7 Signs That You May Suffer From Depression (2018)

Depression is a pervasive feeling of sadness and despair that can affect virtually every aspect of an individual’s life.

While both men and women suffer from depression and the symptoms to diagnose each are the same, the two sexes typically bring up different complaints when speaking about their symptoms.

The following s a short list of some of the complaints men suffering from depression may have.

#1 – Fatigue

Mental and physical fatigue is one of the most common complaints from men that may signify depression.

They may experience a “slow-down” of their thought processes, physical movement, and speech.

This is one of the easiest symptoms for outsiders to spot.

#2 – Changes in sleep patterns

Sleeping less or more than is normal, experiencing insomnia and waking up either extremely early or late is another noticeable sign of depression.

Often, a depressed individual will sleep half a day and wake up feeling exhausted and listless, or simply toss and turn all night.

While disruptions in sleep patterns are not a sure sign of depression, it is one of the markers when combined with other symptoms.

#3 – Physical problems (usually with no known medical cause)

Depression manifests itself physically through stomachaches, backaches, constipation, and the like.

When medical tests or exams are done to find out the cause of the physical ailment, they will usually discover nothing, yet the individual’s pain is very real.

#4 – Loss of appetite and changes in weight

If a young man who has always had a hearty appetite suddenly begins to pick at his food or, conversely, if an individual has always eaten very little and suddenly begins to consume large amounts of food, depression may be the cause if there is no other discernible reason to justify a change in diet so extreme.

#5 – Lack of motivation, loss of interest in previously-enjoyed activities, and avoiding family and friends

If your usually-sociable son suddenly stops studying, quits the track team, does not see his friends anymore and avoids family, and shuts himself in his room, then it is possible that depression is to blame.

Depression can be extremely overpowering, enough so that the afflicted individual simply cannot do anything else or handle other people’s company.

#6 – Feelings of worthlessness and guilt

If an individual is constantly negative about himself and/or beats himself up over things that are not his fault, this can be a major red flag for depression.

Of course, this one can be hard to spot if they do not verbalize these feelings, but they may drop hints as to what is actually going on in their head and, when combined with other symptoms, can warrant suspicions about depression.

#7 – Self-harm and frequent thoughts of suicide and death

Evidence of self-harm and suicidal thoughts and/or urges should be taken very seriously.

Young people experiencing these things should be taken to a medical professional immediately, as these can be life-threatening.

Final words

Of course, there are many other symptoms of depression, but these are some of the most basic ones.

It is important to realize that just having one or two of these symptoms is not enough to suspect depression, but someone manifesting several should be seen by a medical professional, especially if there is no other obvious cause for such changes or actions.

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