[Tips]: Discover How To Rejuvenate Your Body For Sex (2018)

To get a basic understand of what’s being discussed here, you must know that your sex support system includes:

  • Your Cardiovascular system;
  • Your Glandular system;
  • Your Nervous system.

What is natural male enhancement?

Natural male enhancement is the process of physical rejuvenation.

It can be thought of as growing biologically young again regardless of your age.

Reaching the state when your hormone levels were the highest, erection power was the strongest, ejaculation volume was the highest, and your penis grew at faster rate.

For natural male enhancement to occur, these critical systems must be rejuvenated.

Cardiovascular System rejuvenation

1024px-Diagram_of_the_human_heart_(cropped).svgIf you desire natural male enhancement, you need to have a healthy heart.

With a healthy heart, you will have harder erections.

Your cardiovascular system is responsible for pumping blood around your body, including filling your penis up with blood.

As your heart pumps blood around your blood vessels, your cardiovascular system:

  • Circulates oxygen and removes carbon dioxide;
  • Provides nutrients (amino acids and electrolytes) to your cells;
  • Removes the waste produces of metabolism;
  • Protects the body against disease and infection;
  • Transports hormones to targeted cells and organs; and
  • Helps regulate your body temperature and pH balance.

A poor functioning cardiovascular system can be a result of:

  • Poor diet, high in saturated fats, low in fiber, low in antioxidants;
  • The presence of toxic metals like mercury or aluminum;
  • Hidden infections;
  • Lack of exercise;
  • Stress and depression;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Smoking;
  • Diabetes.

To rejuvenate your cardiovascular system you can:

  • detox to cleanse your system;
  • eat organic fruits or take supplements that are good sources of antioxidants;
  • avoid commercial food and water;
  • exercise for a healthier system

Glandular System Rejuvenation

The glandular system is a system of glands in your body.

It is very important as far as natural male enhancement is concerned as it actually releases and secretes the hormones into your body to regulate your body functions.

It also serves as your information signaling system like and is crucial for natural male enhancement.

Your sex hormones are bio-synthesized in your liver and your adrenal glans from cholesterol.

Cholesterol comes from your diet, or it is produced in the liver from saturated fats.

It is then transported and converted into the sex hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) by your adrenal glands. DHEA is then bio-synthesized into testosterone in your testicles.

To rejuvenate your glandular system you can:

  • stop eating refined carbohydrates;
  • eat more organic fruits and naturally grown foods;
  • avoid contaminants that increase estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels;
  • avoid factory made sugars and starches.

Nervous System Rejuvenation

871px-TE-Nervous_system_diagram.svgYour nervous system is crucial for natural male enhancement.

It is responsible for carrying messages back and forth between your brain and the other parts of your body, and it is the bridge between your brain and your penis.

It communicates through neurotransmitters that relay, amplify, and modulate electrical signals between nerve cells in your body.

The neurotransmitter serotonin, promotes sexual stamina by helping you to delay ejaculation.

Acetylcholine (ACh) is also a neurotransmitter that conducts the message of sexual arousal and also helps in the release of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide causes your blood vessels and arteries in your penis to expand.

This then causes the spongy core in your penis to relax and then become filled with blood.

To rejuvenate your nervous system you can:

  • avoiding neurotoxins like mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) that can degrade nervous functions;
  • avoid ingesting metals like mercury and aluminum which are detrimental to natural male enhancement;
  • detox to expel both neurotoxins and metals.

Rejuvenate your Body for Sex through real natural male enhancement

You must:

  1. Detoxify Dihydrotesterone (DHT).
  2. Eat organic foods and supplements.
  3. Avoid processed foods and drugs.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Increase testosterone.
  6. Annihilate Estrogen.

1. Increase Testosterone

Real natural male enhancement requires that you first stimulate the body to secrete the active male hormones that are involved in signaling penile growth.

By changing your diet and your lifestyle, you can increase the levels of testosterone in your body, which bind with the male hormone receptors in your penis to stimulate growth.

2. Annihilate Estrogen

The best and most powerful way to increase usable testosterone is to stop and eliminate excess estrogen form coming into your body.

Estrogen is one of the biggest prohibitions to natural male enhancement.

In men, it competes for the same receptors as testosterone and can cancel out testosterone’s healthy pro-potency effects.

Excessive estrogen also promotes weight gain, and fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

Excessive estrogen can also affect the growth of your penis.

Without enough male hormones connecting to male receptors in your body, your penis will shrink.

Excess estrogen is the cause of feminine feature, atrophied testicles, male breast, a soft body, weight gain, decreased sperm count, prostate gland enlargement, prostate cancer, and also weak erections.

Excess estrogen can stop natural male enhancement

To stop and reduce excessive estrogen from entering your body, you should avoid chemicals that mimic estrogen.

These chemicals are present in our food, medicine, drinking water, and in the air.

Estrogen mimicking chemicals enter into our food from plastic containers, is sprayed on crops during industrial farming as pesticides, and are fed to factory farmed animals to fatten them up faster.

Estrogen like chemicals can also damage and degenerate your cardiovascular system, your liver, and your nervous system.

They cause changes in your genetics, high blood pressure, heart failure, high cholesterol, loss of sex drive, prostates and diabetes.

3. Detoxify DHT

DHT needs to be detoxified. It is not a bad hormone, because it is actually the hormone that stimulates the growth of your penis.

Unfortunately it also stimulates your prostate to grow, which can lead to sexual and prostate problems.

Because the penile tissue is the only part of your body that can benefit from DHT’s growth stimulating properties, it must be eliminate in the rest of your body.

To eliminate DHT you can sweat stress hormones out of your body through exercise or in a sauna.

Organic foods are essential for natural male enhancement

4. Eat organic foods

Sound nutrition is essential for natural male enhancement.

It will have a tremendously positive effect on your sexual sensitivity, prowess, the potency, your orgasmic intensity, and on enhancing your penis.

Eating rich authentic foods straight from the source and not from the factories (where food is engineered), is the ultimate formula for natural male enhancement.

Fresh foods in addition to super food supplements provide all the essential elements of the earth(vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes) for natural male enhancement.

Natural un-engineered foods are the building blocks that your body needs to bio-synthesis the bio-chemicals that power up your penis and promote natural male enhancement.

5. Avoid man made food and drugs

Basically, foods processed in a factory, and vitamins engineered in a lab, do no promote natural male enhancement.

These foods and vitamins are low in the vital vitamins you body needs, and is high in chemicals and poisons that corrode sexual capacity.

Engineered foods are can be filled with synthetic chemicals, additives that trick your taste buds, chemicals that increase shelf life, chemicals to improve the cosmetic appeal, aid in processing, thicken, and ripen fruits faster.

Avoid engineered and synthetic foods and vitamins as much as possible.

They are detrimental to your sex life.

Take foods and supplements that are organically grown and supplement your diet with super foods grown in harmony with nature.

Nature provides the best sources of foods, vitamins and minerals that synthetic foods can’t match.

6. Exercise

Exercise is essential to your sexual health and natural male enhancement. Some exercises even promote potency and enhance the penis enlargement process.

There are also exercises that help increase testosterone, help detoxify DHT by boosting circulation, and relieve stress.

Practicing yoga, is one form of exercise with many health benefits.

These benefits include improved lung capacity, relieving stress, improved concentration, lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system, lowering cholesterol, building strength, and improving posture and flexibility.

I am interested in all aspects related to mens’s health, in particular sexual health as we age. In my spare time I like to train with weights since that’s a great way to boost your testosterone levels and feel overall happy. It is never too late to change your lifestyle into something better. Small positive changes will accumulate over time and bring you happiness in life. You can find my opinions on supplements and devices for men on this website, and also from users such as yourself. Remember to do your research before buying anything.

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