Longinexx Review

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Long necks? The name says it all – if your “neck” is short and soft, then  Longinexx is there to give a helping hand.

LonginexxLonginexx is a male enhancement pill sold by Dartford Kent Laboratories, a company based out of London, England. It is one of the most popular supplements of its kind, generating positive reviews that can be found scattered throughout the internet. Longinexx states that their product will:

  • Improve erection quality by making them larger, firmer, and fuller.
  • Increase sexual stamina, energy, and frequency of intercourse and revitalize sexual ability
  • Give more forceful orgasms
  • Maximize erectile mass and size

Of course, these are claims that almost every male enhancement product makes, so what makes Longinexx so special? According to them, it is their process.

How Does Longinexx Work?

The only aspect of the product about which the Longinexx website goes into detail is the method by which it accomplishes the aforementioned goals. There is no ingredient list; in fact, it seems like the only ingredients specifically mentioned by name are L-Arginine, Butea Superba, and Tribulus Terrestris, while the other ingredients are mentioned in bulk in the phrase “Longinexx’s proprietary blend of naturally occurring ingredients,” which is unhelpfully vague.

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However, the way the pill works is described in a little more detail. Using what they call Rapid Expansion Technology, they have created a system that is both extended and immediate release. The problem often seen with L-Arginine is that its lifespan is only several seconds long; therefore, to be effective, it has to either be time-released or taken in enormous quantities. Longinexx employs the former tactic, creating a pill that releases some compounds quickly and others gradually, which gives the user not only immediate results, but long-lasting ones as well.


Longinexx has gained many fans, both male and female because unlike many male enhancement products, it actually seems to work fairly well. User reviews report increased stamina, better ease of arousal, and harder erections. They offer competitive pricing ($39.99 for one bottle, $79.97 for two, $119.95 for three, and $159.93 for four) and provide extra bottles when you order more than a month’s supply. The description of their pill’s process was very helpful, informative, and easy to understand and a most welcome change from sites that shroud their product in mystery.

Additionally, Longinexx as a company deserves some credit for having something on their website that few, if any, other male enhancement products have and that is testimonials that are not glowing reviews. The users don’t rip into the product, of course, but they make statements about Longinexx being over-hyped or parts of the product that they found to be less effective, such as one reviewer who stated that while he did see a difference, the change took three months. It’s rather refreshing to see (what looks like) a little bit of honesty.

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Unsurprisingly, users experienced no growth in the flaccid size of their penis. There is no pill that does this (if there were, it would be all over the news and men would be buying it in economy-sized bottles). Longinexx, like most other male enhancement supplement websites, makes mention of scientific studies, but links to these studies could not be found by this review either on the website or through a Google search. The most troubling aspect of Longinexx is their failure to provide an ingredient list on their website (http://www.longinexx.com/). For a product that is not approved by the FDA, this is an unsettling omission that should cause some concern and hesitation among potential buyers.

The website states that Longinexx is made of “natural ingredients,” but that only means that the ingredients are not manmade. In other words, it could contain anything from cat urine to volcanic ash (it most likely does not, but you get the point). You can read some of the negative customer reviews on Amazon. They also list a range of problems such as bad customer support to no results. You can also find a longer review on ripoff report. Their website is somewhat broken and doesn’t work on mobile devices. It looks like they hired two pornstars to do their “clients says it best”-video.

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Conclusion of our Longinexx Review


Because of their failure to disclose their ingredient list, Longinexx is not highly recommended. While the user reviews largely point to positive results, the fact remains that you are purchasing a product and you have no idea what it contains. This seems like an unnecessary risk when there are other options available.

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