[Article]: How Exercise Improves Your Libido (2018)

Libido and sexual health is inextricably tied to one’s overall health and physical condition.

This means that in many cases of lackluster love life, small lifestyle changes, like daily exercise, can greatly improve one’s bedroom activities.

In fact, exercise is one of the best ways to naturally boost the libido because it offers a myriad of benefits.

Improves blood circulation

Increasing blood flow to the genital area can make sex more pleasurable for both men and women, which not only improves the experience, but makes you more apt to want to engage in sex more often, simply because it feels good.

Improved self-confidence

Because many, if not most, people’s self-confidence is linked at least in some way to their physical appearance, becoming more toned and lean can boost one’s confidence and make them feel sexier.


Endorphins can increase energy and lift your mood and the best way to increase endorphin levels is to exercise.

If you find that you are often too tired to engage in sexual activity or that you are too apathetic or even depressed, a little endorphin-raising exercise can do a lot to remedy both.


Testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive (which is why one of the symptoms of low testosterone is decreased interest in sex), therefore increasing testosterone levels can improve one’s libido.

One great way to improve testosterone levels is through exercises like heavy weightlifting, full squats, lunges, pull-ups, and back squats, to name a few.

Overall physical fitness and stamina

Sex can be quite a workout.

Increasing your endurance and stamina in the gym will translate to other areas of your life, including your sex life.

If you find that you get tired out easily during sex or are huffing and puffing ten minutes in, then daily exercise can improve your fitness level to such that you are able to perform longer without being tired.

A note on overtraining

Too much exercise and overtraining can actually lower libido and testosterone levels, as well as raise the risk of injury.

Whatever exercise program you choose, you should make sure that you are being responsible and using proper form.

Consulting a physical trainer may be a good idea if you are not very experienced in the gym.


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