How to INCREASE Your Sperm Count (2018)

All men have different sexual reactions when it comes to ejaculation.

The assumption that many people make is that ejaculation feels the same for everyone – it doesn’t.

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A lot of the feeling of pleasure that you can get when you ejaculate comes from the volume of sperm that you produce.

As the sperm leaves your body it is also stimulating your nerve endings.

The more stimulation from the sperm rush, the more pleasure you experience.

You can boost your sperm count to increase your pleasure in many different ways.

Change your style of underwear

Boxers are better when you are looking to boost your sperm count.

Forget the old wives’ tales about choking off the sperm; it comes down to managing body temperature. Sperm is most active under high heat.


This is why the sac is designed to hang away from the heat of the body when not aroused and to then retract up towards your body and towards the heat of the woman’s vagina during sex.

That heat speeds up the production of sperm.

If you keep your sac too close to your body at all times, it will wind up slowing down your ability to produce sperm on demand.

You will also have “slower” sperm that will not be as fertile.

Changing your diet

You will like the fact that one of the best ways to boost your sperm count for increased pleasure is to eat more meat with tomatoes.


The lycopene, zinc and protein that are found in meat and potatoes can have a direct effect on the volume of the sperm you produce.

You also can eat more nuts and seeds to get more zinc and protein as well.

It can be hard to get enough zinc in your diet, which is why you should also consider taking a supplement or looking for a male enhancement supplement that lists it as one of its ingredients.

Taking Supplements

Supplements can also provide you with increased levels of zinc.

You also want to increase the amount of selenium, C and E vitamins you consume.

take supplements

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so it will not store in the body.

It is best to take this as a separate supplement several times during the day to make sure that you are taking enough.

Exercises that increase volume

The pubococcygeus muscle is the muscle that controls the contractions of the penis and the pelvic floor.

You can practice PC exercises to increase your control over your ejaculation.


While this is usually associated with lasting longer during sex, it also increases the force of the ejaculation so that you are putting out more volume of sperm.

You may not be creating more sperm, but you will be able to use everything that you have.

Sperm enhancement products

There are a wide range of products on the market that are created to boost sperm volume.

The majority of these contain concentrated amounts of zinc and other minerals that are proven to do this.


They also use a variety of herbal combinations and proprietary compounds that have been shown in some trials to boost your sperm count.

How do you know which will boost your sperm count for increased pleasure?

The honest answer is that the best way to boost your sperm count for increased pleasure is to use a little bit of all of these techniques.


No one method is going to get you the best results, but a combination of all of them will give you a much better sexual experience than you have ever had before.

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