Rizer XL Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

Rizer XL presents both a professional and informative website for their product, but how does it stand up to review? Let’s find out.

rizer_xlRizer XL will according to their website help you “become the ultimate sex machine, period” by increasing stamina, libido, endurance, and ejaculate amount, stopping premature ejaculation, causing “mind-blowing” orgasms, giving the user “overwhelming and irresistible confidence,” and generating larger, harder, and thicker erections. Their website does not just make these claims—it has an entire page dedicated to explaining the how and why behind each, which includes informing consumers about the specific roles played by the ingredients in gaining these benefits. This is not a typical feature one usually finds on a male enhancement supplement site, but its inclusion allows consumers to gain a more thorough knowledge of the substance they are taking.


Rizer XL boasts a multitude of ingredients known for aiding in the alleviation of erectile dysfunction symptoms. To their credit, they also include full descriptions of each, however, they do not include the amount of each within a single serving. Rizer XL contains the following:

There is only one problem with their ingredient descriptions: they all seem to rely on anecdotal evidence to prove their efficacy. Instead of pointing to modern scientific research, it references an herb’s history of usage. This is not to say that this type of information has no merit, but one must also keep in mind that our ancestors once thought the world was flat, that deformity was caused by an angry deity, and that heroin was an acceptable cough medicine and cocaine a helpful toothache soother. Another strange thing about this product is that they claim to increase the amount of ejaculate without including zinc in their formula. Most people know that zinc is one of the most common ingredients to use for increased ejaculation. I find it a bit stupid to make this claim without adding it to their product. There is no real evidence that the other ingredients they list do actually work in this regard, and therefore it is the same to assume that it won’t do you any good for this.

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  • The website is extremely well-organized and informative. Rizer XL uses a multitude of ingredients that are well-known for alleviating erectile dysfunction problems.
  • It is a once-daily pill, meaning that there is no need to plan sexual intercourse around the time it takes for a pill’s effects to manifest.
  • Instead, a daily dosage of Rizer XL will potentially allow the user to experience the effects whenever they become aroused.
  • There is a money-back guarantee that allows for a full refund if the unused portion of your supply is returned within 30 days.
  • However, this refund is not available for customers who only buy a one-month supply.
  • Rizer XL offers a variety of price packages that allow for bulk ordering or ordering on a one, two, three, or six-month basis.


  • Many users have reported that while they initially experienced the benefits promised by Rizer XL, after several days it lost its efficacy.
  • There is no clinical evidence on Rizer XL itself and independent reviews are mixed, at best.
  • The price is $49.95, which would be acceptable if Rizer XL had a better reputation, but because of the lack of customer and scientific support, $49.95 is too much to pay for such a product.
  • Additionally, to even be able to qualify for the money-back guarantee, an individual must buy at least a two-month supply, which costs $89.93.
  • Those who only buy a month’s worth of product and find themselves dissatisfied have no way of seeking a refund.
  • The website does not list the amount of each ingredient present in one serving.
  • This is concerning because some of the herbs listed as being in their formula only work in specific doses.
  • Also, because of the large quantity of ingredients, there is a greater chance that the company used the number of ingredients to hide the paltry amounts of each. This is not for certain, but it should be a concern.
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Final Word

rizer-xl-websiteIn the end, Rizer XL is an over-priced mediocre product that brings nothing new to the market, though the claim that Rizer XL will increase the user’s ejaculate amount is quite rare. There are better and cheaper products available that are more informative about the exact makeup of their formula that is more deserving of your money. Rizer XL probably will not do any harm, but it also will not likely cause earth-shattering and mind-blowing effects.

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