37 Best Male Enhancement Pills (March 2018)

Our top pick for male enhancement pills in 2018 is MaleExtra.

You can read more interesting information about male enhacenment in general and other pill reviews below if you want to learn more.

When a group of men is asked what change they can make in themselves if they could, the majority of them would want to have a larger penis.

It is regardless of how big their manhood may be, most men are secretly (some not so secretly) disappointed by the size of their penis.

Self-confidence plays a major role in the bedroom.

If a man is not confident about his “manhood”, he’s not going to be able to perform up to his expectation.

So the solution to their problem is penis enlargement pills.

The function of male enhancement supplements is pretty much what its name implies.

Penis enhancement pills contain content that will improve the look, size and performance of the penis.

The supplement works by increasing circulation and blood flow to the willy, which will not only give a larger, fuller and harder penis but will allow you to perform for a longer time and much better without fear of premature ejaculation or lack of energy.

Listed below are a few commonly discussed questions regarding penis enhancement supplements.

You may have questions regarding the extra benefits of using male enhancement supplements other than the obvious – enlargement of the penis.

These benefits are listed below.

  • Rock hard erections.
  • Increased sexual stamina.
  • The head of the penis will increase in size.
  • Intense orgasms in greater numbers.
  • Better urine flow.
  • Better sex drive compared to before.
  • Greatly reduced risk of impotency and having to undergo treatment.
  • Increased sperm production.
  • Sexual function will be improved on a general level.

Ingredients and potential dangers

If you notice the word YOHIMBE on your pill package then stay away from it. There is a FDA warning issued on it.

Products containing this ingredient are harmful to their users as they give severe side effects.


Only reputable pill sites have all their ingredients listed from the maker of the supplement.

All the sites that we have listed uphold this criteria.

The listed ingredients serve half the purpose of what can be considered useful information to the customers when selecting supplements, but it is also equally important to know how the blending of these ingredients will affect the potency of the pill in question.

In this regard, we have listed the ingredients for all recommended enlargement and enhancement pills on this site.

How exactly will supplements help?

They start with the stimulation of the erectile chambers, internally, to force more blood into them and thus give a stronger and thicker erection.

This simple fact of science gives an astonishing result.

There are numerous men who are generally skeptical in character and do not believe in the idea that only a pill can increase the size of the penis.


However, extensive testing and statements from the pill makers such as “We did the calculations, researched the potential and eventually tried out every existing technique of penis enlargement and our researches have revealed incredible results” prove that it now works.

One of the most important aspects of penis enhancement products available on the market is that they increase the thickness and length of the penis and also help with holding the erection during intercourse.

In summary, the pills offer an improvement in strength, stamina, thickness and length all together. At least one of these areas are highly sought after by men, but these products provide betterment in all areas listed.

Do you think pills are safe?

Products intended for male enlargement are generally safe in nature. The reason behind this is the natural ingredients which mostly consist of herbs which are non-prescriptive and legal to buy.

But make sure that you go through the list of ingredients personally, always.

Some of the companies selling pills suggest that you should not consume any pills of this kind if you have a genital nerve disease or diabetes.

What is usually the suggested daily dosage?

The monthly supply of most pills is 60 to 90 capsules. This means that you have to take 2 to 3 capsules per day in order to get the desired results.

Please consult the manual of the type of pill you buy to make sure that you are taking the right dosage.

What is the cost?

Penis enhancement supplements usually cost around $40 to $80 per package which isn’t much and could actually be considered pretty cheap given what they do.


However, you should avoid cheap products since they usually are non-working and mostly offered as “trials” in order to get your credit card information and bill you for all sorts of things in a never-ending cycle.

Please remember to stay away from these offers and only buy your products from a reputable company.

If you are purchasing your tablets in bulk you will most likely be offered a discount and there are usually discount codes you can apply during check out.

Will you see real results?

It is usually recommended that you take your pill for at least a couple of weeks before seeing any results, or even up to 6 months since this can vary depending on the effectiveness of the pill, but you will often get information about when to expect to see results.

If you find that the period in which you have been taking your supplement is exceeding 7-8 months without any effect, then you should stop and maybe consult a doctor or conclude that the pills are ineffective.

You will get result in time, but it may vary from person to person because of age and current health conditions.

Many enhancement pill companies have received e-mails from consumers telling about an increase of their penis size of up to 3 inches in just 2 to 3 months after taking these pills. Some also report an increase by one inch or slightly less, but we can promise you that the benefits listed above will be there.

What to look at

Today you may find loads of enlargement supplements on the market. In fact, there are so many that you have a difficult time choosing.

You don’t want to waste time and money on pill after pill that just don’t work and only “eats” your money.

Here are some simple tips regarding choosing the best male enhancement supplements.


The cheaper pills are not always cheaper.

We always want to find the best product, we also want a best-quality product that works and comes at a reasonable price.

You always want something that will be giving you the best product for your buck!

Products like MaleExtra may be costly, but it comes with something extra.

It is a healthy product and has a guarantee.


Don’t get fooled by cock enhancement supplements that have ingredients which you’ve never heard of before.

Avoid those companies that will never tell you what’s in their pills, but claims to have a “proprietary formula”.

It means they don’t want you to know what’s in their supplement.

Look for components that are familiar, have a good success rate and will provide your body with other advantages.

One example is Male Extra, which has pomegranate and other components known for the improvement of health and as male enhancement products men have used for several years.

Extra Benefits

When you are only in the market for a male enlargement pill, some companies may offer you other benefits when you purchase their products.

This is how you’ll get to know the best product.

Why pay for only penis enhancement tablets when you could get manhood growth supplements, instructional manuals and DVDs , exercises and lots more?

MaleExtra is a product which offers you everything that you would need to improve your sex life, increase the penis size and it can be done in a natural way.

These are the male enhancement pills we have reviewed:

  1. Male Extra
  2. Vigrx Plus
  3. Prosolution
  4. Vimax
  5. Virility Pills VP-Rx
  6. Vigorexin
  7. Viconan
  8. Roaring Tiger MAX
  9. Rizer XL
  10. NitroMaXX MD
  11. Libido Boost Plus
  12. Kronomax
  13. Excitol
  14. Addyzoa
  15. Vydexafil
  16. ArginMax
  17. ViSwiss
  18. Nitroxin
  19. Zytenz
  20. ProGenis
  21. Vaso9
  22. Sinrex
  23. Triverex
  24. Extagen
  25. Erectzan
  26. Longinexx
  27. Cyvita
  28. Virility Ex
  29. Orviax
  30. Magna Rx
  31. Xanogen
  32. Enzyte
  33. Orexis
  34. Zenerx
  35. ExtenZe
  36. Volume Pills
  37. Performer5
1. Male Extra

Male Extra Review

male-extra-bottle-ingredients-listHere’s one stimulating thought that can revolutionize your life: We now have the most potent penis enhancement pill ever!

We’re happy to tell you that this is really the strongest penis enlargement pill that there ever was.

Whatsmore, the results you get are extremely impressive. But why do we think Male Extra is the best?

Because it comes with many more ingredients in each serving than any other product in its category-and all of these are high quality ingredients.

MaleExtra’s high quality ingredients include:

  • 1500mg high quality ingredients per serving, which according to tests, makes Male Extra produce results three times more potent than any of its competitors
  • These results were obtained after just the first serving of MaleExtra, thereby confirming that this is indeed the fastest among all penis enhancement products ever made!

Does any other penis enhancement pill contain a high concentration of pomegranate? Male Extra does.

In fact, it contains a highly concentrated dose of pomegranate-40% ellagic.

No wonder, it is known as Nature’s own Viagra!

Not surprising then, that any user of this product achieves much faster results with just one serving of this wonder product-MaleExtra!

Yet another major characteristic of MaleExtra is that something extra it has that no other male penis enhancement pill has: It contains a very popular exercise system, known as PenisHealth.

You can use this simultaneously with MaleExtra and enjoy the benefit of not just an enlarged penis but erections too of up to a maximum of up to 3 inches in length and in circumference.

And all this while aiming to solve problems of premature ejaculation and straightening the penis.

Now, with this dual system, you can put all your problems of poor erectile functioning and enjoy larger, harder and intense erections which can super stimulate your sex life like you never imagined possible!!

So, is it in any wonder that Male Extra is the leader in the penis enhancement product category of the year?

This makes it is the best sexual enhancement pill ever made!

Feature Comparison

We tested Male Extra against its competitors for its features and checked how it fared vis-à-vis its competitors.

Take a look at the table below and see how much better this pill fares as compared with its competitor products.

No wonder, it is the market leader and the best ever male enhancement pill ever reviewed!


Male Extra

VigRX Plus



Harder Erections





Increased Sexual Libido





Mind Blowing Orgasms





Increased Bloodflow





Bigger Ejaculations





Penis Enlargement





Price Comparison

When we placed our order for Male Extra, we received a product pack that had a distinctive look due to its singular branding.

It had 90 pills arranged in blister packs (the new formula comes in a bottle!).

This means that we received 30 pills more than any of MaleExtra’s competitors such as ProSolution and VigRX, and three times more than Vimax contains.

No wonder, Male Extra is not just the most effective of all penis enhancement pills but also the most cost-effective too!

If you don’t believe us, look at the amazing comparison table below!

1 Month Order

Per Box

Per Pill

MG Per Serving


Male Extra





VigRX Plus















MaleExtra gives the highest value amongst penis enlargement pills, what with its extra ingredients that give much better results in its category.

Pill Comparison

As discussed on this site, Male Extra comprises three pills for every serving and a far higher milligram dose as against other penis enlargement pills.


Pills Per Serving

MG Per Serving

Disclosure on Website





VigRX Plus












We found that Male Extra was not just a fantastically fast worker but very efficient too.

The makers of this product say that it is a superior product because of both its quality ingredients and their quantity too-500 mg of the extremely expensive Pomegranate 40% Elagic that comes in each serving of each pack of this incredible product.

In combination with all of Male Extra powerpacked ingredients for penis enlargement and enhancement, it can give you the extra enjoyment you’ve been craving for!


male-extra-pillsBased on our review, one thing is clear-that Male Extra is the clear winner among all male enhancement pill products.

MaleExtra wins over its competitors due to its many improved features, its superior grade ingredients and its low price per pill.

These factors contribute to make it stay streets ahead of its competitors.

So, if you are looking for the best penis enlargement and enhancement system available in the market, may we recommend MaleExtra for delivering 100% satisfaction!!

It also offers a 100% risk free money back guarantee absorbed by Male Extra, so if at the end of 90 days, you’re still not satisfied with the results, you can return the product and get your money back.

Don’t forget about the extras when you place your order.

Click here to visit the official Male Extra website – Apply the discount code MALE5 to get 5% off any order!

2. Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus Review


“Does Vigrx Plus work” is a question that you might wonder about if you have used their regular VigRx penis enhancement pill before (Steven Lamm is yet again the spokesperson for this product).

VigRx Plus now contains bioperine which helps absorb the herbal ingredients.

I can tell you that they offer a 67 days money back guarantee if you feel sceptic about buying penis enhancement pills.

Simply put, if you don’t get any results or aren’t satisfied with the quality, then you can return it and get your money back.

After comparing VigRx Plus with Prosolution, I must admit that these pills are more advanced and they have no problem in giving a full disclosure of the ingredients.

However, they are not mentioning anything about exercises, which means that you don’t have to do any exercises in order for them to work.

This also means that they will not result in any permanent gains. VigRx Plus is more or less made for boosting your erection.

I have to remind you that my personal opinion is to use extenders for permanent gains, but if you want to give pills a try, then you can use these risk free.

VigRx Plus Ingredients

VigRx Plus has a quite potent list of ingredients. Most of these are common in other enhancement supplements.

Click the links above in order to read about each one individually.

What are the results?VigRx-website

I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of people who have been using VigRx Plus to enlarge their penises, but I wasn’t allowed to use these images on my website due to copyright issues.

However, I can still show you some pictures if you just follow the link to their testimonials page.

As you can see, these men have had great success using only VigRx Plus to enlarge their penises. A penis enhancement pill is still an option to consider if you want to get a bigger penis.

I’ve written about this VigRx before and I believe it is one of the best pills on the market today, especially considering the improvements they’ve made to the original VigRx.

There are also some mild reported side effects from taking this pill, and the most common of them is increased urination after taking this enhancement pill.

However, this effect goes away when the pills have “done their work”. This means that you should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, don’t forget to take VigRx plus after meals.

You should know that they’ve also put VigRx Plus through a clinical study (link to it here) which is very unusual for enhancement pills in general.

Results were the following:

  • 62.82% increased ability in maintaining an erection
  • 58.97% increased ability in penetrating partners
  • 22.49% increased frequency and better quality orgams
  • 71.43% increased sexual & intercourse satisfaction
  • 47.00% increased libido and sexual desire
  • 61.00% increased overall sexual satisfaction

VigRx Plus Dosage

The dosage is stated on the box – 2 capsules max per day. Don’t take any more than the recommended dosage since you won’t experience any additional benefits from taking an excessive amount.

VigRx Plus Side Effects

There has been no studies conducted regarding its side effects, but there is a possibility to experience those common to supplements with similar ingredients, such as insomnia, nausea and headaches.

Make sure to contact your doctor if you experience any serious side effects. You can also download their full side effects study here.

VigRx Plus Price

It is sold at $76.99 for a 1-month supply.

Conclusion of our VigRx Plus Review

VigRx Plus does have a couple of effective ingredients, but it is not the ideal choice.


  • One of the best penis enlargement pills on the market today.
  • Cheaper than Prosolution.
  • There are no reported side effects since this pill is all natural.


  • More expensive than MaleExtra.

You can post comments if you have had any experience with VigRx before.

Click here to visit the official VigRx Plus website

3. Prosolution

Prosolution Pills Review


Prosolution pills was one of the earliest enhancement supplements hitting the market over 7 years ago. You can now expect to find Prosolution pills new and improved upon with a better formula.

The main enhancement effect of this product is increased blood-flow to your penis (just like any other supplement).

This will make it easier for you to gain a large erection. Please remember that you will also need to take part in the included training program in order to enlarge your penis any further.

The truth is that there are many different penis enlargement methods and there are only a few that are proven to work.

The most popular method is enlargement by using supplements.

There are many so called “penis pill”s to choose from and one of the top choices right now is Pro Solution.

You can enlarge you penis if you take these pills on a regular basis and do the exercises that you get for free when you buy these pills.

Prosolution Pills Ingredients

Prosolution pills has a variety of somewhat common ingredients for male enhancement.

Side Effects

There are of course side effects if you take supplements that change your blood-flow. One of the reported side effects is nausea. You may want to consult a doctor if you have heart-problems.


Your box will contain 60 capsules and you are supposed to take 2 each day.


This product is reasonably priced. You can buy your Prosolution Pills directly from their website (there  is a risk of getting a fake if you buy it from other sites). The price of one box is $59.95 with exercise program included.


There are a number of different testimonials on their website. I don’t know if they are true or not. You should perhaps read them with a bit of skepticism. Here is one of the so called letters:

“I have used this product for about 3 months and have gained 1/2 inch in length and about 3/4 inch in girth.” Rodney Schneider, Oregon USA (test code 422)


This product contains natural ingredients which will increase the ability for you to grow your penis (gain an erection) and nothing more.

However, it is still one of the best products on the market today.

You may want to go with this alternative if you want a safe enhancement pill, but please remember that there are much better choices available.

If you plan to read other reviews of Prosolution pills (often poorly written), then remember to stay skeptic, because this is a product that many people are trying to sell on their websites, which is a reason why most of them are positive.

Lastly, do I recommend this product? No, not really, but I’m still going to include a link to it below.

Click here to visit the official ProSolution website or read our review on Male Extra for a better male enhancement pill.

4. Vimax

Vimax Pills Review

vimax pillsVimax is an all natural male enhancement pill that hit the market a couple of years ago.

It has no reported side effects because of its all natural ingredients.

This pill has actually quite a lot of different ingredients, and in this review I will investigate some of the most interesting ones.

The pill claims to enhance blood flow to the penis with the help of its ingredients and that is why it is important to find out how that works.

Vimax Pills Ingredients

What’s in it? Cayenne?

There are a few basic ingredients in Vimax, which are not shocking to experienced buyers of male enhancement products: Vitamin E, Gingko biloba, and Pynax ginseng stand out as typical ingredients, although the large amount of Cayenne pepper in Vimax does draw some attention.

Cayenne pepper is often sold on its own in order to increase blood circulation.

Although cayenne is high in several vitamins, there is little evidence that consuming large amounts will actually increase the circulation of the blood.

Vimax makes some strange claims about Cayenne which have unknown context.

Examining Claims about Cayennecayenne-pepper-592x444

Although it is not unusual to sell cayenne according to its supposed benefits for the blood, Vimax claims that Cayenne “increases heart action” although the mechanism for manipulation of the heart muscle is not described.

Vimax also claims that Cayenne rebuilds tissue. Since Cayenne does contain vitamins and nutrients like any pepper, it is likely that cayenne plays the same role in rebuilding tissue that any other food does.

This claim seems to be intended to provide that cayenne will rebuild the tissue of the penis after sexual activity, although this claim is not specifically stated, as it would be incorrect.

As other examples of pseudo-science, Vimax claims that cayenne will “equalize blood circulation.”

This phrase is medically meaningless, and establishes no relationship between blood pressure patters and the ingestion of cayenne.

There are no chemical properties of cayenne or the vitamins contained in this pepper that would effect the “equalization” of blood circulation.

Making such claims may convince some customers that the makers of Vimax are cayenne experts, and not simply sellers of an inexpensive ingredient.

Vimax also claims that cayenne is used to “ward off disease” although the debatable success of this use is not mentioned.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the ingestion of cayenne improves the immune system outside of the normal ingestion of nutrients and vitamins.

Indeed, the same may be said of a balanced diet.

Where to buy

You can order it from their official website – vimaxpills.com for $59.95 for one bottle.

Conclusion of our Vimax Pills Review


There are many ingredients in Vimax which may be healthy to ingest, but not more healthy than ingredients common to many diets.

The makers of Vimax are undoubtedly aware that many kinds of people and cultures have developed traditions around healthy dietary elements which suggest that they improve libido or increase the size of the penis.

Without immediate access to scientific data on the subject, the average consumer is left at the mercy of affiliate marketers.

Luckily, many of these ingredients are found cheaply elsewhere, and if a buyer has any doubts as to their effectiveness, they may be sampled under the care of a doctor.

There are also better pills on the market with better effects, but now you know the Vimax pills pros and cons.

5. Virility Pills VP-Rx

Virility Pills VP-Rx Review

Virility Pills VP-Rx is not a newcomer to the male sexual health field, but they have much less of a track record than more popular products like VigRX or Vaso 9.

Virility Pills VP-RxAll natural products like Virility Pills VP-Rx always use familiar ingredients for their formulations, but they vary the amount of the ingredients, and include some that other leave out.

The ingredients in male sexual enhancement products like Virility Pills VP-Rx rely on the interactions of the ingredients as well as their effects on the body when taken alone.

That makes it important to compare each formulation on its own merits.

The website for Virility Pills VP-Rx looks very dated.

Their design reminds me of the 1990s (although, it isn’t related to the effectiveness of the product).

You can clearly see that they’ve sold Virility Pills VP-Rx for many years. So, what can we find in terms of user reviews or complaints from other sites?

Well, you can take a look at this complaints from the Australian Department of Health – https://www.tga.gov.au/advert-complaint/virility-pills-vp-rx-turkmarket-complaint-no-2010-12-020.

They have actually done my job. According to them, Virility Pills VP-Rx is totally ineffective.

The makers must retract all their claims. This means that Virility Pills VP-Rx does not work at all. It has no benefits what so ever related to sexual health or function. It’s just an expensive placebo.

Features and Benefits

vprx-supplementVirility Pills VP-Rx contains epimedium, also known as horny goat weed. This naturally occurring substance has been used for centuries to increase sexual performance, but no one knew exactly how it worked.

Epimedium contains icariin, a substance that works the same way as the active ingredient in Viagra.

Icariin relaxes so-called smooth muscle. Your penis is mostly made up of smooth muscle.

When the active ingredient of epimedium begins to work, the muscles in your penis become more supple, and that allows more blood to flow into it in order for it to become longer, wider, and harder.

The epimedium in Virility Pills VP-Rx works along with other ingredients like niacin and ginkgo biloba to get as much blood as possible into the penis when you begin to become sexually aroused.

Virility Pills VP-Rx also has ingredients that support increased testosterone production in the body, another important ingredient for male performance and satisfaction.


  • Safe, all-natural ingredients
  • Claims to both increase the quality and the size of your erection
  • Claims to support increased testosterone growth to improve all aspect of male sexual health
  • No known side effects
  • Less expensive than competing brands
  • Comes with a 100-day full money-back guarantee


  • Hard to find online, and can’t be purchased in stores
  • New to market, so there are fewer user reviews than other products
  • Does not work

Final Word

virility-pill-VP-RX-websiteVirility Pills VP-Rx (http://www.getvirilitypills.com/) incorporates niacin and a few other substances like hawthorn root that are known to increase healthy blood flow in the body.

Virility Pills VP-Rx also support increase testosterone production in the body, so if you’re suffering from age-related sexual dysfunction, you’re likely to see an increase in both the desire and the ability to have sex after taking Virility Pills VP-Rx.

Virility Pills VP-Rx has a shorter track record with fewer reviews than their competitors like Triverex and Vimax.

Virility Pills VP-Rx is much less expensive than better-known competitors. It has many of the same ingredients as Viconan and Vigorexin, but Virility Pills VP-Rx costs as little as $30 for a one-month supply.

You have to look around online to find a supplier, but you can often get substantial discounts off the price if you buy in bulk.

The compound needs about two to three weeks to begin to show results, and must be taken continuously or all the accrued benefits will quickly become lost.

Does this mean that you should buy Virility Pills VP-Rx? No, the Australian Department of Health has done a through job investigating ingredients and claims and they were quite harsh about it too. Virility Pills VP-Rx does nothing.

6. Vigorexin

Vigorexin Review

Every product needs a hook and for Vigorexin, that hook is a promised size increase, but does it actually measure up?

vigorexinI took a look at Amazon to see what users say about Vigorexin. You can find their page here: http://www.amazon.com/Vigorexin-Booster-Contains-Tribulus-Terrestis/dp/B00KY9MD34.

According to some of the 18 reviews, Vigorexin seems to work best as a stamina booster only.

This means that it might work in this regard, but it can’t compare to other products designed to do more than that.

You could just as well replace it with regular exercises to increase your stamina.

One review that stands out is talking about disconnected phone lines to their customer support.

I guess it’s for not having to deal with unsatisfied customers. It’s rather simple, Vigorexin does not work.

As previously stated, Vigorexin is made by XPI Supplements and emphasizes the product’s ability to give men “bigger, stronger, harder erections” and take them from average in size to well-endowed.

They specifically mention that “the average penis size when erect is only 5” to 6”” and go on to say “How would you feel being just an average guy for the special someone . . . It is now possible to achieve the size you want without expensive surgery or painful pumps.”

There are two problems with these statements:

  1. Granted, the male enhancement industry does play on men’s insecurities as a general rule, but even so, it is not often that a product so obviously hits that pain point. This is not really a problem with their claim, it is just extremely distasteful.
  2. Even if the pill does increase erection size, it is highly unlikely that it will work the wonders that the website seems to imply. It is not possible to go from an average-sized penis of 6” to a well-endowed size of 8” to 10” simply by taking a pill that, at best, will only cause the penis to fill out to its maximum potential when erect. This is because what male enhancement products like Vigorexin actually do is cause increased blood flow to the penis, which allows it to become harder, thicker, and fully reach its maximum erection size. It will result in a “fuller” penis that looks like it has slightly increased in size, but Vigorexin seems to imply that the change will be one of several inches and that is not the case—you will not experience 2” to 4” of growth simply by maximizing blood circulation.

Other than their claim to increase size, Vigorexin also purports to increase sex drive and stamina while boosting stamina—all very standard claims for a male enhancement supplement.


Vigorexin claims to be the “only brand on the market that contains the most powerful natural male enhancement ingredients.”

Luckily for the consumer, Vigorexin posts their ingredient list and amount per serving, so it is quite easy to investigate this claim.

From the label, it can be seen that Vigorexin’s formula is made of  vitamin B6, zinc, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, eurycoma longifolia, L-arginine, avena sativa, and catuaba.

Unfortunately for Vigorexin, other male enhancement supplement companies post their ingredient lists too and the only ingredient on their list that is not seen in almost every other formula is avena sativa, which is still utilized in some.

Catuaba is not always included in these types of supplements, but it appears enough that its use here is not groundbreaking.

It should also be noted that Vigorexin actually does not include many of the standard ingredients seen in more well-known supplements, such as muira puama and ginseng, maca.


  • The formula is all-natural and includes many (though not all) of the staple herbs usually associated with male enhancement.
  • The fact that the website discloses both their ingredient list and the amount of each per serving is beneficial to consumers and makes the product seem a little more legitimate.
  • It also does not need to be taken every day; it is only used when the customer wants to have sex.
  • Additionally, the price ($19.95 for one bottle) will also appeal to buyers, however, low price can often mean a lesser formula and lower-quality ingredients.
  • Vigorexin also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a free bottle of Vigorexin Serum when two bottles of Vigorexin are bought at the same time.


  • Though it touts its formula as being one of the best, Vigorexin contains far less of the staple male enhancement herbs than their competitors. Because the pill must be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity in order to show any effect, spontaneity is severely limited, causing intercourse to be more or less planned, rather than occurring “whenever the mood strikes.”
  • They also have 1 complaint on BBB.

Final Word

Vigorexin-websiteIn one word, Vigorexin is simply mediocre.

The ingredient list is paltry compared to other competitors, which could explain their low price tag.

Some men may also dislike that it must be taken before each sexual encounter.

Overall, while Vigorexin is a product that does not give cause for alarm, it is also not a cause for celebration—there are plenty of other products that, while costing more, will deliver more for your money in terms of formula and ingredients.

7. Viconan

Viconan Review

The Viconan website is much like Axe Body Spray—it comes on way too strong and makes dubious claims about the effects it will have on both the user’s performance as a male and its own ability to make the user more sexually attractive to others.

ViconanTheir homepage is one of those irritating endless scrollers, full of ALL CAPS, exclamation marks, and is so wordy that it looks like a dictionary vomited onto a webpage.

However, since a product shouldn’t be judged solely on its website, let’s dive in to the content.

Refreshingly, unlike many male enhancement supplement product websites, the company responsible for Viconan male enhancement pills is listed as Vitegrity, which is a supplement company based out of Florida.

While they are not accredited or rated by the BBB, there have been no complaints lodged with the BBB within the last 3 years, which is fairly impressive for a company that sells these types of products.

Viconan claims that it will help “TAKE BACK WHAT NATURE ROBBED FROM YOU,” by remedying both the causes and the symptoms of subpar or lackluster male performance.

Specifically, Viconan will:

  • Increase sexual desire and the “ability to rise to any occasion.”
  • Give rock hard erections that will “rock her world.”
  • Give the user the “stamina and endurance of a 20 year old”
  • Give “satisfying and rock your world orgasms”
  • Give the user powerful ejaculations and stop premature ejaculations

Viconan says it achieves these goals by increasing testosterone levels, increasing endurance, stamina, and staying power, increases blood flow, and boosts libido.

Despite the flowery language, these are claims that the majority of male enhancement products make, but are they accurate in the case of Viconan?


Viconan’s ingredient list is rather interesting, as it includes ingredients that are not commonly seen in male enhancement supplements, such as:

  • Oat straw: Also known as northern prickly ash, it is a common herbal remedy for blood circulation problems, which explains its inclusion in a male enhancement product. (WebMD)
  • Astragalus: On Viconan’s website, it is stated that Astragalus is included because it “helps increase recovery time so you can give your partner what she wan [sic]” However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support that astragalus effects any of the conditions for which it is commonly used. (WebMD)
  • Pumpkin seed: as a source of zinc, pumpkin seeds aid in testosterone production.

Other than those three, the rest of the ingredient list is fairly standard and includes the following substances:

While Viconan does give descriptions of what each included ingredient does in terms of male enhancement, which is a great addition for consumers who may be new to male enhancement products, there is no list of the amounts of each ingredient present in one serving.

This is an unfortunate omission because some of these herbs must be taken in very large quantities to be effective and the fact that such information is not listed means that customers could be unknowingly buying a product that contains the right ingredients, but not the right amount of each.


Viconan presents its users with several benefits, including:

  • A formula that was developed to treat a variety of the problems that can cause a man’s performance to suffer.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee on both opened and unopened bottles.
  • Includes information on how their product works within the body
  • Offers several different packaging orders
  • Reasonably priced, with a month’s supply costing only $43.97.
  • Can be ordered off of Amazon


However, there are also some disadvantages as well:

  • Customers do not know how much of each ingredient is in a serving.
  • Does not offer fast-acting results. The user is expected to take a daily does with the effect building over a period of weeks. Full potency should be experienced after one to two weeks.
  • It is only available online
  • Website includes no customer testimonials or clinical study information

Final Word

viconan-websiteViconan is worth a try. Their formula is comprehensive and, as long as all ingredients work as the website claims, covers most of the causes associated with underwhelming male performance, from testosterone production to blood flow issues.

They offer a great deal of information and a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that Viconan is safe to try—you have nothing to lose.

8. Roaring Tiger MAX

Roaring Tiger MAX Review

Roaring-Tiger-MAXRoaring Tiger MAX male enhancement pills combines two things that this reviewer abhors: a product name that reeks of overcompensation and desperation and an extremely sketchy website (This is really the main concern.)

Let’s say an individual is interested in learning more about Roaring Tiger MAX—where would they go for information?

If you guessed “their website,” you are wrong. Why? Because there is almost no information about Roaring Tiger MAX that is easily available on the site. What could be found can be summed up as follows:

  • Roaring Tiger MAX is great
  • It is endorsed by “celebrity physician” Dr. Stephen Lamm
  • It uses a proprietary natural enhancement program
  • It is an “excellent” way to improve sexual function, penis size, and quality of erections.
  • It’s manufactured by RT Naturals, LLC.

Additionally, the website (http://www.roaringtiger.com/) cannot seem to make up its mind regarding whether the product is called “Roaring Tiger” or “Roaringtiger.”

This is a minor mistake, but it appears throughout the site. Notice that the reviewer said “easily available.”

After a little bit of Googling, this reviewer finally found an official list of ingredients on the company’s website, but it was only discovered after searching for “Roaring Tiger MAX ingredients.”

As far as this reviewer can tell, there is no link to the ingredients page on the main page.

Additionally, on the links provided for each ingredient, the website does give plenty of information about each, and the page for LJ100 even included clinical data, but, again, it was not easy to find.

There is so much information missing here that it is almost unbelievable.

There are no ingredient amounts and it also lacks the following: dosage information, testimonials, FAQ, an explanation of how it works, or some kind of guarantee.

The fact that this type of vital information is missing does not bode well for the trustworthiness of Roaring Tiger MAX.

All information like that listed above must be gained from outside sources, which is irritating and inconvenient.

It should also be noted that in 2010, the FDA sent a warning letter to RT Naturals over the claims and labeling of their products, including Roaring Tiger MAX. The full letter may be read here.

Roaring Tiger MAX Ingredients

On their well-hidden ingredients page, Roaring Tiger MAX is touted as using only effective ingredients of the highest quality. However, as far as ingredient lists go for male supplements, Roaring Tiger MAX’s is rather scanty, listing only four substances:

They do provide a lot of information on each, which is one plus.


Roaring Tiger MAX uses all-natural ingredients (from what can be seen) and is reasonably priced, with one bottle costing $39.95, a fairly standard rate for male enhancement supplement products.


Although they were already thoroughly discussed, here is a recap:

  • Website either lacks or makes it extremely difficult to find vital information like ingredient lists, amounts, and descriptions, FAQs, testimonials, and other features that consumers typically want to see.
  • There is no money-back guarantee. Additionally, when a trial offer was made available several years ago, there were a mountain of complaints alleging that the “trial offer” really signed them up for months of continuous billing. With that in mind, perhaps it is good that they do not offer such services anymore.
  • RT Naturals has previously gotten in trouble with the FDA over mislabeling their products, misleading consumers, and incorrectly classifying their product.
  • Any results gained are only temporary, though that is hardly strange considering that male enhancement supplement products are usually temporary.

Conclusion of our Roaring Tiger MAX Review

roaring-tiger-max-websiteNo, Roaring Tiger MAX is NOT recommended. There is simply not enough information on the product to suggest that an individual spend almost $40 on a largely unknown supplement when there are many more reputable brands and products that are known to work available for purchase.

Combining the company’s unwillingness to release even the most basic information that any consumer would want to see with their customer service track record, which is pretty abysmal, makes this company, RT Naturals, one with whom one should be very cautious when engaging in business dealing.

This is especially true for their supplement products, as supplements have been known to cause harm when the product is defective.

9. Rizer XL

Rizer XL Review

Rizer XL presents both a professional and informative website for their product, but how does it stand up to review? Let’s find out.

rizer_xlRizer XL will according to their website help you “become the ultimate sex machine, period” by increasing stamina, libido, endurance, and ejaculate amount, stopping premature ejaculation, causing “mind blowing” orgasms, giving the user “overwhelming and irresistible confidence,” and generating larger, harder, and thicker erections.

Their website does not just make these claims—it has an entire page dedicated to explaining the how and why behind each, which includes informing consumers about the specific roles played by the ingredients in gaining these benefits.

This is not a typical feature one usually finds on a male enhancement supplement site, but its inclusion allows consumers to gain a more thorough knowledge of the substance they are taking.


Rizer XL boasts a multitude of ingredients known for aiding in the alleviation of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

To their credit, they also include full descriptions of each, however, they do not include the amount of each within a single serving.

Rizer XL contains the following:

There is only one problem with their ingredient descriptions: they all seem to rely on anecdotal evidence to prove their efficacy.

Instead of pointing to modern scientific research, it references an herb’s history of usage.

This is not to say that this type of information has no merit, but one must also keep in mind that our ancestors once thought the world was flat, that deformity was caused by an angry deity, and that heroin was an acceptable cough medicine and cocaine a helpful toothache soother.

Another strange thing about this product is that they claim to increase the amount of ejaculate without including zinc in their forumla. Most people know that zinc is one of the most common ingredients to use for increased ejaculation. I find it a bit stupid to make this claim without adding it to their product. There is no real evidence that the other ingredients they list do actually work in this regard, and therefore it is same to assume that it won’t do you any good for this.


  • The website is extremely well-organized and informative. Rizer XL uses a multitude of ingredients that are well-known for alleviating erectile dysfunction problems.
  • It is a once-daily pill, meaning that there is no need to plan sexual intercourse around the time it takes for a pill’s effects to manifest.
  • Instead, a daily dosage of Rizer XL will potentially allow the user to experience the effects whenever they become aroused.
  • There is a money-back guarantee that allows for a full refund if the unused portion of your supply is returned within 30 days.
  • However, this refund is not available for customers who only buy a one-month supply.
  • Rizer XL offers a variety of price packages that allow for bulk ordering or ordering on a one, two, three, or six month basis.


  • Many users have reported that while they initially experienced the benefits promised by Rizer XL, after several days it lost its efficacy.
  • There is no clinical evidence on Rizer XL itself and independent reviews are mixed, at best.
  • The price is $49.95, which would be acceptable if Rizer XL had a better reputation, but because of the lack of customer and scientific support, $49.95 is too much to pay for such a product.
  • Additionally, to even be able to qualify for the money-back guarantee, an individual must buy at least a two-month supply, which costs $89.93.
  • Those who only buy a month’s worth of product and find themselves dissatisfied have no way of seeking a refund.
  • The website does not list the amount of each ingredient present in one serving.
  • This is concerning because some of the herbs listed as being in their formula only work in specific doses.
  • Also, because of the large quantity of ingredients, there is a greater chance that the company used the number of ingredients to hide the paltry amounts of each. This is not for certain, but it should be a concern.

Final Word

rizer-xl-websiteIn the end, Rizer XL is an over-priced mediocre product that brings nothing new to the market, though the claim that Rizer XL will increase the user’s ejaculate amount is quite rare.

There are better and cheaper products available that are more informative about the exact makeup of their formula that are more deserving of your money.

Rizer XL probably will not do any harm, but it also will not likely cause earth-shattering and mind blowing effects.

10. NitroMaXX MD

NitroMaXX MD Review

NitroMaXX MD purports to be the pill to take if you want to drive your partner crazy and leave her begging for more. Does it have that effect? Let’s investigate.


NitroMaxx’s website says that it is unlike any other male enhancement product, but its claims seem fairly standard for this type of supplement, including:

  • Bigger, longer, and harder erections
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Increased sex drive
  • Takes effect between 30 to 40 minutes
  • Totally safe with no side effects

None of these are exactly groundbreaking, although listing delayed ejaculation as an effect is fairly uncommon.


NitroMaXX’s ingredient list is fairly standard for a male enhancement product, although, notably, it does not include Yohimbe, a potentially dangerous herb that can cause heart attacks and strokes, but, because of its effectiveness in enhancing male sexual performance, is often included in such products.

Instead, NitroMaXX includes the following:

While NitroMaXX does include the amounts of each herb per serving (this is important information that many male enhancement products often do not post on their websites), it does not give any kind of description as to the function of each herb.

Most enhancement products’ sites will give at least some information regarding the benefits of each substance and the reason for its inclusion, but if people want to know that information about the herbs in NitroMaxx, they will have to do their own research.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with conducting one’s own research, for the curious consumer, brief substance descriptions are not only helpful, but make it look like the site’s creators were knowledgeable about their product.

Consumersare instructed to take two capsules daily and up to four capsules 30 minutes prior to physical activity.

This seems like the website is saying that up to 6 pills can be safely taken per day, although that sounds like quite a lot and the wording is ambiguous.

Red Flags

NitroMaXX’s website is, in general, not very informative. Its FAQ section is short, it provides no in-depth information on the herbs contained within it, and the dosing instructions are vague.

Additionally, NitroMaXX MD’s website is less-than-forthcoming about its parent company.

To discover this information, this reviewer Googled the address found on the website’s Customer Service page (1084 Industrial Park Drive, Orem, UT 84057) and eventually found that several businesses are listed under that address, including Blackstone Nutrition, Birchtree Industrial LLC, Garrett Devore Labs, Health Science Nutrition, all of which have had numerous complaints made against them and whose BBB ratings range from D+ to F.


  • NitroMaXX uses many ingredients that have been shown to have some effect on enhancing sexual performance, although there have been no clinical trials on NitroMaXX itself.
  • Although effectiveness will vary from user to user, there is a good chance that most men will see some kind of enhancement after using NitroMaXX.
  • Specifically, gains have been noted most frequently in the areas of girth and hardness.
  • NitroMaXX comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, though the website states that only one bottle may be tried and any other bottles purchased must be returned unopened for a refund to be given. Because of its claim to be “fast-acting,” if effects are not noticed within 15 days, it is likely NitroMaXX MD will not work if given more time, so using only one bottle is feasible.
  • The website includes customer testimonials. Granted, these could easily be false testimonials, but at least NitroMaXX’s site takes the time to include them—many supplement sites do not.


  • NitroMaXX is only available over the internet, which may be a deterrent to people who distrust online ordering.
  • The website’s content leaves much to be desired, offering very little information to the consumer.
  • Multiple pills are needed for NitroMaXX MD to be effective, which can be a hassle and somewhat obvious, especially if the user is trying to keep his partner from knowing that he is taking a male enhancement supplement.
  • The price: a 15 day supply is $34.95, which means that consumers could potentially be spending $70 a month.

Final Word

nitromax-md-websiteWhile NitroMaXX has shown results in many consumers, the fact is that there are better companies that provide better and more comprehensive information about NitroMaXX MD while offering it at a lower price.

As for NitroMaXX’s claims of being a unique male enhancement supplement, this reviewer could detect nothing that really set it apart from its competitors.

11. Libido Boost Plus

Libido Boost Plus Review

If you were in the market looking for some new supplements to boost your libido, you might have come across this pill.

Libido Boost Plus purports to be the affordable, powerful, and 100% natural product that will boost the sex life of its users, promising to:LibidoBoostPlus

  • Boost sexual stamina
  • Increase erections size
  • Stimulate sexual desire
  • Help maintain longer-lasting erections
  • Eliminate incidents of premature ejaculation

These are all pretty standard claims, though elimination of premature ejaculation is not always seen in these types of products.

To see these types of results, users are instructed to take two to three capsules 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


Libido Boost Plus’s website (http://libidoboostplus.com/) includes not just an ingredient list, but the amounts and a description of each.

Most of these ingredients are ones that almost every male enhancement supplement contains, though the inclusion of oatstraw is a little more rare.

Included within the mix are substances that act as aphrodisiacs, increase testosterone, lower cholesterol, relax blood vessels, improve the volume and mobility of sperm, improve the immune system and mental focus, elevate moods, and increase nitric oxide levels.

The only cause for concern is Libido Boost Plus’s use of yohimbine.

Yohimbine, which is the only ingredient besides zinc to not have a description on the website, is a potentially dangerous ingredient.

While it does help men with erectile problems, it can also cause irregular or rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, and heart attack.

It can also cause drooling, which, for a man trying to improve sexual performance, is one of the un-sexiest side effects a male enhancement supplement can have.

People who have a history of heart problems, anxiety disorders, or liver and/or kidney issues should probably NOT take any product that contains yohimbine without consulting a doctor. (Source)


  • With the exception of yohimbine, all ingredients used in Libido Boost Plus’s formula are both safe and shown to be effective in combating erectile dysfunction by improving the size, endurance, and hardness of erections and boosting the user’s sex drive.
  • The price is extremely reasonable and much cheaper than the majority of supplement products currently available. One bottle will only cost $19.95 and each bottle contains 60 pills, which should last most men about one month. Considering that other companies will often charge double that amount for the same number of pills and a comparable formula, Libido Boost Plus’s product is a steal.
  • Additionally, the product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that applies to one opened bottle and any unopened bottles. Because it is supposed to be fast-acting, 90 days is plenty of time to find out if Libido Boost Plus is effective for you or not.
  • Also, if one orders two bottles at one time, Libido Boost Plus provides a free bottle of their Libido Boost Plus Serum; those who buy three bottles receive three free bottles of the serum.
  • Lastly, it is easy to access, as it is available not only from its own website, but Amazon as well.


  • While it is an all-around decent product, there are some drawbacks. First, of course, is the use of yohimbine. It is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but there are plenty of other products that do not use yohimbine which are effective as well. In fact, the majority of supplement products do not use yohimbine simply because the risk isn’t worth it, especially if they want to promote their product as  one that is “all-natural and 100% safe.”
  • Second, there are no clinical studies to support Libido Boost Plus. There has been research done on individual ingredients, but Libido Boost Plus has not been studied by itself.
  • Thirdly, there are very few independent customer reviews available. This does not necessarily mean that Libido Boost Plus is bad, it is simply a reason to doubt. Customer testimonials are available on the website, but since there is no way of knowing if those testimonials are legitimate, it is best to not depend upon them for information.

Final Word

libido-boost-plus-websiteBecause of the amount of information available about Libido Boost Plus, the low price, and the 90-day money-back guarantee, Libido Boost Plus is one that can be recommended to those individuals that have spoken to their doctor about using yohimbine and been given the “all clear” signal regarding its usage.

12. Kronomax

Kronomax Review

kmax-bottleKronomax is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that purports to be able to help men regain their old sexual prowess or enhance what they already have.

On a professional-looking and informative website, Kronomax certainly seems to be trustworthy, but only a review will say for certain.

Kronomax Overview

Kronomax’s slogan “Rise to the occasion” sums up what the product aims to do:

  • Relax muscle tissue
  • Increase bloodflow
  • Boost sex drive and libido
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

kronomax-websiteOut of all of these, only the fourth one is really worth mentioning because the other three are pretty standard amongst the male supplement product crowd.

It is easy to forget that erectile dysfunction can cause psychological problems, like stress and anxiety that can affect the individual outside of the bedroom.

Stress and anxiety can also fuel erectile dysfunction and make a man unable to perform, so the two really go hand-in-hand.

By treating this oft-neglected aspect of erectile dysfunction, Kronomax seeks to get to the heart (or mind) of the problem.

Kronomax Ingredients

Kronomax uses four different blends to make its formula; each blend has its own set of ingredients, as shown below

Several of these ingredients contained in Kronomax are fairly uncommon, such as deer antler velvet, which contains amino acids minerals, proteins, anti-inflammatory peptides, gangliosides, hormones, and glycosaminoglycans.

Kronomax also contains Bioperine, a fact that they make sure to advertise.

Bioperine is used to maximize the absorption and effectiveness of all of the other ingredients.

While Kronomax’s ingredient list is rather impressive and extensive, the fact that they do not include the amounts for each ingredient per serving, instead only giving the amount of each blend, is rather disappointing.


  • The formula is all-natural, contains Bioperine, and includes many different ingredients that address all sorts of issues often related to erectile dysfunction.
  • With a one-month supply costing only $47.00, Kronomax is comparably priced with other similar products.
  • They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and different ordering options.
  • Kronomax’s website makes a point to state that their formula does not include yohimbe, which means that they recognize the risks associated with it and have intentionally avoided it in order to make a safe product without side effects.


  • Ingredient amounts aren’t listed.
  • It has not been widely reviewed by either supplement critiques or actual customers and the only glowing reviews that could be found were on Kronomax’s own website.

Conclusion of our Kronomax Review

It is hard to tell if Kronomax works or not. Consumers would be better off with a product more forthcoming about their formula.

13. Excitol

Excitol Review

excitolExcitol is an all-natural male enhancement pill that purports to be one of the safest and most effective supplements currently on the market

Excitol Overview

As far as male enhancement product claims go, Excitol does not offer anything extraordinarily special or unusual:

  • Increased hardness
  • Enhanced stamina, libido, and stimulation
  • Works in 30 minutes
  • Optimizes erections
  • Increases orgasm strength and quality
  • Boosts pleasure
  • Lasts up to 24 hours
  • Natural ingredients with no harmful side effects

excitol-websiteThe only interesting claim Excitol makes is that it does not contain Yohimbe.

This is notable because while Yohimbe is an effective and popular, it is also potentially dangerous, as it has been linked to heart attacks, kidney failure, seizures, and irregular or rapid heartbeats.

In fact, the primary active ingredient in Yohimbe is yohimbine, which is a substance only available by prescription in North America. (WebMD)

However, there is one interesting omission from Excitol’s list of potential benefits and that is the absence of a claim to increase length.

This is refreshingly honest, as this is a claim made by many, if not the majority of male enhancement products and it is always misleadingly false.

There is no pill that can make a man’s penis larger permanently; any increase in size is only due to the increased blood flow “filling out” the penis.

Excitol Ingredients

excitol label of ingredientsExcitol makes up for its exclusion of Yohimbe by using a multitude of other ingredients that are thought to be helpful in boost male performance, including:

One thing that should be noted about the Excitol website (http://www.excitol.com/) is that it, unlike many of their competitors, list the quantities of each ingredient found in one serving of Excitol on their site.

This is important because these types of herbs are often only effective in large quantities; by listing the amounts, Excitol gives potential customers a way to check and see if the amount of each ingredient is enough to actually produce results.


  • Excitol uses all-natural ingredients that have no known harmful side effects, although those that are thinking about taking the supplement should check with their doctor to make sure that none of the herbs contained within Excitol interfere with current medications or conditions.)
  • Excitol is fast-acting and only needs to be taken when sexual intercourse is desired, as opposed to other pills which require daily usage


  • The first major disadvantage is the price: at $39.95 a bottle, Excitol is one of the more expensive products available and it does not have longterm benefits.
  • Two pills may give you a day of effects, but that is the maximum amount of time. Depending on Excitol also means that there is decreased spontaneity.
  • Instead of being ready to perform “whenever the mood strikes,” a man must plan his sexual encounters 30 to 45 minutes ahead of time in order to enjoy the benefits of Excitol.
  • There are also no mention or inclusion of clinical studies; most male enhancement products will at least say that Excitol is backed up by science, even if there are no actual clinical results to support this  statement.
  • However, this could just be another show of honesty, though it is one that does not do much for alleviation of concerns regarding efficacy.
  • Website includes no customer testimonials and there is no mention of a money-back guarantee.
  • Their refund policy requires that any returned bottles be unopened and in the original packaging and complaints of shipping damage must be examined by the shipping company, meaning that the packaging must be kept.

A Cause for Concern

First, there is no company listed as the manufacturer or supplier of Excitol.

Typically, male enhancement supplements are backed by a larger pharmaceutical or supplement company and that company will be listed at least once on the website.

The inclusion of this information allows consumers to be able to research the company from which Excitol comes and gives peace of mind in knowing the supplement being purchased is coming from a (somewhat) reputable source, not some sketchy man in a trenchcoat selling unmarked bottles of snake oil from the back of a windowless van in a dark alley.

The fact that Excitol’s website does not list this pertinent information makes the whole product seem suspect.

Conclusion of our Excitol Review

While Excitol has proved beneficial in some cases, there are better products that are more reputable available at a cheaper price that would be better choices than Excitol.

14. Addyzoa

Addyzoa Review

addyzoaAddyzoa is quite different from most male enhancement pills in several ways.

First, it is based on Ayurvedic traditions, specifically those that call for the use of herbs.

The idea is that by using specific herbs, one can realign their bodily systems and function at their highest possible level.

Second, instead of treating low libido or erectile dysfunction, Addyzoa treats low sperm count in order to increase fertility.

People on yahoo answers talking about results from using Addyzoa.

Addyzoa Overview

Addyzoa purports to help men in 5 specific areas:

  • Enhance sperm mobility
  • Increase sperm count
  • Improve sperm morphology (which helps prevent DNA damage to sperm)
  • Boosts sexual desire
  • Enhances the chances of pregnancy (depending on your situation, this may or may not be a good thing)

Notice the difference in the claims made by Addyzoa and those made by the majority of male enhancement supplements.

If an individual is seeking to maximize the size of his penis or increase blood circulation, this is not the pill for them.

However, those with issues related to low sperm count may find Addyzoa quite helpful.

The Science Behind Addyzoa

Unlike most male enhancement supplements, Addyzoa has actually been studied in a clinical trial.

A 2011 study found that patients treated with Addyzoa showed a significant increase in sperm mobility, but no change in sperm concentration (Source).

However, another 2011 study found that patients treated with Addyzoa showed more improvement in the areas of sperm mobility, sperm count, and sperm morphology than those treated with another product, Clomiphene citrate.

Addyzoa Ingredients and Instructions

Addyzoa’s website will only give the composition of their formula to registered site members, which is an interesting feature. However, the ingredients are available on other sites.

The key ingredients are:

All of these are natural herbs and many, if not all, of them have been clinically shown to aid sperm health.

The instructions included on Addyzoa’s website are also a bit out of the ordinary.

The dosage depends on one’s sperm count; for those with a sperm count between 5 million/ml to 10 million/ml, the instructions state that they should take two capsules twice a day for 90 days.

For those with a sperm count over 10 million/ml, taking one capsule twice daily for 90 days is sufficient.

Addyzoa takes their instructions a step further with a list of activities in which one should or should not engage.

Men are encouraged to consume foods rich in protein, consume in moderation egg and meat, and to have sexual intercourse when their partner is the most fertile.

They are advised not to do the following: consume spicy foods and alcohol, smoke or use tranquilizers, become physically or mentally stressed, stay out late, or have an irregular dietary schedule.


Addyzoa’s ingredients are all-natural and have been proven to enhance sperm health. Likewise, Addyzoa itself has been the subject of clinical studies and received positive results, giving Addyzoa an evidentiary base that most male supplement products lack.

Addyzoa’s ingredients also offer no serious side effects.

The price is also very reasonable, costing $35.00 for a 3 month supply (that equals 180 capsules).

Considering that other male enhancement products may charge $35.00 or more for one bottle of their formula, Addyzoa is extremely cost effective.


Addyzoa reviews and testimonials are fairly scarce; when one purchases Addyzoa, they are mainly relying on website information and any background research they have on the ingredients in the formula.

Additionally, there is no money-back guarantee, Addyzoa does not come from a company well-known in the US (many consumers are hesitant about buying supplement products from overseas as many have contained the incorrect or even harmful substances.

The fact that Addyzoa is from India may discourage some from purchasing it.), and Addyzoa is not available at US retailers. Because problems with male performance often stem from a circulatory problem and not issues with one’s sperm count, Addyzoa may not work for the majority of men who seek out supplement cures.

Additionally, because Addyzoa can potentially increase the chance of pregnancy, using it is only advisable if this is a desired outcome.

Conclusion of our Addyzoa Review

For men who suffer from a low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility, Addyzoa may be a good product to try, as it has shown to be effective in treating such conditions.

However, those whose performance problems stem from a source other than poor sperm health should probably seek another product.

15. Vydexafil

Vydexafil Review

I was actually unable to find any positive user reviews for Vydexafil.

One of the actual reviews came from the comment section on another male enhancement review website, so it is perhaps best to take this with a grain of salt.

It should be noted that this individual tried a full bottle without experiencing any change in libido what so ever.

vydexafilVydexafil says that it will “supercharge your sexual performance” by:

  • Giving the user harder erections
  • Facilitating longer lasting sex and decreasing or eliminating incidents of premature ejaculation.
  • Increasing sexual desire
  • Giving the user a longer and thicker penis

Out of all of these claims, the only one that is suspect is the last one, “giving the user a longer and thicker penis. This is misleadingly worded.

There are no pills that will permanently increase the length or size of a penis. If a male supplement is effective, then it can temporarily cause increased girth and length through its improvement of blood circulation in the penis, which causes it to grow to its fullest potential.

Many male enhancement products make such claims, but they often put an explanation elsewhere on their website explaining what actually happens, but the Vydexafil site does not include such information.

The fact that they are misleading in this area throws into question the rest of their content.


Eurycoma longifolia

Unlike other male enhancement products which boast a multitude of ingredients, Vydexafil only includes six:

Although the ingredients may be few, each are staples of male enhancement products and are thought to be some of the most effective for boosting sexual performance.

Not only does the Vydexafil website (http://www.vydexafil.com/) give descriptions of the function each substance plays within the formula, but it also gives the amount present in each serving, a very important inclusion, considering that some herbs are only effective in large doses.


  • Of course, the greatest benefit of Vydexafil is the formula. The ingredients have all been proven to aid male performance, whether it is by increasing sexual desire and libido, producing harder and firmer erections, or increasing testosterone production.
  • Not only that, but Vydexafil claims to use fresh, high-grade ingredients and manufacture Vydexafil within the United States.
  • Another major benefit is the price and money-back guarantee.
  • For a single bottle (which is one month’s supply) Vydexafil will only cost $39.95, which is pretty average for an enhancement supplement. Vydexafil’s money-back guarantee offers users 90 days to try one bottle and, if it doesn’t work, return that bottle and all unopened bottles for a full refund.
  • Inclusion of ingredient amounts and ingredient effects give the customer ample information about the product to be able to make an informed decision about their purchase.
  • Many of Vydexafil’s competitors will simply list ingredients as their “proprietary blend” without giving the exact amounts of each so that there is no way of knowing if the ingredients contained within the product are enough to produce the desired effects.
  • Vydexafil is safe and natural and the recommended dosages and ingredient amounts are safe as well.
  • However, those interested in trying the product should still check with their doctor to ensure that an ingredient in Vydexafil does not interact with either current medications or current medical conditions.
  • Lastly, their customer support team is easily contacted.
  • The website not only lists their email and phone, but also offers a live chat option that will connect a potential or current customer with their knowledgeable support staff.[/su_tab]


  • While Vydexafil is certainly more beneficial than some other supplements, it still presents its own disadvantages.
  • While Vydexafil will work immediately, it takes up to two months of taking three pills daily to see the full effects. It does not work as quickly as other supplements and any benefits gained while taking Vydexafil will go away if the user stops taking it.
  • For continuous benefits, it must be taken indefinitely.
  • Vydexafil’s website references no clinical studies to support their claims. This is not out of the ordinary for a male supplement site, however. Very few can point to scientific testing of their specific product. Such is the risk one takes when using non-FDA approved supplements.
  • Independent user reviews are fairly scarce.
  • The website includes customer testimonials, but it is never a good idea to trust a product’s own website when it comes to customer reviews, as they could easily be faked or altered.[/su_tab]

Final Word

Vydexafil-websiteBecause of Vydexafil’s money-back guarantee and proven ingredients, it is a good product to try if one is looking to enhance their sexual performance.

If it doesn’t work, it can always be sent back and the money returned to the purchaser, so there is not much to lose by testing out a bottle.

16. ArginMax

ArginMax Review

arginmax-menArginMax is consistently one of the highest-rated over-the-counter male enhancement supplements in the numerous reviews that dot the web.

Testimonials claim that ArginMax has rekindled relationships that had been sexually dormant for years and improved the experience for both parties to the point that their sex lives as older adults surpassed that of when they were in their twenties. Does ArginMax live up to the hype? Read on to find out!

How does ArginMax work?

L-arginineArginMax is built around the idea that using certain herbal extracts can aid in the conversion of L-Arginine, an amino acid, into nitric oxide, which is crucial to the arousal process and the overall functionality of the penis in regards to sexual relations, as it causes vasodilation (expansion of the veins), allowing blood to circulate more freely to the sex organs, which produces the reaction we refer to as an “erection.”

Poor circulation in the area of the penis can cause sexual dysfunction, which manifests itself in a decrease in sexual ability, such as not achieving hard, firm, or full erection and not being able to maintain it for a prolonged period of time.

To prevent this from happening, ArginMax uses a male enhancement method consisting of four components, each involving its own set of ingredients:

  1. Production of nitric oxide is stimulated by the L-Arginine inside ArginMax
  2. Conversion of L-Arginine to nitric oxide is aided and boosted by American and Korean ginseng.
  3. Microvascular circulation is improved through the use of ginkgo biloba
  4. An additional 13 vitamins and minerals works together to promote overall sexual and reproductive wellness.

ArginMax Ingredient Specifics

The herbal and amino acid substances are aided in their quest to give their user the a maximized sexual experience by a large group of vitamins and minerals that are essential not only to sexual health, but the wellness of the entire body.

ArginMax could almost double as a multi-vitamin!


Korean Ginseng
  1. ArginMax is somewhat of a rarity in the male enhancement herbal supplement world Why? Because it has actually been scientifically studied and shown to have a positive effect on men’s sexual health. In a recent double-blind study, 89% of men taking ArginMax saw an improvement in their ability to maintain an erection and 75% said that their overall satisfaction with their satisfaction increased. It is quite rare for an over-the-counter male enhancement product to have this type of scientific credential and it is frankly a welcome change from simply taking a product’s own website at its word.
  2. ArginMax is full of the vitamins and minerals that everyone is supposed to taken in daily (but most rarely do), meaning that its users may be able to replace their regular multivitamin with it. Less pills to take, less money to spend—it is a win-win.
  3. Available at both brick-and-mortar stores (like GNC) and online.
  4. 60 day money-back guarantee
  5. ArginMax also comes in a formula specifically made for females; the couple looking to regain that sexual spark can do so together!


  1. ArginMax contains no herbal aphrodisiacs.
  2. ArginMax can take some time to show any effect, with some users reporting that it took a month to see results.

Conclusion of our ArginMax Review

ArginMax-websiteFor men looking for a quick jumpstart to their sex life, ArginMax may not be the correct choice, because, as stated above, it can take a month’s use before any benefit is reaped.

However, for the individual looking for a scientifically proven way to improve not just his sexual performance, but the health of his body, then ArginMax should be one of the first products to which you turn.

17. ViSwiss

ViSwiss Review

ViSwiss is one of the most popular male enhancement pills you can buy. It has more ingredients than many other supplements, and many of the ingredients have been tested separately for usefulness in clinical trials.

ViSwiss has more user reviews on their website than many competing brands, including video reviews that show users in their own homes holding the product in their hands, which are much less likely to be fake than anonymous reviews on ecommerce websites (but it can also be the opposite!).

viswissWhen searching for complaints online (which I normally do) I was able to find 5 customer complaints on http://viswiss.pissedconsumer.com/ and 59! complaints on http://www.complaintsboard.com/?search=viswiss. Just WOW! That’s a lot of complaints!

Let’s start digging through some of the to get a clear picture of what’s really wrong with Viswiss, is it that it doesn’t work or are there other problems related to the company itself? Let’s find out!

Some of the complaints are related to customer support. When calling ViSwiss you get to talk with a sales-person and not actual customer support.

Other complaints were related to the guarantee. Yes, it clearly states on the website that you can only get a refund if you return the bottle unopened.

That’s the only way for them to be able to resell the same bottle to someone else. This means that you can’t try a few pills to see if they work or not and THEN return the product.

Just remember to take note of this – if you try you buy, that simple.

Most of the complaints on complaintsboard.com are older from 2011-2013 and most of them related to never recovering the product after paying.

What’s probably most upsetting is this customer review here: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/nathans-naturals-very-bad-customer-care-c671748.html where a customer didn’t get a refund despite of  having both bottles unopened.

That’s a real cause for concern, but it should be noted that this customer ordered ViSwiss from another company in England and not from the official HQ in USA, but this person actually wrote to them too without any reply.

With so many different complaints about non delivery of goods and ineffectiveness plus not honoring the money back guarantee, I for one think that’s it is crystal clear that anyone thinking about trying a bottle of ViSwiss should reconsider and choose a better alternative with much less complaints.

You don’t actually need to read any further in this review, but you can if you want to.

With this really important part done, I think it’s time to take a look at what the actual product has to offer in terms of ingredients.

Features and Benefits

One of the main active ingredients in ViSwiss is yohimbe extract. This alkaloid is taken from the bark of a tree in Africa that has been known as an aphrodisiac for many years.

Yohimbe has been clinically tested as a treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by the use of certain types of antidepressants.

It is one of the few ingredients in all-natural male sexual health supplements to be subjected to scientific review, and it has been shown to be effective in many cases, and has even been able to increase sexual desire in women who take it.

Another ingredient contained in ViSwiss with a solid track record in male enhancement is epimedium. It is a naturally occurring compound that has the same properties that are found in the active ingredient in Viagra.

It boosts nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, which increases the carrying capacity of veins in order to increase blood flow to the penis when you’re aroused.

ViSwiss also contains L-Arginine, another nitric oxide booster. ViSwiss includes gingko biloba and Korean ginseng, two additional vaso-dilators with a long track record of effectiveness.

ViSwiss contains other ingredients like ashwagandha root and tribulus terrestris that support the natural ability of the body to produce testosterone.

Taking synthetic testosterone can be very dangerous, so encouraging your body to produce more is the only way to increase your sex drive and stamina safely.


  • Available without a prescription
  • All natural ingredients
  • Supports an increase in both sex drive and performance
  • Can be used even if you have diabetes or high blood pressure
  • No major side effects reported
  • Is not rendered ineffective by alcohol
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Some users report headaches from using the product
  • A lot of customer complaints!
  • Can produce a flushed appearance
  • Some users report mild stomach upset when taken on an empty stomach

Final Word

Mviswiss-websiteany of the ingredients in ViSwiss are found in competing brands of male enhancement supplements like VigRX and Vaso 9, but no other formulation with the track record of ViSwiss contains so many different vaso-dilators in one pill.

Putting a series of different potent vaso-dilators in one pill increases the chances that at least one of them will have a measurable effect on your ability to get and hold an erection.

They can also increase the size and strength of the erections you already enjoy.

The recommended dose of ViSwiss is two capsules daily, taken with regular water. A bottle of ViSwiss has thirty capsules, a two-week supply.

If you buy the capsules directly from the company’s website, thirty capsules retail for just under $60, which is one of the more expensive products in the erectile dysfunction supplement field.

It is possible to shop around and find discounts of up to 50 percent off the list price, however, and buying in bulk can also decrease your per-capsule cost.

ViSwiss only offers refunds on unopened packages. But should you buy it?

The answer is clearly NO! With over 50 complaints related to ViSwiss, I for one think that it’s a no-brainer to stay far away from this product.

18. Nitroxin

Nitroxin Review


Nitroxin is a male enhancement pill with a “proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients” claiming to work together to stimulate production of sex hormones, reigniting the sex drive, making it easier to become aroused, and causing harder and longer-lasting erections.

It also claims to be able to make your penis bigger “by expanding the capacity of the chambers of your penis with enhanced blood flow with . . . Vasodynamic technology.”

By taking two pills a day, says the website, men will see results by the end of day 7 and will see the maximum benefit after 21 days.

Red Flag Warnings from the Website

A read-through of Nitroxin’s website (https://www.nitroxin.com/)raises several concerns (or at least it should raise concerns to the discerning consumer.) due to its extreme vagueness.

Below is a list of some of the information that Nitroxin does not see fit to include on its webpage:

  • There is very little information as to who is standing behind this product. The homepage says Nitroxin was “funded by a conglomerate of adult entertainment industry production companies,” and that these funds were directed to their “think tank of research scientists and medical professionals.” The only actual name connected to this product is that of Bree Olson, an award-winning adult film star, who acts as their spokeswoman.
  • There is no ingredient list. The website mentions that Nitroxin contains nitric oxide and a “proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients.” Considering that “all-natural” simply refers to any substance not made by man and could therefore refer to things like volcanic rock and cat urine, the lack of an ingredient list on the website does not instill great confidence in the efficacy or safety of Nitroxin.
  • There is no cited research. The homepage is plastered with phrases like “clinically tested,” “studies show,” and “doctors say” but there are no studies available either on the website or linked within their, there are no specific doctors or researchers offering testimonials; in short there is nothing on the website that seems to back up their claims.
  • The claims that Nitroxin can make you permanently bigger are bogus. No pill alone is able to do that and if there was such a pill, you would have heard about it before now. The fact that this is part of their website’s claim makes it hard to trust anything that it says.

What Do Customers Say?nitroxin-website

In short, customers do not have many good things to say about Nitroxin. As of this writing, there have been over forty complaints lodged with the BBB (of which Nitroxin  is not a member) over the past three years.

Looking further into the internet on various review sites, dissatisfied men made their displeasure known.

Almost every complaint focused either the product’s ineffectiveness or the company’s continual billing of a client after they had already cancelled the service, or both.

Some people also said that Nitroxin caused unwanted side effects.

A sampling of some customer reviews can be seen below

  • “Nitroxin is the worse enhancement pill for man that ever tested this company ought to be sued for false advertisement. Very disappointed.” (Source)
  • “We did order Nitroxin for my husband and all it did was give him stomach cramps. Other than that no noticeable results. Maybe it works for some?” (Source)

Conclusion of our Nitroxin Review

Nitroxin does not work and it is definitely one of the shadiest products available, as evidenced by their vague website that lacks basic information and their bogus claims.

This is one product to avoid, no matter what Bree Olson says. There are better products available for men who really want to satisfy their woman in bed.

19. Zytenz

Zytenz Review

Zytenz is an all-natural male enhancement pill made with ingredients common in Ayurvedic medicine.

ZytenzWhen looking for user complaints I was only able to find one regarding Zytenz on http://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/health-and-medical-products/zytenz-research-institute-llc-in-orem-ut-22312504/complaints#breakdown which is quite OK.

This customer tried Zytenz and claimed that it didn’t work. So, this should be taken into account if you plan to buy Zytenz.

Also, the amount of complaints against Zytenz in comparison to other is rather low. While Zytenz itself has not been tested in clinical trials, many of the ingredients have been.

It’s easy to understand the science behind the way Zytenz works. In order to increase the size and hardness of your erection, Zytenz has ingredients that work to increase the blood flow to your penis when you become sexually aroused.

At the same time, the ingredients in Zytenz work to support the natural production of hormones like testosterone that can increase the libido.

Features and Benefits

Zytenz is one of the few products for male sexual health that has D-aspartic acid as a primary ingredient. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that has been shown to increase the level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

Zytenz harvests D-aspartic acid from the flesh of the oyster, long valued for its potency as an aphrodisiac.zytenz-website

Zytenz contains other compounds to increase the production of natural testosterone in the body, but it contains 1,200 milligrams of D-aspartic in each dose.

That’s 4 times more than any other ingredient in the capsules, and up to 24 times as much as some of the minor ingredients in the capsules.

Zytenz also contains avena sativa and epimedium, two substances commonly recommended by doctors for erectile dysfunction in men that have suffered prostate cancer.

Both work to relax muscles in the penis so that more blood can flow into the expandable parts, in order to make it easier to get a full erection.

Zytenz works by helping your body to increase the amount of important hormones in the bloodstream.

It’s not a pill that contains a dosage of the synthetic versions of the proteins themselves. That means you have to take Zytenz continuously for a weeks before you begin to see the full effect they’re capable of, although many users report that they notice a difference within a week or two.

In addition to the other benefits of Zytenz, you might notice an increase in mental alertness, and also better and more restful sleep.

That’s because the same hormones that help with male sexual activity also have profound effects on mood and energy.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t require a prescription
  • Contains ingredients that have been clinically shown to help improve sexual performance and libido
  • Works to improve sexual performance even among men not suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • No known major side effects


  • Contains compounds derived from shellfish, which can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive persons
  • While individual ingredients have been clinically tested, Zytenz has not
  • Can cause upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach
  • Only available online from the manufacturer
  • You can not buy Zytenz at Walmart or any other OTC store.

Final Word

Zytenz is competitively priced when compared to other male enhancement products like VigRX or ViSwiss.

It costs about $40 for a one-month supply and can be found on their website – http://zytenz.com/.

The suggested dose is three capsules per day, taken all at once.

You can save money by buying in bulk. You can get a two-month supply for less than $70, and three-months-worth for around $100 plus shipping.

20. ProGenis

ProGenis Review

On a website that looks like it was designed by the same person who does the ads for the as-seen-on-TV products (that is not a compliment), ProGenis male enhancement pills introduces itself as the “#1 Formula” and the “answer” to improving sexual functionality in men.

They even feature a recommendation by…well, it’s not really clear who, as the quote isn’t attributed to anyone and that terribly cheesy stock image isn’t labeled with a name.

It must be good if a stock image of a man giving thumbs up recommends it! (Source)

Sold by Health Center for Better Living, Inc., a company based out of Naples, Florida, ProGenis is simply one more product in the constant male enhancement substance parade that has gone on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Does it work? Let’s investigate.

Progenis OverviewProgenis

ProGenis states that their product will:

  • Lengthen and thicken the penis (To their credit, on their FAQ page, the company clarifies that the size improvement generally only occurs when the penis is erect. It does not increase the size of the penis in its flaccid state.)
  • Intensify orgasms
  • Increase libido
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Maximize pleasure for all parties

How will ProGenis accomplish these lofty goals? All natural ingredients, of course!

Progenis Ingredients

Like the majority of over-the-counter male enhancement supplements, ProGenis boasts an herbal cornucopia of all-natural ingredients.

And, unlike many other male enhancement websites, ProGenis actually lists their ingredients, along with information about each.


Despite a website design that might lead you to think otherwise, Progenis seems to come from a fairly reputable and legitimate company.

Unlike many other male enhancement products that are plagued with accusations of continuous billing or just generally ripping off the consumer, no formally lodged complaints could be found during research.

Online reviews mentioned nothing about shady business practices either and as extra encouragement, the company behind Progenis states all of their information on their homepage.

(This may not seem like a big deal, but with herbal supplements like this, sometimes details like the name of the company and its location can be completely nonexistent on the website.)

ProGenis’s formula does not require that the pill be taken immediately before sex, thus increasing spontaneity, which is always beneficial.

Even more helpful is ProGenis’s inclusion of saw palmetto, an herb known to promote prostate health, in their formula ProGenis is also extremely affordable, with a six months’ supply costing only $100. Plus, they have a 365-day guarantee; for up to a year after your order, you may return your bottles, empty or full, for a refund.

Between the guarantee and the low price, customers who are unsure about the product can try it virtually risk-free.


There are no clinical studies available to attest to the efficacy of ProGenis, a problem that plagues so many  male enhancement products that it can generally be taken as a given that clinical research has not been done on the supplements themselves, though individual ingredients may have been evaluated in the past.

Of greater concern is the lack of information regarding the amounts of each ingredient. This is a problem not only because it unwise to take something without knowing what is in it, but because many herbs are not very effective unless taken in large doses; supplements are often found to contain much less than the amount needed.

Conclusion of our Progenis Review

ProGenis is one of those products that, for the price, it does not hurt to try. Will you see results? Maybe. You also might not, but if you’ve used male enhancement products before, you should be fairly used to it.

21. Vaso9

Vaso9 Review


Research Applied Sciences is the manufacturer of Vaso9, and sold through www.vaso-9.com, the product website.

The website is full of all kinds of confusing theories and scientific claims, with references to unknown clinical trials.

However, the product does not have any BBB accreditation, while many scam report sites have many complaints warning potential users to stay away from Vaso9.

Those who posted complaints said that the product does not really have any scientific backing, which means no useful research was done, and the research claimed by the company to have been carried out were done in the 1990s.

How Vaso9 Works

Vaso9 is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to increase penis size and this is done by boosting blood flow to the penis.

You can also use Vaso9 to increase your stamina and overall libido while you are engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.

This is a product for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or decrease in sexual desire and one of the main ingedients in Vaso9 is tribulus terrestris, which is effective in treating sexual dysfunction problems.

This is a natural ingredient so it is a safe one for products like Vaso9.

L citruline is another ingredient used in Vaso9 and it boosts blood flow through the body. L arginine is important for men with erectile dysfunction and it is included in Vaso9.

Eurycoma longifolia has been shown to increase testosterone and it is important in improving sexual performance.

Avena sativa makes it possible for you to have stronger sexual desire. It is best to take this supplement before or after meals.

The dosage for Vaso9 is one to two pills per day. When you use Vaso9, you will enjoy your sexual experiences more and your partner will be satisfied with the results that Vaso9 brings.

Vaso9 Side Effects

One potential side effect of Vaso9 is that you could develop gymnocastia and this is a condition where you develop breasts.

Other side effects of taking Vaso9 include acne, hair loss and increase in size of prostate. If you are seeing these symptoms you need to stop taking the supplements and meet with your doctor immediately.

Vaso9 has L arginine and this ingredient pumps more blood to the brain but it could lead to cranial pressure and this puts you at risk of getting a stroke. Too much L arginine could also lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain and headaches.

A common side effect of Vaso9 and other male enhancement pills is an erection that lasts more than four hours, and this causes damage to the penis.

In addition to taking Vaso9, you should also do a few pelvic exercises and eat healthy as this is excellent in improving sexual performance.

Beware of buying Vaso9 from retailers who may not be selling authentic versions of this product.

It is better to purchase it right from the manufacturer’s website to ensure you’re getting a safe product. Finally, you want to follow instructions carefully when taking Vaso9.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Increases blood flow to help enlarge erect penis size
  • Helps increase both length and girth, both important for female pleasure during intercourse
  • Some ingredients are added to increase libido and desire
  • No prescription necessary
  • Comes with 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No auto-shipping


  • Exact mixture of each ingredient isn’t listed on bottle
  • While individual ingredients of Vaso 9 have been tested, this particular blend has never gone through clinical trials
  • Some users report that Vaso 9 produces flatulence

Final Word

Vaso9 is the combination of a highly effective Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and pharmaceutical-grade L-Citrulline and L-Arginine for producing nitric oxide.

The result is a true breakthrough in the industry that has turned this product into a revolutionary male enhancement phenomenon.

Thus, the user can easily experience an increase in sexual stamina and penis size; an improvement in erectile function; and have more pleasure during sex.

Thousands of people have bought this product! However, it is the best product today?

Many of the reviews saying Vaso9 is the best male enhancement pill are fake, and this means that the manufacturer is only interested in your money.

The website of the company is always down! This is another indication that it is not the right product for you.

Why should you spend money on a product which has been around for only a short time?

Sexual health is one of the most important parts of the overall health of any man.

All the men you see today really want to be healthy, but very few of them appreciate the importance of sexual health.

The reason is that they have been frustrated after being deceived over the years by manufacturers like Research Applied Sciences.

The good news is that there is a better male enhancement pill for every man today. Check it out today!

22. Sinrex

Sinrex Review

Sinrex is an all-natural and safe male enhancement pill that has generally seen positive reviews since its release.

Asinrexs well as the typical claims made by this type of supplement, that is, that it gives the user increased libido, more stamina, harder and longer-lasting erections, and extra length and girth, it also boasts a feature that is rather unique: increased semen volume.

This is definitely a plus, as increased semen output can make a man feel more virile and give him more confidence in the bedroom.


Unlike a lot of male enhancement supplement suppliers, Sinrex actually includes an ingredient listing on their website and it contains both the standard ingredients as well as some seen less often.


Sinrex is definitely one of the better male enhancement product choices available as it has many different health benefits and a solid reputation.

  • Fast-acting.
  • Enhances volume and quality of sperm, making it a good choice for men who want to raise their sperm count.
  • No side effects (However, individual ingredients may affect pre-existing conditions or interact with medications. Always check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to use any supplement product.)
  • Improves libido and testosterone levels.
  • Increased blood flow for stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections, as well as increased size when erect.
  • Some users say it solved their premature ejaculation problems.
  • Does not just help with issues related to ED; Sinrex also contains ingredients that help build muscle mass, antioxidants, and aid in the health of the prostate and colon.
  • Reasonably priced: $39.95 for a one month supply, $119.95 for a three month supply, and $199.95 for a six month supply. (As of this writing, October 14, 2014, there is currently a deal where you get three bonus bottles with the purchase of a three month supply).
  • Excellent customer support includes a 24/7 online chat option.


As with most products, Sinrex does have its disadvantages:

  • Some customers do not like that Sinrex is only available online, though that is simply a matter of taste.
  • Results were mixed, so Sinrex does not work for everyone.
  • Can take up to a month before a difference is noticed.
  • Website mentions research studies, but there are no actual copies of said studies available.
  • 180 day guarantee only applies to full bottles and for the refund to be authorized all bottles, full and empty must be shipped back. (So don’t throw away your bottles)
  • Will most likely not increase any semen production since it doesn’t contain Zinc like other semen enhancers such as Performer5.
  • Not listed in BBB.

Final Word

sinrex-websiteSinrex may not be the best male enhancement product available on the market, but it is a fairly solid performer that has worked for many men nationwide.

Sinrex offers their users a chance to experience more sexual satisfaction through increased stamina and libido, harder and longer-lasting erections, and greater size and girth.

In addition to that, Sinrex also increases the amount and quality of sperm, a feature that few male enhancement products possess.

To top it all off, Sinrex includes ingredients that are meant to better your entire body, including your cardiovascular system, muscles, prostate, and colon.

Reasonably priced and proven effective, Sinrex is a must-try for any man looking to maximize his sexual potential.

You can buy it from their official website – sinrex.com for $49.95 for a two month supply. There is also a listing on Ebay for $89.95. You will also get a bottle of Sinrex if you order the complete ProExtender system.

23. Triverex

Triverex Review

triverexTriverex is another male enhancement pill made in the USA that has been advertised on TV for quite some time as a cheap trial offer that keeps billing your credit card with their auto-shipping program.

They have received a number of complaints on http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/triverex-c503473.html and most of them are related to customers having a hard time canceling their auto-shipping.

It is worth mentioning that some of them might not have read the fine print regarding enrolling in their auto-shipping program.

You should always be very careful about trial offers since they mostly are a telltale sign of auto-shipping. I will continue this review by reviewing Triverex itself below.

Features and Benefits

Triverex contains several all-natural ingredients in a proprietary blend – without any amounts disclosed (just 1,250mg per serving).

Its main ingredient is Korean red ginseng –  a popular antioxidant and adaptogen, being a favorite in Asian medicine for centuries which seems to work best when in combination with other ingredients.

Adaptogens improve concentration and help you handle stress – both mental and physical, and they have variable effects on your blood pressure depending on the amount of the dose.

Red ginseng has been shown in animal studies to increase sexual performance overall, and both the quality and amount of sperm.

Studies in humans show an increase in libido, and fewer problems with gaining and maintaining an erection.

Triverex also contains epimedium which is known by many other names, like horny goat weed, barrenwort, and bishop’s hat.

It has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, but the way it works has only recently become understood.

When Viagra was first issued a patent, the government said that the maker of Viagra couldn’t enforce its patent against makers of epimedium because it was an example of prior use of the chemical.

Epimedium contains icariin, which works similar to the active ingredient in Viagra.

Triverex also contains maca root and L-citrulline – two more compounds that improve blood flow.


  • Made entirely from all-natural ingredients
  • Has other beneficial effects in addition to improving male sexual performance
  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Increases sperm counts and motility
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases blood flow to the penis without spiking your blood pressure
  • Some ingredients have been used for centuries


  • Isn’t effective if take along with alcohol
  • Ratio of ingredients is unknown, so dosage information can be vague
  • Very few clinical studies on men, although there is a long track record for many of the ingredients on their own
  • Red ginseng products like Triverex can’t be used if you’re taking insulin, or are being treated with prednisone
  • Benefits stop immediately when you stop taking it.

Final Word

triverex-md-websitePrices vary for Triverex, but you can usually find a 4-month supply for less than $100.

The recommended dosage is three pills a day for the first three weeks, and then two pills a day after that.

Triverex works whether it’s taken with food or on an empty stomach. Like many supplements, the ingredients are safe as long as you don’t overdo it.

If you take more than the recommended dosage you might suffer from spikes in your blood pressure, inability to sleep, nausea, headaches, or nosebleeds.

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you shouldn’t take Triverex without consulting your doctor.

Triverex offers a combination of increased alertness and energy, lowered stress, increased blood flow, and increased sperm count and motility, all factors that can improve your sexual performance.

Since it’s all-natural, Triverex is worth a look if you want to avoid the pharmacy when you need help in the bedroom.

You can find it on their website http://www.farrlabs.com/sexual-health/triverex.html

24. Extagen

Extagen Review

Extagen male enhancement tablets is a supplement that some people buy.

ExtagenHowever, before you put your health at risk, you need to know certain things.

In addition to not having any BBB accreditation, the pill is produced and shipped by a company known as J3 Labs in Arizona.

The so-called corporate office of the company is a residential structure, which immediately tells you that the manufacturer does not have any experience in pills for male enhancement.


Maca extract

Extagen is claimed to be for people who are tired of experiencing sexual dysfunction and want things to change, as the supplement is designed to boost your libido and increase stamina for stronger performance in the bedroom.

The manufacturer claims that when you use Extagen you will see a larger penis and this improves sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

Extagen does this by increasing the blood flow through the penis, and within five weeks you should see some results in your libido, penis size and sexual performance.

Extagen is said to be safe not only because of the natural herbs in it but also because it has no animal tested ingredients or yeast, which could irritate some men.

Extagen contains the herb called yohimbe and it is effective in improving your erections.

Other ingredients include L-arginine, ginseng, zinc salt and maca extract, which are common in most male enhancement products.

To get the most out of your Extagen, you want to take one pill a day and not exceed this dosage.

Another option is to do some pelvic exercises as this strengthens your penis for sexual intercourse.

You should also eat a healthy diet in addition to taking Extagen.

Side Effects

side-effectsSome of the side effects of Extagen include upset stomach, slight dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea so you want to keep this in mind when using the supplements.

One reason for these side effects could be because your body is not used to the herbs that are in these supplements but over time the side effects will go away.

Never take the Extagen with alcohol because it could cause health problems and if you have medical problems you should avoid this product.

Since Extagen is hypoallergenic, people with allergies do not have to worry about reactions to the supplements.

Extagen contains catuaba and some known side effects of this herb include headaches, dizzy spells, and possibly opposite reactions regarding sexual performance when the dosage is too much.

The company suggests that you should make sure you are healthy enough to take Extagen and once you get the desired results, stop usage because you do not want to depend on them long term.

There are websites selling Extagen without giving warnings about these side effects, with many of them claiming to be the “legitimate seller” seller of the male enhancement pill. But, should you buy Extagen?

Final Word

Extagen is designed to stimulate the growth of the penis internally through ingredients extracted from herbs.

Extagen also has a 120-day guarantee, which means that if it does not meet your expectation after being used for some weeks, you can request for a refund.

However, does this 120-day guarantee mean that the product does what it says? Extagen is claimed to increase penis size during an erection within 5 days.

Therefore, if it takes 5 days to start seeing the results of Extagen, it may not the best choice. In addition to the website having little or no information about how the product really works, there is no information on how long the male enhancement product lasts.

The manufacturer of Extagen claims that the product has many good ingredients which are necessary for sexual satisfaction.

However, many tests carried out by experts showed that Extagen did not contain any of the major ingredients.

Extagen is not the best male enhancement product for men, especially compared to many other better ones on sale today.

The other options help men to gain up to a half inch in girth and at least an inch in length, and usually within a short time.

Unlike Extagen, improvements in erection duration and firmness will be noticeable, and there are no side effects which put the life of the user at risk.

25. Erectzan

Erectzan Review

Erectzan is a male enhancement pill whose online ratings are very polarized: some rate it as #1 or the Editor’s Choice, others say to avoid it like the plague. But which view is accurate?

People talking about Erectzan.

Erectzan Overview

ErectzanThe website design is fairly amateurish—it is too busy, there are too many different colors to look cohesive, and it basically looks like they tried to throw all of their information at you at one time.

Of course, appearance does not necessarily dictate content and quality, but it can be quite a good indicator.

Whenever judging a website’s legitimacy, there are a few things for which you want to look, especially when you are reviewing male enhancement products because their websites can be some of the worst offenders as far as shadiness.

  1. Company name: It seems like a no brainer to include the company name, but a several male enhancement websites do not include this information. Erectzan.com is one of those websites. The “business name” next to the copyright information is simple “erectzan.com.” Considering that male enhancement products are generally backed by large companies, the likelihood of this being the actual company is minimal at best.
  2. Contact information: This is another possible location for a company name, but not for Erectzan. Customers are directed to mail their checks or money orders to “erectzan.com 382 NE 191st St #28386, Miami, FL 33179-3899.” When that address is Googled, we at last find a company name: Natures Health Resource, which, by the way, currently features Erectzan as its Editor’s Choice. The fact that they manufacture Erectzan is stated at the very top of the webpage, in tiny, blue font that all but blends into the blue background.

In other words, overall first impression is not great, as the business seems like it is deliberately trying to hide its identity and seems misleading in its reviews for its own product.

(That review, by the way, features praise for their customer service team, laments that the only disadvantage of Erectzan is poor marketing, and includes the phrase: “Erectzan is the name that is not amongst those filthy names that make people addictive of their products.” (Source same as above))

Erectzan Claims

Their claims are fairly standard for male enhancement products:

  1. Harder, stronger, and more satisfying erections
  2. Stronger, more intense orgasms
  3. Increased stamina and sexual drive
  4. Long-lasting erections
  5. Stops premature ejaculation
  6. Improves performance, pleasure, desire, and power
  7. Improves relationships and sex lives
  8. Gives you increased confidence
  9. Safe and scientifically formulated with only natural herbal ingredients.

User reviews not found on the Erectzan website seem to lean more towards the negative side, with some users reporting rather intense side effects, like loss of equilibrium and repeated vomiting, but most stating that they saw no results, or results that were not even close to the standard that Erectzan had promised.

Erectzan Ingredients

Erectzan’s ingredient list is rather extensive (the full list can also be found here).

However, although it helpfully describes exactly how each substance functions within their formula, they fail to disclose the amount of each.

This is a glaring omission, as many of the herbs included in Erectzan require a large amount to be effective.

In the end, it does not really matter whether or not Erectzan contains 20 different herbal ingredients—if the quantities aren’t there, then the ingredients do nothing.

Scientific Studies

erectzan-websiteErectzan claims to be backed by scientific studies, but neither actual studies nor links to studies were found on their website.

This is fairly standard for over-the-counter male enhancement products, and usually it would not garner its own separate section in a review.

However, Erectzan includes some interesting content on its website (https://www.erectzan.com/) that deserves discussion: “Many manufacturers take shortcuts with their ingredients, and safety and often make open-ended claims.

Some go as far as publishing false and made-up “clinical trials” regarding Erectzan’s effectiveness.

Others simply bash their competitors products that are often much better than those doing the bashing.

ErectZan has been subject to many such “attacks” from its competitors. When other companies simply do not have the quality of product like ErectZan, their only method for trying to compete is to speak negatively about the superior product such as ErectZan.”

Yes, you read correctly: Erectzan just pulled the corporate, male enhancement equivalent of “They’re only mean to me because they’re jealous that I’m prettier than they are,” an action usually only seen in girls in junior high.

Also, notice that they did not point the reader to their “scientific studies.” That’s because, unlike those inferior companies that “made up” clinical results, Erectzan just lied about having them in the first place.

Conclusion of our Erectzan Review

There are far better products out there for much less than Erectzan’s $49.97 price tag for one bottle. Do yourself  a favor and avoid Erectzan.

26. Longinexx

Longinexx Review

Long necks? The name says it all – if your “neck” is short and soft, then  Longinexx is there to give a helping hand.

LonginexxLonginexx is a male enhancement pill sold by Dartford Kent Laboratories, a company based out of London, England. It is one of the most popular supplements of its kind, generating positive reviews that can be found scattered throughout the internet.

Longinexx states that their product will:

  • Improve erection quality by making them larger, firmer, and fuller.
  • Increase sexual stamina, energy, and frequency of intercourse and revitalize sexual ability
  • Give more forceful orgasms
  • Maximize erectile mass and size

Of course, these are claims that almost every male enhancement product makes, so what makes Longinexx so special? According to them, it is their process.

How Does Longinexx Work?

The only aspect of the product about which the Longinexx website goes into detail is the method by which it accomplishes the aforementioned goals.

There is no ingredient list; in fact, it seems like the only ingredients specifically mentioned by name are L-Arginine, Butea Superba, and tribulus terrestris, while the other ingredients are mentioned in bulk in the phrase “Longinexx’s proprietary blend of naturally occurring ingredients,” which is unhelpfully vague.

However, the way the pill works is described in a little more detail.

Using what they call Rapid Expansion Technology, they have created a system that is both extended and immediate release.

The problem often seen with L-Arginine is that its lifespan is only several seconds long; therefore, to be effective, it has to either be time-released or taken in enormous quanities.

Longinexx employs the former tactic, creating a pill that releases some compounds quickly and others gradually, which gives the user not only immediate results, but long-lasting ones as well.


Longinexx has gained many fans, both male and female, because unlike many male enhancement products, it actually seems to work fairly well.

User reviews report increased stamina, better ease of arousal, and harder erections.

They offer competitive pricing ($39.99 for one bottle, $79.97 for two, $119.95 for three, and $159.93 for four) and provide extra bottles when you order more than a month’s supply.

The description of their pill’s process was very helpful, informative, and easy to understand and a most welcome change from sites that shroud their product in mystery.

Additionally, Longinexx as a company deserve some credit for having something on their website that few, if any, other male enhancement products have and that is testimonials that are not glowing reviews.

The users don’t rip into the product, of course, but they make statements about Longinexx being over-hyped or parts of the product that they found to be less effective, such as one reviewer who stated that while he did see a difference, the change took three months.

It’s rather refreshing to see (what looks like) a little bit of honesty.


Unsurprisingly, users experienced no growth in the flaccid size of their penis.

There is no pill that does this (if there were, it would be all over the news and men would be buying it in economy-sized bottles).

Longinexx, like most other male enhancement supplement websites, makes mention of scientific studies, but links to these studies could not be found by this review either on the website or through a Google search.

The most troubling aspect of Longinexx is their failure to provide an ingredient list on their website (http://www.longinexx.com/).

For a product that is not approved by the FDA, this is an unsettling omission that should cause some concern and hesitation among potential buyers.

The website states that Longinexx is made of “natural ingredients,” but that only means that the ingredients are not manmade.

In other words, it could contain anything from cat urine to volcanic ash (it most likely does not, but you get the point).

You can read some of the negative customer reviews on Amazon.

They also list a range of problems such as bad customer support to no results. You can also find a longer review on ripoff report.

Their website is somewhat broken and doesn’t work on mobile devices.

It looks like they hired two pornstars to do their “clients says it best”-video.

Conclusion of our Longinexx Review


Because of their failure to disclose their ingredient list, Longinexx is not highly recommended.

While the user reviews largely point to positive results, the fact remains that you are purchasing a product and you have no idea what it contains.

This seems like an unnecessary risk when there are other options available.

27. Cyvita

Cyvita Review

The Cyvita male enhancement pill is advertised on TV as, “Clinically proven” for longer, stronger and more frequent erections.

cyvitaThe company, Cyvita LLC has its headquarters at 4910 Longley Ln STE 101, Reno, NV 89502-7933.

It also states it is, better than taking Viagra alone and stronger than testosterone, but is it really?

I like to begin my reviews by looking at customer complaints, and Cyvita has a lot of them.

We can start by digging trough some of them at http://www.bbb.org/reno/business-reviews/health-and-wellness/cyvita-in-reno-nv-90015394.

It has at the time of writing a total number of 38 issues reported with the BBB.

Most of them are related to billing and problems with Cyvita. Most user complaints on http://www.scambook.com/group/view/1271/Cyvita-LLC are related to their auto-shipping program, which they don’t seem to cancel even if you tell them to.

There are also a few customer reviews on Amazon telling us that Cyvita does not work and it’s cheaper and better to buy a bottle of multivitamins instead.

These customer reviews are a good indication that Cyvita isn’t a winner when it comes to male enhancement pills.

Benefits claimed by Cyvita

  • Produced firmer, more frequent erections. (when sexually stimulated)
  • Performance and muscle recovery assistance
  • Increased cardiovascular health
  • Heightened stamina and awareness


  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Epimedium sagittatum (40% Icariin)
  • Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine
  • Acetyl l-carnitine

To put it as simply as possible, Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine, are used to increase blood flow.

Epimedium sagittatum is used as a PDE5 suppressant, which helps the blood flow to a man’s penis.

The two main active ingredients are, Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine. They’re actually both amino acids and are essential to the body’s wellbeing.

Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine is known to increase nitrates, that can help with penile erection.

Both Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine have been found to be an active drug for symptoms associate with male aging, like erectile function.

Each Cyvita tablet has 2000 mg of carnitine, although the exact amount of Glycine Propionyl l-carnitine and Acetyl l-carnitine are not known. They are considered a proprietary mixtures.

Carnitine can be found in a variety of other supplements and foods, and in some countries are considered, “Natural health products”.


  • There are no known adverse side effects
  • Cheap to try a trial bottle
  • The ingredients are scientifically sound[/su_tab]


  • Ingredients list is lacking higher quality components
  • Can only be ordered online, not sold in stores
  • No scientific studies to back Cyvita’s claims specifically
  • The trial signup is an automatically renewed cost of $59.40 a month if you don’t cancel within 12 days.
  • Depending on dosage, you can run out of tablets very quickly
  • Many consumer complaints, Cyvita is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • No money back guarantees[/su_tab]

Final Word

cyvita-websiteCyvita is not the same thing as Viagra, in that, it doesn’t give instant results.

Cyvita is a slower process, that not only effects your erections, but also your entire body.

If all of the benefits Cyvita claims are true, it could take several weeks, some others several days, before noticing Cyvita’s effects.

You need to remember that everyone’s body will react differently to different kinds of medications and supplements.

While carnitine’s have been shown to have some health benefits, not all of the claimed benefits have been proven and are still under investigation.

The fact that there are no scientific peer reviewed studies on Cyvita, should be a red flag for some people.

Even though, there are no stated adverse side effects to Cyvita, you should always consult with a physician, especially, if you are taking other medication.

Cyvita states, the safe recommended number of tablets to take is, 2 – 6 a day, on an empty stomach.

Cyvita also goes on to say, 2 tablets daily will keep a man prime and 6 tablets on the day of, or prior to arousal should work fine.

You can find it on their website https://www.cyvita.com/

You can see their ad below.

28. Virility Ex

Virility Ex Review

Virility Ex

Virility Ex has only quite recently exploded onto the international male enhancement market, with more and more riveting adverts being rolled out all over the country, and indeed worldwide.

Although early signs are indeed very encouraging that this could indeed be the most effective natural penile enhancement formula yet to be made publicly available, it is still wise, as is the case with all new products, to take a step back and see exactly what it is that you are about to buy.

But if you are suffering from any sort of low self-esteem or self-worth, due to the small size of your penis, or indeed you are suffering relationship worries because of it, then it is most definitely worth your time and effort to read this review and take a closer looking at this exciting new product.

(NOTE: some sites are claiming that you can get a “free trial” of Virility Ex. We have searched high and low online, and have found NO EVIDENCE WHATSOVER that this is the case.

You can obtain free bottles with selected packages if you order direct from the manufacturer, but there is NOT a free trial available anywhere, as far as we can see! – please be wary of any site claiming that there is !)

Current Public Opinion on Virility Ex

Over recent weeks we have carried out extensive research online to try and determine the current public opinion of those who have already bought and used Virility Ex.

As yet, the overwhelming majority of comments and such that we have uncovered have been positive.

Although this is indeed good news, and seems very promising, do bear in mind though that this is still quite a new product to hit the market.

The first thing to note about Virility Ex is that it’s a 100% natural herbal formula.

For us, this is naturally a primary concern whenever we look into a new herbal male enhancement such as this one. i.e what exactly does it contain? So being a totally natural formulation was vital for us.

Virility Ex Ingredients

The key to the apparent success of this product is in the unique combination of the Virility Ex ingredients.

Whilst many other male enhancement formulas have tried to sell themselves based on one main ingredient (a ploy which the market clearly saw through, and which will never produce decent results anyway), the company behind Virility Ex have come up with something very far removed from these inferior substandard products.

Indeed, this product is almost revolutionary in its concept. Rather than concentrate on including just one main ingredient, they have really searched wide to include just about every major herb known to man which has been shown to have beneficial effects on health conditions such as increased blood flow, alertness, energy etc etc.

The important thing about this is that all these conditions, when treated, reportedly can have a direct effect on your sexual energy and desire.

What’s more, based on their own testing and research, they have put together these herbs in very specific ratios – ratios which together work together to produce maximum results.

This is why Virility Ex is so powerful, and why it is proving to be so successful with men all across the globe.

And the result is a formula which is fast becoming one of the best selling natural male enhancement products ever to hit the market.

Let’s take a look at these ingredients, and how they can help you achieve bigger, longer lasting erections, and how that in turn can dramatically improve your sex life.

(please note that,due partly to regional import laws, actual concentrations may vary, depending on which part of the world you live in).

Virility Ex Main Components

  • L-Arginine 67mg – Probably the most important element of all the Virility Ex ingredients, L-Arginine is an amino acid which research has shown can augment the blood flow to the penis enormously. Many athletic and body-building supplements include this very popular amino acid.
  • Yohimbe 250mg – The other main active ingredient in Virility Ex is a powerful herb called Yohimbe. This has been shown to increase the flow of blood into the penis, which subsequently improves the quality of the erection. The more blood, the harder the penis becomes. Each Virility Ex pill contains 250mg of this powerful herb.
  • Lypedium Meyenii / Maca 240mg – this is derived from a radish found in Peru. It has been passed down through many generations, and is revered for its powerful abilities to increase sexual performance. As well as that, it contains macamides and macaense, and is able to improve general levels of energy, as well as your libido.
  • Horny Goat / Epimedium Sagittatum 160mg – this is a deed which is used throughout China and Japan, and helps to widen and clear the blood vessels within the man’s penis, which in turn has a direct result on increasing the male libido. It is also thought to be responsible for increasing ejaculate volume.
  • Tirbulis Terrestris 200mg – Used in Ayurvedic medicine for several thousands of years to treat problems of the reproductive system, this fruit is able to calm the nervous system, as well as increase the natural levels of testosterone, and other vital hormones.
  • Eleutherocossus Senticosus 100mg – also know as Siberian Ginseng, this herb has been part of Chinese Medicine for many years. It aids in regulating many body functions, increasing overall good health, improve alertness and vigor.
  • Elk Velvet Antler 100mg – used to treat sexual performance, and increase vitality and energy in those who take it.
  • Erythroxylum Catuaba 20mg -used extensively in Brazilian traditional medicine, this barks has aphrodisiac properties, and also helps to stimulate the central nervous system. The latter is believed to play a part in enhancing sexual function.
  • Other ingredients include Muira Puama, Oat Straw, Daminan, Eurycoma Longjack, Sarsaparilla, Zinc Oxide, Niacin, Heart-Leaf Sida, Oatstraw, Cola, Pumpkin, American Ginseng, Ginger, Cayenne, Boron Citrate, Bovine Orchic Substance.

For a complete list of all the ingredients, please visit the official Virility Ex website.

A Word of Caution

At this point it is worth remembering that, although this is a completely natural product, and there have been few, if any, reports of anyone suffering any side effects from taking Virility Ex, you must ensure that you do not have any known allergies to any of the ingredients listed.

Furthermore, it would be wise just to consult with your health care practitioner before taking this, or any other supplement.

What Makes Virility Ex Different?

The main reason why Virility Ex appears to be effective for so many people is down to the potent strength of the exact combination of ingredients – ingredients that, on their own are already well respected for their benefits when it comes to improving overall or sexual health – but which, when put together in specific quantities, prove to be then be even more effective.

So, it is the combining effect of all the correct ingredients mixed together, rather than just on their own, which is allowing Virility Ex such a potent male enlargement formulation.

To protect their brand, the manufacturers are understandably not revealing the exact ratios of how they have put these ingredients together.

But clearly this product is a major breakthrough in sexual health technology.

Although it is relatively new, it is already producing rapid results, and there are many guys who do seem to be experiencing astonishing improvements in their sex lives after taking it.

This is the main reason why so many men are now deciding to buy Virility Ex.


  • 100% Natural Herbal Formula.
  • Safe and effective.
  • Can increase sexual stamina in men.
  • Can quickly help to enlarge the penis.
  • Seen on television.
  • a lot of positive comments to be seen from satisfied men (we take a small pinch of salt when we see any testimonial or comment, but on the whole the majority seems genuine).


  • Not yet able to be bought in main street stores.
  • Too new to confirm any aspect with 100% certainty.

Who should try it?

Virility Ex will be of benefit to any man who is having issues with the size of his penis, and who has as yet been unable to solve that problem just using penile expansion exercises etc.

Who should not try it?

If you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients which are contained within Virility Ex, you may want to consider choosing an alternative product.


It is being sold on virilityex.com. The current price is €29 for one bottle, but you will get a discount for bulk orders.

You can also find it on Ebay for $39.95.

Conclusion of our Virility Ex Review

Virility-Ex-websiteIf you have been concerned about how small your penis is for quite a while now, or the low level of sexual stamina you have in comparison to other men, then you will probably find this to be a potent solution which addresses both of those issues.

Although not always simple to get hold of, especially if you reside in some countries of the world, the manufacturing company is currently offering new customers special offer deals if you buy direct from them – although we are not sure how long those special deals will be valid, so we would advise checking those special offers out now.

In our view, Virility Ex is certainly worth trying. If you try it and find that it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work – there will be no harm done.

But what happens if it does work? Can you just imagine the new you, with a larger, fuller and longer lasting erection?

And imagine the pleasure you’ll see on your partner’s or girlfriend’s face when she gets to experience it for the first time!

With all the male enlargement pills currently on the market, this may indeed be the best penis enhancement program yet to be made available to the market, and may just allow you to overcome and deal with your small penis problems once and for all.

We hope that this Virility Ex review has been useful in your decision as to whether to go out and buy Virility Ex or not.

Do also bear in mind that Virility Ex results will be different from person to person.

29. Orviax

Orviax Review

Orviax is a newcomer in the highly competitive and lucrative male enhancement market and it claims to be a 100% natural supplement that was designed to help men end erectile dysfunction naturally and safely.

orviaxOrviax enables you to “rise to the occasion” and give you rock hard erection and longer lasting sexual performance to impress your partner.

Unlike drugs, Orviax is natural; and does not cause any unpleasant side effects.

It is highly potent as it contains some of the most potent herbs that was carefully chosen from around the world and these herbs are proven to fight E.D. effectively.

With so many enhancement manufacturers making false advertising claims about their effectiveness, does Orviax really work as claimed or is it another male enhancement scam?

To find out whether it really works or not, we simply have to examine its list of ingredients.

Orviax is sold at $57.75 per bottle. And each bottle contains 30 capsules and it works out to be $1.93/capsule.

You need to take 2 capsules a day and it cost close to $ a day, $120 a month, which is expensive compared to other more popular brand such as Male Extra and VigRx Plus.

It is also being sold on Amazon for $20.00 per bottle.

You are supposed to take 2 capsules daily after your meal.


We believe this pill does contain some of the most potent enhancement herbs such as Epimedium, commonly known as Horny Goat Weeds, Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe and Ginseng.

These herbs are known for their effectiveness in treating male erectile dysfunction.

These ingredients are very common and can be easily found in many male supplements in the market.

Honestly, there is nothing to shout about. With the inclusion of Maca, Ginseng, Tribulus, we believe it does work as these ingredients are proven clinically to aid in performance.

Final Word

We welcome the fact that Orviax does contain tribulus, epimedium, ginseng, maca, these herbs are proven to work effectively in restoring male sexual health.

Orviax is new and may not have proven itself yet and that’s why we advise you to do a bit of research before you buy any male supplements.

However, Orviax is relatively expensive if you take the daily dosage into consideration.

With 2 capsules a day, and a bottle of Orviax of 30 capsules can last only 15 days, at $57.75 a bottle, you have to spend $115.50 a month.

If you read the comments on Amazon, they you can see that most of them are negative. This means that it is highly likely that Orviax doesn’t do anything at all.

This means that we do not really recommend it. Also, consider all negative reviews about it – it is a clear “stay away”.

30. Magna Rx

Magna Rx Review

magnarxMagna Rx is an over-the-counter male enhancement pill formulated by a licensed medical professional, one of only a handful on the market that can make this claim.

Dr. Aguilar is responsible for the research and the development of this male enhancement product.

He spent more than three decades researching the ingredients that are now found in this proprietary blend of all-natural supplements.

Not only is this male enhancement option designed by a licensed physician, it’s also passed through multiple clinical trials and independent reviews.

General Overview

Magna Rx is marketed as the number one bestselling male enhancement formula since 2001.

The manufacturer behind Magna Rx claims that they have already sold more than 50 million pills since originally hitting the market, and that they sell anywhere between 3 and 5 million pills each year.

Magna Rx testimonials from its users are mixed at best.

Promising to help them improve their sexual stamina, confidence, and libido, this particular solution also works to improve the quality and consistency of erections.

These results are made possible because of the all-natural herbal ingredient formulation used in Magna Rx, which also results in the solution to be quite safe.


  • Includes no known harmful ingredients or chemical substances
  • Will provide full results in just 90 days
  • Does not require a prescription (though speaking to a licensed medical professional head of time is always advised)


  • The formulation behind Magna Rx regularly changes, which may impact its consistency of results
  • Individuals that use this supplement report better results when taking advantage of multivitamins and dietary changes
  • Magna Rx requires daily supplementation for at least 30 days to see noticeable changes.

Important information about the ingredients in Magna Rx

Though there are more than 15+ ingredients in Magna Rx, L-arginine is the most prominent.

A natural diuretic that works to improve circulatory system function and overall blood flow to the penis, this ingredient is responsible for improving your erections.

Shuttling more blood to the genital region (without raising blood pressure to unsafe levels), this ingredient has been clinically proven to be effective at increasing circulatory function without negative health impacts.

Guarantees and/or money back promises

All purchases of this male enhancement product are going to be protected by a full 60 day money back guarantee without limitation.

Customers can return any unused capsules back to the company behind Magna Rx via their online website (http://www.magnarx.com/home.html) or bring them into any local GNC, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, or 7/11 (that carry this merchandise) and return them there as well.

What’s included with the purchase of Magna Rx?

Every bottle of Magna Rx will contain a full month’s supply of 30 capsules.

Value for the money

Magna Rx is relatively inexpensive compared to the competition at just $29.95. There is also a 50% off promotion being run right now that is good for a limited time only.

Final Verdict

magna-rx-websiteMagna Rx is one of just a handful of male enhancement products designed by licensed medical professionals.

It also takes advantage of a neutral and nondangerous herbal ingredient list, though the ratios of each ingredient are as of yet unknown.

Because this formula goes through so many changes and iterations consistency cannot be guaranteed, which may be an issue for customers moving forward.

31. Xanogen

Xanogen Review

There has been a lot of talk about Xanogen recently, and many people search for it on Google together with HGH Factor.xanogen

PECritic would like to point out that this combination of pills isn’t something *magical* for your penis that will make it grow 4.4 inches or anything like that.

Xanogen is just like any other male enhancement supplement – it works by enhancing your sex drive and blood-flow through its ingredients.
Before I placed an order for their 1-month bottle I did some research online by looking at user complaints, because that’s a good first sign in order to see what kind of product you’re dealing with.

User Reviews

I found one complaint on http://www.scambook.com/report/view/94715/Xanogen-HGH-Factor-Complaint-94715-for-$150.00 – clearly, this customer didn’t check the actual price of Xanogen which is quite high for a male enhancement supplement.
I also found Xanogen being sold on http://www.amazon.com/Applied-Science-Labs-Xanogen-Capsule/dp/B00FZPU0DW and most of the reviews there are negative in regard to its overall effectiveness.
It should be clear that you really can’t know what kind of expectations these individual customers had, but 5 bad reviews out of 7 is not that good.
Looking at the remaining 2 positive reviews, we can see that the first bottle didn’t work, but then he started taking 2 pills in the morning and then 2 more each hour, meaning that he took a higher dosage in order to be able to notice any difference.
None of the reviews mention any side effects which a good sign. I didn’t notice any big changes in the first or second week in penis size, but I found that it was slightly easier to get an erection. Most of the ingredients in Xanogen are used to promote better erections and that’s what you should expect from taking it.


  • Has many ingredients that have clinical proof of usefulness.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Isn’t affect by alcohol use.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • While many of the ingredients in Xanogen have been clinically tested, Xanogen has not.
  • More expensive than similar products.
  • Can cause headaches.
  • Some users report nausea after taking Xanogen.
  • Results stop quickly if you stop taking the supplement.

Final Word

Fxanogen-websiteor Xanogen to work, you need to take two capsules daily for at least two months. Most users see partial results in as little as three weeks.

One bottle is enough Xanogen for a month, and costs just under $90.

You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing in bulk. A six-month supply of Xanogen is priced under $420, which is about 20 percent off its list price.

Purchasing in bulk on Applied Science Labs own website (http://www.xanogen.com/) entitles customers to additional gifts and bonuses.

You can purchase Xanogen on Amazon, but there are no bulk discounts available, and it’s not eligible for Prime shipping discounts.

32. Enzyte

Enzyte Review


Enzyte is known to work in the realm of penile enhancers but the claims being made by the company seem to be a bit too good to be real.

It is proving rather difficult to prove whether the Enzyte male enhancement pill really works.

In reality there is simply not enough information contained within their official website that proves that it is as good as many claim.

The ingredients generally appear to be safe, although there is not nearly enough information regarding the quality of these ingredients or the manufacturing process.

Enzyte History

It appears that the United States Courts have come to their own conclusions about Enzyte.

Recently the owner of the Berkeley Premium Neutraceuticals, the official manufacturer of Enzyte, was found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and money-laundering.

The investigation was conducted by the FDA and other US government agencies.

They found that Berkeley’s claims were unsubstantiated.

And the owner of Berkeley was eventually ordered to pay fines and damages for numerous clients and also received a prison sentence.

There has also been much speculation and concern in regards to the refund and return policy.

Many vendors have made a promise to refund twice the actual amount paid if you are dissatisfied with Enzyte.

However many companies have asked their customers to sign waivers which will stop them from making additional claims.

Enzyte has not been tested by the FDA, and there does not appear to have been any research conducted by another third party, but then this is partially true in this industry in general.

As the ingredients are natural herbs and not synthetic chemicals, the complete effects and safety parameters have not been fully established as of yet.

The priority of any company that makes the claim that they have a product to enhance the size of a man’s penis is to provide proof.

However, Berkeley failed to do this and it seems unreal in the light of modern medical science practitioners who claim that no medicine or supplement can cause a permanent increase in penis size.

Enzyte Claims

Enzyte-websiteAnother extremely suspicious practice is that Enzyte originally claimed to permanently increase the size of a man’s penis.

However many customers were not satisfied and stated that there were absolutely no positive results.

Straight after this Berkely rewrote the claims about penis size. Their packaging now states that Enzyte can help men get fuller and firmer erections.

When Enzyte was first introduced into the marketplace during the early part of the last decade, the sales of this Enzyte proved to be tremendously successful.

The majority of customers were led to believe that this pill would increase their penis size and therefore Enzyte sold in millions.

However, as the claims were found to be untrue, the sales have dipped and the confidence in Enzyte is mostly gone.

Many more customers also reported illegal practices when ordering Enzyte from the official website.

The majority of people wished to merely make one order as this was a new and unknown product in the marketplace.

However, to their dismay, it was found that recurring charges were made to their credit cards and the issue took a larger time to get resolved with every additional user.

Enzyte Ingredients

Enzyte contains a mix of ingredients that isn’t very surprising.

Where to buy Enzyte

You can get it from Amazon for $57.00 (3-pack). It is also being sold on their official website – enzyte.com for $49.95 for a 1-month supply.

Conclusion of our Enzyte Review

There are better male enhancement pills with a better reputation than Enzyte, which is a good reason to pick one of these other pills.

33. Orexis

Orexis Review

orexisMany of the ingredients of the sexual enhancement pill Orexis are shown to be marginally effective in cases of causing arousal.

However, most of the evidence for these ingredients is anecdotal, and scholarly or scientific information on these ingredients can be difficult to find.

Many consumers are also concerned that the official website and buying pages are both unreliable and uninformative.

Orexis as a business practice, providing clear information about the actual contents of Orexis would be a major step forward.

The company displays pages claiming that “information on Orexis is not available.”

Luckily for consumers, information about the effects of Orexis is easy to find from other sources.

Many sites which offer information about Orexis are obviously affiliates and receive commissions on the sale of Orexis tracked through their site.

Although a few of these sites provide useful information about erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement, most of them are thinly veiled attempts to gain the trust of the reader.

If we are to assume that Orexis is effective, then it may be worth the risk of an unreliable provider in order to achieve the claimed effects of the product.

On the other hand, this pill contains a standard battery of herbal aphrodisiacs, including Ginseng and Tribulus terrestris, which are found in virtually every sexual enhancement supplement on the market.

orexis-lab-reportFor this reason, it’s a good idea to buy from a seller which is endorsed by the BBB, or is affiliated with other online best practices organizations.

The primary complaints of previous customers center on the inability of Orexis to fulfill their part of the 100% guarantee claimed on the selling page.

Their official site lacks most of the indicators of a quality product.

The ingredients are not immediately listed, and the claims are not organized into an easy-to-understand, testable list.

Although it is expected that Orexis would make claims which compete with other vendors of similar products, the company itself makes claims which are impossible to prove. For example, one is supposed to achieve “greater control over orgasm.” Furthermore, the lack of information available on the site itself makes Orexis difficult to buy.

The homepage itself contains the mechanism of payment processing, which suggests that customer service is handled over the phone.

Consumer reviews complain that their phone service “frequently does not answer,” only allowing a message to be left by an unhappy consumer.

For fulfilling the unexplained guarantee, you should consider that Orexis may lack the infrastructure necessary to respond to customer service issues.

Lab report

Research was conducted on Orexis, and it showed that it did not contain enough of each ingredient in order to be effective as a male enhancement supplement.

Where to buy

You can get it from Amazon for $12.95 for a pack. You can also get it from Ebay at a price of $28.95 for 60 capsules. However, you should not buy Orexis!

34. Zenerx

Zenerx Review


Zenerx is marketed as an overall health supplement as much as a male sexual enhancement pill.

That isn’t that usual. In many cases, deterioration in a man’s overall health has as much to do with an inability to get and hold an erection than any particular underlying cause.

As men age, they produce less of the hormones like testosterone that are responsible for all male physical characteristics.

This can also lead to being more sedentary, which can cause more troubles with sexual health.

Zenerx has many ingredients that stimulate the body’s own ability to produce needed hormones, and it increases blood flow to the penis that can result in larger, harder erections.

However, there are a number of complaints related to side effects when taking Zenerx. You can find them here http://zenerx.pissedconsumer.com/.

One of the customers complained about heartburn and wanted a refund, but the email bounced back.

No one answered at the 800-number either. Also, please note that the person in their chat is not a real person, it is a bot programmed to auto-respond.

It should be noted that one of the complaining users actually got results from using Zenerx by having an increased heart-rate.

This could be dangers for some people suffering from heart-disease, but if you are otherwise healthy, then it should be no problem.

Getting a hold of customer support seems to be a reoccurring problem in the male enhancement world.

Features and Benefits

Zenerx tries to address as many facets of men’s cardiovascular and sexual health as it can by combining a lot of male enhancement ingredients in one pill.

The exact blend of the ingredients is proprietary, so you can’t tell exactly how much of any ingredient is in one pill.

Zenerx contains epimedium, a naturally occurring plant-based substance that has icariin. Icariin has a similar effect on erectile dysfunction as Viagra.

Unlike Viagra, icariin isn’t a synthetic compound.

It works by relaxing the muscles in the penis in order to let more blood flow into the area to give you longer, wider, and harder erections.

Zenerx also contains tribulus terrestris, ginkgo biloba, niacin, zinc, berry extracts, red ginseng, maca bark, cinnamon, and other ingredients useful for male sexual health.


  • Available without a doctor’s prescription
  • Made entirely from all-natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA in a controlled environment
  • Can increase libido
  • Can increase both the hardness and size of your erections
  • All ingredients are listed on the company’s webpage
  • Comes with a 90-day guarantee or your money back


  • While ingredients are listed, the particular amounts of each item are not specified
  • Some users report mild side effects like headaches and nausea
  • Will increase your heart-rate and can be dangerous for people suffering from heart-disease
  • Some ingredients have been clinically tested for efficacy, but Zenerx itself has not
  • Not FDA approved
  • More costly than competing brands

Final Word

zenerx-websiteZenerx combines more different ingredients than any herbal supplement we’ve looked at.

This has good and bad aspects. Every person is different, and if one component of the supplement has a beneficial effect, you’ll have a difficult time determining which one it is.

There’s a limit to how much male sexual enhancement supplements you can take daily, so including some minor supplements that don’t help you as much can make the ingredients that do work less effective.

On the other hand, having so many different ingredients in one capsule improves the chances that one or more of them will work for you.

The large amount of ingredients also makes Zenerx more expensive than many other male enhancement supplements.

A one-month supply of Zenerx is slightly less than $50, although you can save money if you buy from the company in bulk.

Zenerx isn’t available on common ecommerce sites like Amazon or http://zenerx.com/, so it’s difficult to find a discounted price except by buying in bulk.

35. ExtenZe

ExtenZe Review

You may have seen endorsements by Ron Jeremy and other adult celebrities for the ExtenZe male enhancement pill and you may also have considered buying it – this is something you should not do!

extenzeAccording to the official website, you will see results within your first month, but you should continue to take ExtenZe for 3 to 4 months. You are supposed to only take 1 pill per day after a meal.

The following claims are made on their official website:

  • All natural (It’s true, but it contains unhealthy ingredients).
  • Simple to take (Agreed, it’s just a normal pill).
  • Affordable (It’s even more affordable if you buy it from Walmart).
  • No side effects (This statement is not true).
  • 100% guaranteed (Not if you read user reviews about its effectiveness, but ExtenZe itself has a money-back guarantee).

You can buy Extenze from Walmart for $26.88 or Extenze.net. However, there are a lot of negative user reviews on that site.

Make sure to read them if you really plan to buy ExtenZe. If you buy it from their official website for $59.95, you also get a 60-day money back guarantee.


Most of these ingredients do not have any amounts specified since it comes as a proprietary blend.

Extenze Prohormone Blend 60mg

  • Micronized DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) 50mg
  • Pregnanolone (3ß-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one) 10mg

Extenze Bio-Enhancement Blend 25mg

Extenze Sexual Response Enhancement Blend 600mg

ExtenZe contains Yohimbe which is a stimulant that increases or lowers blood pressure – and most often to dangerous levels.

The FDA has listed Yohimbe as a dangerous supplement which is a good reason to stay away from it.

It does work for some people, but only with the correct dosage which has to be very precise.

However, considering how dangerous ExtenZe is, there is no way that I could recommend it to anyone when there are much better and safer alternatives available.

There is no point in doing a review for ExtenZe considering how dangerous it is to use and the number of complaints reported from different people.

Visit this site to read about the complaints – http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/extenze-c94234.html.extenze-lab-report

Complaints have been reported by both young people and older people and they are all showing side effects from Yohimbe such as bleeding from the nose, dizziness, increased heart rate, panic attacks and more.

These side effects are also mentioned at the back of each package along with a recommendation to only take this pill if you are over 40 years old.

You can read about the other effects on Wikipedia. These side effects are nasty and especially dangerous if you suffer from high blood pressure or any other kind if heart disease.

There is no reason to recommend ExtenZe to 100% healthy people either since there are safer alternatives available.

Don’t risk your health by taking a dangerous supplement and don’t trust other review sites telling you how great ExtenZe is!

I have read a number of reviews on ExtenZe and there are sites saying that the side effects are caused by an allergic reaction, but this is not true. It depends on what kind of dosage your body can handle.

If you take too much of this pill you will suffer severe side effects no matter what your current state of health is – it has nothing to do with being “allergic”.

If you come across a site trying to sell ExtenZe then please make sure that you avoid it at all costs.

ExtenZe was tested in a lab for its amount of each active ingredient, and you can see what they found to the left. According to this test, it did score “average”.


Enzyte, originally founded by Steven Warshak, managed to grow their bogus business through unsubstantiated medical claims, and claims that their particular brand of drug could make a penis larger.

This company grew large enough that they were able to purchase air time on most major networks and even had their own company spokesman, “Smilin’ Bob” and they also managed to acquire NASCAR sponsorship and representation.

This advertising managed to encourage men to try out their supplement, with the claim that if it doesn’t work, the consumer would get double their money back.extenze-website

In 2006 civil and criminal charges were leveled against the producers of Enzyte, claiming fraudulent business practices.

Customers were automatically charged month after month for their pills, over $250 dollars per month, even after they attempted to cancel their accounts.

There were also claims that consumers were convinced to sign away their ‘double the refund’ claim, or when someone made a claim, that claim was ignored.

In other cases, representatives from Enzyte demanded men to produce a notarized copy of a medical report that said the drug did not work to their satisfaction.

Since this essentially made men produce a document that stated they medically have a small penis, Enzyte continued to bill their customers out of millions of dollars.

In 2008 the courts found the owner of Enzyte guilty of fraud, and personally fined him $93,000 and filed a ruling against the company in the amount of $500 million dollars.

Steven Warshak also was sentenced to 25 years in jail for his guilty verdicts on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, mail, wire, and bank fraud.

Pristine Bay thereafter purchased Enzyte, and they changed the company’s name to Vianda LLC.

You can read more about the Extenze Scam here – http://www.sexpillguru.com/Extenze_Scam.html.

Final Word

Extenze is one of those male enhancement pills with a large marketing budget boosting its popularity, but this doesn’t matter if the product isn’t good.

Given the user reviews you can read on different website from real customers, it is safe to say that you should look for a safe alternative.

36. Volume Pills

Volume Pills Review

Increasing the volume of your ejaculation will increase your sexual satisfaction, and will also increase the pleasure and interest for your partner.

Like any aspect of sexual health, your overall health and your diet affect the amount of ejaculate you produce.

Herbal supplements like Volume Pills can increase your body’s production of ejaculate until you’re finishing like a porn star.

Features and Benefits

Volume Pills combines a series of ingredients that do more than just support the body’s production of ejaculate.

In order to increase the volume of your orgasms, Volume Pills must also increase the intensity of your orgasms at the same time.

The ingredients are chosen to increase the hardness of your erection, the amount of blood that is sent to the penis when you become sexually aroused, and increases the mental excitement necessary to have truly memorable orgasms for you, and for your partner.

Volume Pills use all natural ingredients to achieve their results.

These include compounds like solidin. Solidin contains L-Dopa, which stimulates the body into producing more natural dopamine.

Dopamine is a hormone that has a profound effect on your brain, and is especially important in stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain.

Volume Pills also contain the extract from a Chinese root called Xi Lan Rou Gui. This compound acts as a powerful vasodilator.

Vasodilation opens up the veins in the penis, allowing it to accept and hold more blood when you become sexually stimulated.

This gives you harder, larger, more controllable erections.

Volume Pills also has ku gua herbs, a body fat reducer that helps lower body fat and increases the body’s natural production of testosterone.

In order to further encourage the production of ejaculate, Volume pills contains dong chong xia cao, xian mao, and zinc oxide, which all work on the body’s metabolism and the production of testosterone.


  • Volume pills support both the production of semen and the ejaculate that carries it
  • Increases in testosterone not only help produce more ejaculate, they increase your interest in sex, and give you more energy and physical stamina
  • All-natural formula is available without a prescription
  • Helps produce more intense orgasms
  • An increase in dopamine in the brain increases your sexual pleasure
  • No known side effects
  • 67-day money back guarantee


  • Not available everywhere
  • Volume pills must be taken for a few months to see large increases in ejaculate
  • Benefits are lost if you stop taking the pills

Final Word

volume-pills-websiteOf all the aspects of male sexual health, increasing the amount of ejaculate might be the easiest to improve.

While there can be many reasons why you are unable to achieve an erection, the factors that affect the amount of your ejaculate are well known by researchers.

You can improve the volume and intensity of your orgasm using simple supplements to your regular diet.

The regular dosage of Volume Pills is two capsules per day. A bottle with a month’s supply can be purchased for under $30. If you buy in bulk, you can save quite a bit off the list price.

There’s a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can return the unused portion of your order for a refund.

37. Performer5

Performer5 Review

performer5If you are looking for a way to increase your sexual pleasure and performance, you may want to consider the Performer5 male enhancement pill.

We took a look at Performer5 and compared it to the top 2 competitors – Semenex and Volume Pills.

Performer5 out performed them all, which is no surprised since it was developed after years of research and laboratory trials.

Here are the facts so you can make up your own mind.

Performer5 Ingredients

The ingredients include in Performer5 read like a list of the best of what science has found to work to promote sperm volume and increase penis size.

Performer5 has:

The high volume of dual acting zinc formulas combined with the active creatine monohydrate ingredient is what gives Performer5 more punch over many of the other products on the market that are promising the same effects.

Performer5 delivers because it is based in hard science, not wishful thinking.

Performer5 compared to Volume Pills

performer5-bottleVolume Pills promise to deliver increased semen volume and sexual enhancement, but a look at their list of ingredients makes it hard to tell how they plan on doing that.

They emphasize “ancient secrets of the Orient” and their ingredient list contains many Asian herbs that have no scientific evidence of working to increase sperm volume or penis size.

The only known ingredient in their list, zinc, is several items down on the list. In supplement speak this means that there isn’t very much zinc in it at all.

By comparison, the ingredient list of Performer5 reads like a scientific tract about what really works to increase sperm volume and enhance penis size.

Zinc isn’t just on the list once; it is on the list twice and leads the ingredients. Performer5 has one of the highest safe dosage levels of zinc recommended.

Performer5 compared to SemenaxPerformer5-website

Compared to Semenex, Performer5 delivers much more that will enhance your sexual performance.

The main difference between these two products comes down to the following –

  • Semenex lists zinc as the last of its ingredients, meaning it has very little zinc in its compound while Performer5 has dual acting zinc ingredients as its primary base. Zinc is clinically proven to enhance semen volume.
  • Semenex has fruits and vegetables as its main ingredient to try and improve the taste of your semen. The emphasis on the vegetables in the ingredient list makes Semenex an excellent choice for a condiment, but not for a volume increaser. Performer5’s ingredient list includes only nutritional supplements related to increasing volume and size.

The other difference you will immediately notice between the two products is that Semenex is far more expensive than Performer5.

It is more expensive, and yet contains less of the ingredients that are proven to enhance volume and size.

Performer5 Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with Performer5 as the ingredients are all natural.

Performer5 is also manufactured and packaged in environments that meet all the standard clinical safety and health regulations while following a strict quality control practice.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or are taking medication; talk to your doctor before taking any enhancement supplement including Performer5.


Performer5 only has to be taken once a day which makes it easy to remember and to work into your routine.

Each powerful dose delivers everything you need to start changing your life.

Unlike Semenex and Volume Pills which require multiple doses per day, the single dose of Performer5 is easy to manage and keeps your cost down too.

Where can you get it and what will it cost?

You can order Performer5 direct from their site to get the best discount.

  • You can order one bottle for £39.99.
  • Each bottle comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can also receive a significant discount on your order with multiple bottle orders and receive a bonus gift as well.

Conclusion of our Performer5 Review

The final word on Performer5 is that it will work for you. It was created based upon solid scientific research and clinical trials.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to your performance if you get on a regular routine of adding Performer5 to your life.

Male Enhancement Pill

Male Enhancement Pill


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

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