Eat These TASTY Foods to Increase Your Fertility (2018)

There are a number of tactics that men can use to naturally improve their fertility, including choosing to eat certain foods.

Eat foods with a high zinc content

Zinc is one of the most important substances for fertility.

While a deficiency of it will not cause infertility, it can contribute to reproductive problems.

This is because it is essential for a number of enzymatic reactions in the body.

In men, a lack of zinc has been linked to immature sperm and chromosomal changes.

Increasing zinc intake has been shown to not only boost sperm levels, but improve its quality, function, and form.

Check out the chart below to learn some of the foods that have the highest zinc content, or you can take a look at this link for more detailed information.

Alaskan king crab7.6mg51%
Spiny lobster7.3mg48%
Amaranth leaves0.9mg6%
Alfalfa seeds0.9mg6%
Calabash gourd0.7mg5%
Taro shoots0.5mg3%


Please note that nutrient content depends on the specific type of food and the method by which it is prepared.

Detailed information about each food can be found at the link above.

Foods high in vitamin C.

Along with zinc, vitamin C is the most important nutrient for males concerned about their fertility because it helps prevent sperm from sticking and clumping together, which can cause reproductive problems.

It also improves sperm quality and protects the sperm from DNA damage, which lessens the chance of chromosomal defects and miscarriage, and free radicals.

A full list of the foods that contain vitamin C can be found at this link, but the chart below can give you a quick idea of which foods have the most vitamin C.

(All foods listed here are to be eaten raw in order to get the maximum amount of vitamin C.)

Sweet red peppers128mg213%
Kiwi fruit92.7mg155%
Brussels sprouts85mg142%
Oranges (with peel)71mg118%
Turnip greens60mg100%


A healthy diet is key to a healthy reproductive system.

If you are having trouble with infertility, take a hard look at your current diet and overall state of health, and see if you can make positive changes that will improve your fertility.

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