Extagen Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

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Extagen male enhancement tablets is a supplement that some people buy. However, before you put your health at risk, you need to know certain things. In addition to not having any BBB accreditation, the pill is produced and shipped by a company known as J3 Labs in Arizona. The so-called corporate office of the company is a residential structure, which immediately tells you that the manufacturer does not have any experience in pills for male enhancement.


Maca extract

Extagen is claimed to be for people who are tired of experiencing sexual dysfunction and want things to change, as the supplement is designed to boost your libido and increase stamina for stronger performance in the bedroom. The manufacturer claims that when you use Extagen you will see a larger penis and this improves sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. Extagen does this by increasing the blood flow through the penis, and within five weeks you should see some results in your libido, penis size and sexual performance.

Extagen is said to be safe not only because of the natural herbs in it but also because it has no animal tested ingredients or yeast, which could irritate some men. Extagen contains the herb called yohimbe and it is effective in improving your erections. Other ingredients include L-arginine, ginseng, zinc salt and maca extract, which are common in most male enhancement products. To get the most out of your Extagen, you want to take one pill a day and not exceed this dosage. Another option is to do some pelvic exercises as this strengthens your penis for sexual intercourse. You should also eat a healthy diet in addition to taking Extagen.

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Side Effects

side-effectsSome of the side effects of Extagen include upset stomach, slight dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea so you want to keep this in mind when using the supplements. One reason for these side effects could be because your body is not used to the herbs that are in these supplements but over time the side effects will go away. Never take the Extagen with alcohol because it could cause health problems and if you have medical problems you should avoid this product.

Since Extagen is hypoallergenic, people with allergies do not have to worry about reactions to the supplements. Extagen contains Catuaba and some known side effects of this herb include headaches, dizzy spells, and possibly opposite reactions regarding sexual performance when the dosage is too much. The company suggests that you should make sure you are healthy enough to take Extagen and once you get the desired results, stop usage because you do not want to depend on them long term. There are websites selling Extagen without giving warnings about these side effects, with many of them claiming to be the “legitimate seller” seller of the male enhancement pill. But, should you buy Extagen?

Final Word

Extagen is designed to stimulate the growth of the penis internally through ingredients extracted from herbs. Extagen also has a 120-day guarantee, which means that if it does not meet your expectation after being used for some weeks, you can request for a refund. However, does this 120-day guarantee mean that the product does what it says? Extagen is claimed to increase the penis size during an erection within 5 days. Therefore, if it takes 5 days to start seeing the results of Extagen, it may not the best choice. In addition to the website having little or no information about how the product really works, there is no information on how long the male enhancement product lasts. The manufacturer of Extagen claims that the product has many good ingredients that are necessary for sexual satisfaction. However, many tests carried out by experts showed that Extagen did not contain any of the major ingredients. Extagen is not the best male enhancement product for men, especially compared to many other better ones on sale today. The other options help men to gain up to a half-inch in girth and at least an inch in length, and usually within a short time. Unlike Extagen, improvements in erection duration and firmness will be noticeable, and there are no side effects that put the life of the user at risk.

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