Erectzan Review 2020 – Does it Work & Are There Side Effects?

Erectzan is a male enhancement pill whose online ratings are very polarized: some rate it as #1 or the Editor’s Choice, others say to avoid it like the plague. But which view is accurate?

People talking about Erectzan.

Erectzan Overview

ErectzanThe website design is fairly amateurish—it is too busy, there are too many different colors to look cohesive, and it basically looks like they tried to throw all of their information at you at one time.

Of course, appearance does not necessarily dictate content and quality, but it can be quite a good indicator.

Whenever judging a website’s legitimacy, there are a few things for which you want to look, especially when you are reviewing male enhancement products because their websites can be some of the worst offenders as far as shadiness.

  1. Company name: It seems like a no brainer to include the company name, but a several male enhancement websites do not include this information. is one of those websites. The “business name” next to the copyright information is simple “” Considering that male enhancement products are generally backed by large companies, the likelihood of this being the actual company is minimal at best.
  2. Contact information: This is another possible location for a company name, but not for Erectzan. Customers are directed to mail their checks or money orders to “ 382 NE 191st St #28386, Miami, FL 33179-3899.” When that address is Googled, we at last find a company name: Natures Health Resource, which, by the way, currently features Erectzan as its Editor’s Choice. The fact that they manufacture Erectzan is stated at the very top of the webpage, in tiny, blue font that all but blends into the blue background.
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In other words, overall first impression is not great, as the business seems like it is deliberately trying to hide its identity and seems misleading in its reviews for its own product.

(That review, by the way, features praise for their customer service team, laments that the only disadvantage of Erectzan is poor marketing, and includes the phrase: “Erectzan is the name that is not amongst those filthy names that make people addictive of their products.” (Source same as above))

Erectzan Claims

Their claims are fairly standard for male enhancement products:

  1. Harder, stronger, and more satisfying erections
  2. Stronger, more intense orgasms
  3. Increased stamina and sexual drive
  4. Long-lasting erections
  5. Stops premature ejaculation
  6. Improves performance, pleasure, desire, and power
  7. Improves relationships and sex lives
  8. Gives you increased confidence
  9. Safe and scientifically formulated with only natural herbal ingredients.

User reviews not found on the Erectzan website seem to lean more towards the negative side, with some users reporting rather intense side effects, like loss of equilibrium and repeated vomiting, but most stating that they saw no results, or results that were not even close to the standard that Erectzan had promised.

Erectzan Ingredients

Erectzan’s ingredient list is rather extensive (the full list can also be found here).

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However, although it helpfully describes exactly how each substance functions within their formula, they fail to disclose the amount of each.

This is a glaring omission, as many of the herbs included in Erectzan require a large amount to be effective.

In the end, it does not really matter whether or not Erectzan contains 20 different herbal ingredients—if the quantities aren’t there, then the ingredients do nothing.

Scientific Studies

erectzan-websiteErectzan claims to be backed by scientific studies, but neither actual studies nor links to studies were found on their website.

This is fairly standard for over-the-counter male enhancement products, and usually it would not garner its own separate section in a review.

However, Erectzan includes some interesting content on its website ( that deserves discussion: “Many manufacturers take shortcuts with their ingredients, and safety and often make open-ended claims.

Some go as far as publishing false and made-up “clinical trials” regarding Erectzan’s effectiveness.

Others simply bash their competitors products that are often much better than those doing the bashing.

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ErectZan has been subject to many such “attacks” from its competitors. When other companies simply do not have the quality of product like ErectZan, their only method for trying to compete is to speak negatively about the superior product such as ErectZan.”

Yes, you read correctly: Erectzan just pulled the corporate, male enhancement equivalent of “They’re only mean to me because they’re jealous that I’m prettier than they are,” an action usually only seen in girls in junior high.

Also, notice that they did not point the reader to their “scientific studies.” That’s because, unlike those inferior companies that “made up” clinical results, Erectzan just lied about having them in the first place.

Conclusion of our Erectzan Review

There are far better products out there for much less than Erectzan’s $49.97 price tag for one bottle. Do yourself  a favor and avoid Erectzan.

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