Roaring Tiger MAX Review 2020 – Does it Work?

Roaring-Tiger-MAXRoaring Tiger MAX male enhancement pills combines two things that this reviewer abhors: a product name that reeks of overcompensation and desperation and an extremely sketchy website (This is really the main concern.) Let’s say an individual is interested in learning more about Roaring Tiger MAX—where would they go for information? If you guessed “their website,” you are wrong. Why? Because there is almost no information about Roaring Tiger MAX that is easily available on the site. What could be found can be summed up as follows:

  • Roaring Tiger MAX is great
  • It is endorsed by “celebrity physician” Dr. Stephen Lamm
  • It uses a proprietary natural enhancement program
  • It is an “excellent” way to improve sexual function, penis size, and quality of erections.
  • It’s manufactured by RT Naturals, LLC.

Additionally, the website ( cannot seem to make up its mind regarding whether the product is called “Roaring Tiger” or “Roaringtiger.” This is a minor mistake, but it appears throughout the site. Notice that the reviewer said “easily available.” After a little bit of Googling, this reviewer finally found an official list of ingredients on the company’s website, but it was only discovered after searching for “Roaring Tiger MAX ingredients.” As far as this reviewer can tell, there is no link to the ingredients page on the main page. Additionally, on the links provided for each ingredient, the website does give plenty of information about each, and the page for LJ100 even included clinical data, but, again, it was not easy to find.

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There is so much information missing here that it is almost unbelievable. There are no ingredient amounts and it also lacks the following: dosage information, testimonials, FAQ, an explanation of how it works, or some kind of guarantee. The fact that this type of vital information is missing does not bode well for the trustworthiness of Roaring Tiger MAX. All information like that listed above must be gained from outside sources, which is irritating and inconvenient. It should also be noted that in 2010, the FDA sent a warning letter to RT Naturals over the claims and labeling of their products, including Roaring Tiger MAX. The full letter may be read here.

Roaring Tiger MAX Ingredients

On their well-hidden ingredients page, Roaring Tiger MAX is touted as using only effective ingredients of the highest quality. However, as far as ingredient lists go for male supplements, Roaring Tiger MAX’s is rather scanty, listing only four substances:

They do provide a lot of information on each, which is one plus.


Roaring Tiger MAX uses all-natural ingredients (from what can be seen) and is reasonably priced, with one bottle costing $39.95, a fairly standard rate for male enhancement supplement products.

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Although they were already thoroughly discussed, here is a recap:

  • Website either lacks or makes it extremely difficult to find vital information like ingredient lists, amounts, and descriptions, FAQs, testimonials, and other features that consumers typically want to see.
  • There is no money-back guarantee. Additionally, when a trial offer was made available several years ago, there were a mountain of complaints alleging that the “trial offer” really signed them up for months of continuous billing. With that in mind, perhaps it is good that they do not offer such services anymore.
  • RT Naturals has previously gotten in trouble with the FDA over mislabeling their products, misleading consumers, and incorrectly classifying their product.
  • Any results gained are only temporary, though that is hardly strange considering that male enhancement supplement products are usually temporary.

Conclusion of our Roaring Tiger MAX Review

roaring-tiger-max-websiteNo, Roaring Tiger MAX is NOT recommended. There is simply not enough information on the product to suggest that an individual spend almost $40 on a largely unknown supplement when there are many more reputable brands and products that are known to work available for purchase. Combining the company’s unwillingness to release even the most basic information that any consumer would want to see with their customer service track record, which is pretty abysmal, makes this company, RT Naturals, one with whom one should be very cautious when engaging in business dealing. This is especially true for their supplement products, as supplements have been known to cause harm when the product is defective.

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