Workouts to Improve Your Sexual Stamina (2018)

Are you having problems in the bedroom?

It may not be a medical problems, especially if you are under the age of 40. In fact, the solution is often to make simple lifestyle changes that boost libido and stamina.

One of the easiest ways is through daily exercise, with an eye to those exercises that are known to help increase sexual stamina.

Types of Exercises to Try

A lot of people only think of cardio when they want to increase their endurance and stamina, but that is only part of what is necessary.

The other half of the equation is strength training, which can help absorb stress that otherwise falls onto the joints, as well as allow you to push your body further.

Combine Strength and Cardio Workouts

There is a tendency to have a cardio day, then a strength training day, but performing these two exercise programs together can have a much more beneficial effect.

For example, on one day, jump rope for a minute, then do squats, then do an overhead press, finish with sit-ups, then repeat.


Weightlifting increases testosterone, the hormone that fuels sex drive, but its obvious use—building muscle and strength—can have an equally large impact on your sex life.

Strengthening the shoulders, abs, and chest increases the amount of time you can hold yourself in sexual positions that require you to hold up your own weight.

A more muscular and toned physique can also help with self-confidence, too.


Chances are, your female partner already knows about Kegels, but men can do them as well.

Kegel exercises work out the pubococcygeus muscles (the ones that allow you to stop urine mid-stream).

If staying power is a problem for you, then strengthening these particular muscles can help you delay ejaculation.

To start, try stopping your urine flow when you use the bathroom.

Once you can do that, Kegels can be done anytime by squeezing those muscles, holding them for ten seconds, relaxing, and then repeating.

The same muscles that stop your urine stream can be contracted to stop ejaculation.


Hit the water for at least 30 minutes three times a week for an endurance boost, as long distance swimming is a great exercise for increasing the body’s endurance and stamina.

Swimming is also a great way to lose weight, which can aid one’s love life as well.

Plank Position

Plank pose is a great exercise for beginners or those who do not have any exercise equipment, as all it requires is a flat, stable surface and your own body.


When done correctly, plank pose will work out your entire body, increasing strength and endurance.

Start in push-up position, then tighten the abs, squeeze the inner thigh and buttocks together, press the heels back, flexing the feet, and tighten the quads.

Hold this pose for as long as possible, up to two minutes and do one to ten reps daily.

This exercises engages all of the muscles and will leave your body in better shape as a whole.


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