements is a new concept for many and having a better understanding of how the Vimax male enhancement patches work will help you to decide if it is right for you.

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Vimax Patch Ingredients

The Vimax patch contains a proprietary blend of herbs and supplements that have a proven track record of increasing blood flow and improving stamina.

Ginseng and Gotu Kola are the best known of the ingredients and there are many clinical studies that positively suggest that they can improve libido, sexual performance and increase blood flow as well. While not directly marketed as a cure or preventative for erectile dysfunction of premature ejaculation, the Vimax patch does have everything in it that is typically used to treat those issues. If you are wondering about the inclusion of menthol, it is a prime transdermal agent.

How do you use the Vimax Patch?

Using the patch is easy. Each one is good for three days, although it is recommended that you change the patch daily. You should wear the patch the entire day but remove it when sleeping. The patch can also be worn discreetly during sexual activities. Vimax recommends that you use their male enhancement patches for a period of 9 weeks before you should expect to see noticeable results. The results that they promise include an increase in girth and length of up to 3 inches. That may not happen within the first 9 week cycle, but many customers report that it can happen with repeated cycle use. The patch should be removed from its protective packaging and pressed firmly onto a hairless area of the body.

Vimax Patch Side Effects

If you are taking any medications or have a dermatological condition, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist before starting the patch treatment. It can be helpful to bring in the list of ingredients to make sure there is no risk of interactions with any of your current medications. If you are using any other type of patch, do not place the male enhancement patch over the same spot when you change them. As with all patches, don’t place them in the same position on the body each time. If you have any soreness, itchiness or dryness as a result of wearing the patch discontinue use. If you do have any problem with the patch, you can return it for your money back according to the terms listed on their site.

Conclusion of our Vimax Patch Review

If you don’t like taking pills, then the Vimax Patch may be the right choice for you.


It contains proven ingredients, but the amounts are undisclosed, thus making it hard to recommend The Vimax Patch. You can find it on their website

Virility Patch Rx Review

Virility Patch Rx claims to offer its users the all-natural concentrated formula of a pill in the convenient and discreet form of a patch.

Virility Patch Rx

Depending on the website you visit, you will either find the standard claims made by most male enhancement supplement products OR wildly fantastic claims that make the entire operation look extremely sketchy.

First, the more standard claims made by what seems to be the manufacturer:

  • Gives more powerful erections
  • Increases sexual desire, size, and power
  • Boosts performance

This is nothing out of the ordinary—most male supplement products make these claims. However, because the manufacturer sells its product through affiliates, this reviewer decided it would be interesting to look into those as well, which is where she found not only claims like those listed above, but these as well:

  • Gain up to 3.5+ full inches in length
  • Expands penis to make it 25% thicker
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Men of the world, we need to have a talk because claims like these aren’t going away: there is no pill that will actually increase your penis size. The only thing that will do that is surgery or with the help of a traction device. Any increase in size or girth comes from the increased blood flow inside the penis caused by certain substances. This will make your penis look a little more “filled out” but it will not cause 3.5” in size difference. If this site is an authorized affiliate, and it seems to be, as it includes a copy of the manufacturer’s word in terms of content (except for the first sections of outrageous claims), design, and logo, then there is a serious problem with quality control or a lack of monitoring, both of which are causes for concern. Of course, one could always just purchase their supply from the manufacturer, but as of this writing, that is not possible; trying to order from the manufacturer’s website leads to “This webpage is not available.” Another affiliate can be found here, at SlimStore.

Virility Patch Rx Ingredients

According to their website (, Virility Patch Rx has 7 main ingredients:

They also helpfully include description of each ingredients benefits, but there is no information about how much is in each patch. There is a slight problem with their ingredients—the inclusion of yohimbe, which is effective at treating erectile dysfunction but it can also have serious side effects, such as causing heart attacks, irregular or rapid heartbeat, and kidney disease, among others. Because of the potential for danger that yohimbe possesses, the majority of male supplements no longer include it in their formula. However, the problem is not only that they include yohimbe; it’s that right underneath the description for yohimbe, there is a claim made about the product being 100% safe with no harmful side effects. This appears on the affiliate sites as well and it is obviously a lie. The other ingredients may not have serious side effects, but those associated with yohimbe are severe enough to deserve a mention.


The manufacturer’s site offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, but one of the affiliate sites only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The patches last longer than one day unlike male enhancement pills.

Conclusion of our Virility Patch Rx Review

Virility Patch Rx is NOT recommended. Its failure to control affiliate websites, its use of yohimbe, and its subsequent failure to inform users of the risks make this a company that seem less-than-trustworthy.


Furthermore, lackluster reviews and the exclusion of the ingredient amounts from their website make their formula seem suspect as well. In the end, there are better products available for the same price or cheaper that will show stronger results and not increase your risk for heart problems, seizures, or kidney issues.

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