How to Fix Your Penis Curvature

Are you wondering whether you are the cause of your wife’s eternal headache?

Are you not sure about the cause of your girlfriend’s painful face during lovemaking?

Wondering about the reason about why your girlfriend refused to continue a relationship with you just after having sex?

Well, the cause for all the above mentioned scenarios might be your curved as well as small penis.


This may not necessarily reveal that you do suffer from Peyronie’s – a disease, however, a penis which is bent will make your organ appear smaller as well as worse.

This results into painful sex which disturbs you as well as your partner.

Some of you may be born with a curved penis, while others may develop this condition when reaching adulthood.

Those of you who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease would find that you do have a curved penis, and this happens because the fibrous plaque that affects your penis.

Whatever may be the reason for this disorder; a penis curvature generally leads to loads of pain, discomfort and spoils a healthy relationship.

It makes your penis look much smaller than its original size.

This may be extremely humiliating for you and you might suffer mentally as rejection from all the ladies is a common incident in such cases which might hamper your self- esteem.

Are you interested in a natural remedy for fixing Peyronies without undergoing any painful surgery?

Well, there is great news for you in order to cure the ailment, SizeGenetics offers you a traction device which is medically proven.

It may cure the curvature by 70% and may also increase the length and girth of your member by 30%. This is definitely a double benefit.

Do You Know the Meaning of Peyronies?

Peyronie’s refers to a growth of fibrous tissue on the tunica albuginea which hardens to a disease in the center part of the penis.

This leads to s penile curvature which makes having sex painful.

However, this may get worse if you leave it untreated.

You should not ignore this problem as it may cause impotency.


There are many solutions to this problem; however all the procedures may not be safe and effective when taking things into consideration.


You would have to accommodate some free time from your busy schedule and explain to people the need for visiting a hospital and then bear the side effects of the surgery.

There is a risk of further deformation of your penis if you undergo surgery.

There are different types of surgery and they are fairly unpleasant.

The below mentioned procedures would help you to understand why.

Plication Procedure

In this procedure, the surgeon would make an effort to straighten the penis by shortening its longer side in order to match that one with a curvature.

This simple but effective procedure does work.

However, there is a clear defect which you may agree as a negative effect- basically it shortens the manhood when it is erected.

Saying this, you may hunt for the right procedure in order to fix the ailment.

Well, there is one possible way which may put an end to your hunt – using a device for male enlargement.

A traction device may increase the size of your penis by 2.75 inches – may be even longer than that!

Here lies your next problem.

Apart from paying for the surgery, you would also have to purchase a device in order to correct potential mistakes from the surgery.

There is no need for such harassment, especially, when you do have a very easy and effective solution.

Excision Grafting Procedure

In this method, the surgeons slit open the growth which is created by the occurrence of the disease.

They do this with an aim of straightening the johnson through the reconstruction of a resultant defect.

This is done with the help of a graft material.

Although, the procedure might come with initial perks, however, in the long run, these grafts would either start to contract or may bring a deformity due to a shortage of blood supply.

Hence, despite of the initial gains, you should keep in mind that in most cases, such operations may cause impotency; you should not take such risks.

Prosthetic Implantation Procedure

This is the most painful procedure of all the 3 surgeries.

This involves placement of inflatable or partially-rigid silastic cylinders into the corpora cavernosa of the penis and it is really painful.

The outcome is a straight dick.

Excellent! However, the painful experience is not worth mentioning.

It is unbearable.

Now visualize if you can skip all the above mentioned procedures and give your body a solution which is pain free – without any danger of deformity, with no loss of your organlength as well as without the risk of impotency.

Fortunately, there is one permanent solution to this problem known as SizeGenetics.

The SizeGenetics system generally offers some relief to all those men who are suffering from bent penis problems.

You do not have to undergo any surgery for the same.

SizeGenetics helped several people in fixing their curved member.

This has also helped them to gain confidence as they became the proud owner of a straight and large organ.

This extender is clinically approved by experts and has also been verified at the European Congress of Sexual Medicine.

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