Sinrex Review

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Sinrex is an all-natural and safe male enhancement pill that has generally seen positive reviews since its release. Asinrexs well as the typical claims made by this type of supplement, that is, that it gives the user increased libido, more stamina, harder and longer-lasting erections, and extra length and girth, it also boasts a feature that is rather unique: increased semen volume. This is definitely a plus, as increased semen output can make a man feel more virile and give him more confidence in the bedroom.


Unlike a lot of male enhancement supplement suppliers, Sinrex actually includes an ingredient listing on their website and it contains both the standard ingredients as well as some seen less often.

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Sinrex is definitely one of the better male enhancement product choices available as it has many different health benefits and a solid reputation.

  • Fast-acting.
  • Enhances the volume and quality of sperm, making it a good choice for men who want to raise their sperm count.
  • No side effects (However, individual ingredients may affect pre-existing conditions or interact with medications. Always check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to use any supplement product.)
  • Improves libido and testosterone levels.
  • Increased blood flow for stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections, as well as increased size when erect.
  • Some users say it solved their premature ejaculation problems.
  • Does not just help with issues related to ED; Sinrex also contains ingredients that help build muscle mass, antioxidants, and aid in the health of the prostate and colon.
  • Reasonably priced: $39.95 for a one month supply, $119.95 for a three month supply, and $199.95 for a six month supply. (As of this writing, October 14, 2014, there is currently a deal where you get three bonus bottles with the purchase of a three month supply).
  • Excellent customer support includes a 24/7 online chat option.


As with most products, Sinrex does have its disadvantages:

  • Some customers do not like that Sinrex is only available online, though that is simply a matter of taste.
  • Results were mixed, so Sinrex does not work for everyone.
  • Can take up to a month before a difference is noticed.
  • The website mentions research studies, but there are no actual copies of said studies available.
  • 180-day guarantee only applies to full bottles and for the refund to be authorized all bottles, full and empty must be shipped back. (So don’t throw away your bottles)
  • It Will most likely not increase any semen production since it doesn’t contain Zinc like other semen enhancers such as Performer5.
  • Not listed in BBB.
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Final Word

sinrex-websiteSinrex may not be the best male enhancement product available on the market, but it is a fairly solid performer that has worked for many men nationwide. Sinrex offers its users a chance to experience more sexual satisfaction through increased stamina and libido, harder and longer-lasting erections, and greater size and girth. In addition to that, Sinrex also increases the amount and quality of sperm, a feature that few male enhancement products possess. To top it all off, Sinrex includes ingredients that are meant to better your entire body, including your cardiovascular system, muscles, prostate, and colon. Reasonably priced and proven effective, Sinrex is a must-try for any man looking to maximize his sexual potential. You can buy it from their official website – for $49.95 for a two month supply. There is also a listing on eBay for $89.95. You will also get a bottle of Sinrex if you order the complete ProExtender system.

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