7 Ways to MINIMIZE the Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can happen for a lot of reasons.

That knowledge doesn’t help you feel better if it is happening to you.

There are ways you can lessen the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) so that you can focus on enjoying life while you discover how to resolve the issue.

If your ED lasts longer than 4 months, see your doctor.

For most men, the suggestions contained in this article will be enough to lessen the effects and relieve the problem quickly.

Who is at risk for erectile dysfunction?

While erectile dysfunction is associated with aging, any man of any age can develop problems with ED.

There are more common causes that will raise your risk that are associated with younger age groups now than ever before.

Follow these 8 suggestions and you may very well be back in the swing of things in no time.

Ways to lessen the effects of erectile dysfunction

Your best approach to this list is not to try one thing at a time, but to make all of them a part of a healthy lifestyle.Causes-of-Erectile-Dysfunction-ED-Treament-Today

While lifestyle changes usually focus on physical health you need to remember that your sexual health is just as important to your overall quality of life.

Keep that in mind and you won’t find any of these suggestions hard to follow.

1. Watch your diet

If it can cause you to gain weight, raise your blood pressure or push your cholesterol out of balance – it can also cause or complicate erectile dysfunction.

Diets that are rich, feature fried foods, fats or sugars can increase your risk for ED significantly.

2. Maintain a healthy weight and waist circumference274_maintain-a-healthy-waist-to-hip-ratio_flash

Don’t just focus on your BMI, learn what your waist circumference should be to make sure that you are staying fit.

You may also have to learn where your waist is as the current fashions for young and old seat pants in the hip area and not the waist as well.

A healthy waistline and weight reduces your risk and the effects of erectile dysfunction significantly.

3. Get activeeat-healthy-exercise

One lifestyle habit that is thought to increase your risk of erectile dysfunction the most is being sedentary.

You need to get up, get out and exercise on a daily basis.

Many times part of the issue with ED has to do with circulation.

Exercise will increase your heart’s ability to get your blood where it needs to go.

4. Connect with your partnerconnect-with-your-partner

A key way to reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction is to talk with your sexual partner about it.

Changing the expectations around sex can relieve a lot of performance stress that may be complicating matters.

It can also add quite a bit of spice to your sex life that you can take full advantage of when your ED is resolved.

There is no reason for you not to enjoy intimacy while experiencing erectile dysfunction.

5. Take advantage of sciencescience

One of the reasons that there are products marketed towards men that promote relief for erectile dysfunction is that they work for many men.

Take advantage of the new science and use male supplements to help reduce the effects of the erectile dysfunction you are experiencing.

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Both smoking and alcohol have been related to an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

They reduce blood circulation in the body and cause a host of hormonal problems that can be affecting you. Read more about what nicotine does to your body.

7. Get your T checked

Have a doctor check your testosterone levels. Hormone levels will change throughout your life and a sudden dip or rise could cause ED.

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