Nitroxin Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?


Nitroxin is a male enhancement pill with a “proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients” claiming to work together to stimulate production of sex hormones, reigniting the sex drive, making it easier to become aroused, and causing harder and longer-lasting erections.

It also claims to be able to make your penis bigger “by expanding the capacity of the chambers of your penis with enhanced blood flow with . . . Vasodynamic technology.”

By taking two pills a day, says the website, men will see results by the end of day 7 and will see the maximum benefit after 21 days.

Red Flag Warnings from the Website

A read-through of Nitroxin’s website ( several concerns (or at least it should raise concerns to the discerning consumer.) due to its extreme vagueness.

Below is a list of some of the information that Nitroxin does not see fit to include on its webpage:

  • There is very little information as to who is standing behind this product. The homepage says Nitroxin was “funded by a conglomerate of adult entertainment industry production companies,” and that these funds were directed to their “think tank of research scientists and medical professionals.” The only actual name connected to this product is that of Bree Olson, an award-winning adult film star, who acts as their spokeswoman.
  • There is no ingredient list. The website mentions that Nitroxin contains nitric oxide and a “proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients.” Considering that “all-natural” simply refers to any substance not made by man and could therefore refer to things like volcanic rock and cat urine, the lack of an ingredient list on the website does not instill great confidence in the efficacy or safety of Nitroxin.
  • There is no cited research. The homepage is plastered with phrases like “clinically tested,” “studies show,” and “doctors say” but there are no studies available either on the website or linked within their, there are no specific doctors or researchers offering testimonials; in short there is nothing on the website that seems to back up their claims.
  • The claims that Nitroxin can make you permanently bigger are bogus. No pill alone is able to do that and if there was such a pill, you would have heard about it before now. The fact that this is part of their website’s claim makes it hard to trust anything that it says.
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What Do Customers Say?nitroxin-website

In short, customers do not have many good things to say about Nitroxin. As of this writing, there have been over forty complaints lodged with the BBB (of which Nitroxin  is not a member) over the past three years.

Looking further into the internet on various review sites, dissatisfied men made their displeasure known.

Almost every complaint focused either the product’s ineffectiveness or the company’s continual billing of a client after they had already cancelled the service, or both.

Some people also said that Nitroxin caused unwanted side effects.

A sampling of some customer reviews can be seen below

  • “Nitroxin is the worse enhancement pill for man that ever tested this company ought to be sued for false advertisement. Very disappointed.” (Source)
  • “We did order Nitroxin for my husband and all it did was give him stomach cramps. Other than that no noticeable results. Maybe it works for some?” (Source)

Conclusion of our Nitroxin Review

Nitroxin does not work and it is definitely one of the shadiest products available, as evidenced by their vague website that lacks basic information and their bogus claims.

This is one product to avoid, no matter what Bree Olson says. There are better products available for men who really want to satisfy their woman in bed.

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